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Small: AT-ROT Walker

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The AT-ROT Walker or All Terrain Recon Ops Transport is light and can move quickly for scouting duties. A predecessor of the larger AT-ST walker it has a similar bipedal design. Manned by only the finest scouts in the republics army the vehicles were limited and expensive to make due to their conceptual design. A prototype leg design was enforced in the walker dampening any noise and allowing it to move more stealthily to complete operations without being captured. Many of the pilots customized their walkers with patterns and designs ranging from dancing Twi'leks to vicious beasts.




Right/left (it's the same):




Back assembly piece:


Front assembly piece:



Teeth detailing:




My AT-ROT to a certain extent looks similar to other walkers because I had started building this before I knew about the contest. I have tried to modify it as much as possible though. Enjoy, and good luck everyone.

Full gallery when public. New stroy added too.

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And something hit the fan.

Looks like I've opened up a can of worms by allowing those walker entries.

Mkay, this one will be allowed as well along with the rest of the walkers.

Please make up a new background story and a new name for this entry since already done models are not allowed to enter.

I am sure I'll be disliking walkers for a while after this contest :laugh:

Great MOC by the way, a simple and yet very efficient design :thumbup:

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Changed, now the AT-ROT!

Edited by Skipper 24

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