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Bricks: Proton Cannon

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So here is my entry for the contest. It's the Seperatist Proton Cannon!


Since two months the Techno Union keeps control on Ryloth. Under the control of the great seperatist leader Wat Tambor thousands of Twi'leks loose their home.

Now it's the Republic duty to free the plante ryloth, but thats easier said than done...

They may broken the blockade of Ryloth, but they must attest their real power against the ultimative seperatist vehicles...the Proton Cannons!

1. Front/'action' view:


2. Left side:


3. Right side:


4. View from above:


5. The back:


6. Accord-pictures:


My custom minifigure from the first picture:



length: 20 cm

width: 5cm

Contain: A droid with a munition-bar, a droid commander, and an Obi-Wan, who has captured the Proton Canon (same as in 'The Clone Wars')

So I hope you'll like it and good luck to the other members!

Greetings 'Bricks' :classic:

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A neat creation, it looks a little like a funny but well armed animal, I especially like that nice cannon design. :classic:

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