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Commander Tac

He Never Saw It Coming...

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He never saw it coming. The stinger slashed at the air momentarily before stabbing the scout in the back. It wasn’t the sight of the injured scout that alerted them, it was the scream. A single inhuman note, that seemed to pierce the very fabric of time. “Damn.” Muttered Tac. He had always known that the creature would only come up to attack but he still felt sick when he had sacrificed the boy. “Alright troops you know the drill!” Tac barked various order at the five Havoc Elites who assumed their positions around the screaming scout. Seconds had passed before a tentacle erupted from the ground, followed by a second, then a third. Before long the sky was full of slimy tentacles flailing and slashing the air, hungry for flesh and blood. “Hurry up with those auto cannons!” Ordered Tac before loading his pistol, this was going to be a long night. “Here it comes!” Yelled a Havoc Elite. It started when six white teeth started surrounding the scout, followed by two claws coming up on either side of the shield of tentacles. Then the top of its back started to protrude the rocky surface followed by a tail, which had appear nearly on top of a Havoc Elite. It was feasting time. The beast reared up its ugly head and violently feasted on the bleeding scout. “Go go go!” With its venerable body now above ground the team could strike. Streams of fire buried itself into the underbelly of the beast as the team opened fire. Vlad charged towards the beast his blaster coughing bullets into tentacle that strayed to close to him. The stinger slashed at the air momentarily before stabbing Vlad in the back. He screamed out in agony before drawing his knife. He slashed hopelessly behind him in a desperate attempt to hit the stinger. He breathed a sigh of relief as he hit home, this was short lived as he saw the stinger sticking out his stomach. His vision was now clouded, he know he was going to die, but he was going to die fighting. He screamed a gurgled battled cry before sprinting toward the creature. Bullets relentlessly ploughed down tentacles, knifes elegantly parried spikes, Vlad was not dead yet. With one final leap he jumped into the void that was the creature’s mouth. A young Havoc Elite stared in awe before being squeezed to death by a tentacle. With two men down the Elites were losing badly. Jok was being sliced to death by numerous tentacles as he tried to reload a plasma cannon. His finger on the trigger he fired it at the beast before a spike emerged from his throat. His shot hit home but hardly made a mark. “Sir! The beast’s too strong, there’s no way we can kill it!” Bellowed Sert. Tac weighed up the options before calling the mission off. “Grab the auto cannons and get out of here!” Ordered Tac. “Affirmative!” Called Sert. He unhooked the auto cannon before getting thrown up into the air and landing in the creatures mouth. It roared with triumph before firing at the remaining two Elites. “What the-“ Tac’s sentence was cut short as Vlad shot his way out of the beast. It roared once more before falling onto the penultimate Elite. Tac looked at the slimy Elite in awe before Vlad collapsed into a pool of his own blood…

(Sorry for lack of detail on the baseplate, I ran out of plates!)

Edited by Rufus

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A nice peace of wasteland, an exciting story, a neat creature design and an overall interesting scenery.

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