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Review 6038 : Wolfpack Renegades

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6038 : Wolfpack Renegades


Making this review, I discover that the Wolfpack is one of the smallest castle sub-themes, with only three sets in the range!

So, let’s go back to 1992. I was 7 years old, and I had good results at school :blush: . My parents, to award me, gave me 20 F. Then, I ran to the supermarket, and look for a good set to buy. I found this one really cool, because I hadn’t yet had a horse. So I bought it.

According to the 1992 Lego catalog, the Wolfpack is a feared group of renegades. They won’t let anything or anyone stop their quest for riches.

Before starting this review, I would like to warn you because of the time, I loose a part.

The head of one the renegade should be 3626bpx119.gif and I can’t find it. I’m pretty annoyed with that. To make my review anyway, I replaced it by this head 3626bpx80.gif that I judge pretty similar to the other one. I apologize for this mistake.

Set Data:

6038: Wolfpack Renegades

Year: 1992

Theme: Lego Castle

Sub-theme: Wolfpack

Pieces: 93

Minifigs: 2

Price: According to Lugnet 8$

Building time: 10 min

More info: Bricklink and Peeron

Lego Castle: Wikipedia

1992 Lego Catalog:


This is an image extract from the 1992 Lego Catalog. We can see our two renegades hunted by a black knight. On the picture, you can catch a glimpse of the 6086 set : Black Knight Castle on the right and the 6075 : Wolfpack Tower on the left.

But enough talk. Let’s go for the review!

The box:

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the box (excuse me I was sooo young!), so I put the one from Bricklink:


This picture show us the cart fully armored with its two renegades ready to commit a crime! It is also specified that the 93 pieces are interlockable ! Great !

Box content:


The 93 pieces are here, in front of you. There is not a lot of special parts: two balaclavas, a grey parot (I used to think it was a stone parrot :blush: , but now I guess it's a kind of pigeon!), and a red flag printed with the Wolfpack logo match with the shield. Moreover, we can notice a lot of weapons: 3 swords, 1 spear, 1 bow and 1 crossbow with arrows.

The minifigs:



(Apologies again for the wrong head)

Our two renegades are wearing the old rigid cape and a balaclava. Their torso is pretty good with this head wolf. However, the red cape is a bit odd for a guy living in the hood.

The building:

Frame of the cart:


The building starts by a strong frame for the cart.

The frame is black, until now everything is OK.

But let’s add some color!


The following step add a very strange blue color to the cart. This color is everything but medieval! We can notice that the harness is linked to the cart by a turntable. Clever build, thus the cart is able to turn! Moreover, there are two hinges at the back of the cart. We will see later for what…

Add of a structure:


The building goes on, and we add a structure on the cart.

This structure has a lot of clips to put all the weapons.

Secret compartment:


The two hinges allow the cart to open up, revealing a secret emplacement!

Complete cart:


Add four wheels and a horse and we have the complete cart!

The complete product:



This is how the set looks like when the building is finished.

The Wolfpack flag proudly flutter in the wind, and our two renegades are ready to attack a poor yokel or anybody else!

Oh, our two fellows had stopped their cart! What are they doing?

The hidding phase:



Mmmh, they are hiding their chest in the secret compartment of their cart!

Oh, and here is a Lion Knights’ patrol!

The first trick:


“Ola yokels! Do you have anything to declare?”

“No, nothing, we are just going to grab some wood.”

“Ok, let’s move!”

Checkpoint ordeal:



Their secret slot allows our renegades to go through all the royal taxation’s checkpoints, or even bandit ambush!

The enjoying phase:



Finally, they are in a safe place, and now they can enjoy the results of their crimes!


This set is interesting because, first of all, it’s an original cart with two minifigs heavily armored and a horse. In an other hand, the hidden compartment for the chest is very well done. The chest fit perfectly in it, and it’s easy to remove it. The only bad point of this set is this weird color scheme. I know at this time, brown bricks were not very spread, but why blue? To finish, the harness and the turntable are a very strong point of the set. The car is in this way, less rigid. Nevertheless, the steering lock radius is limited because the wheels are touching the side of the cart.

Minifig: 4/5

Pieces: 3/5

Playability: 5/5

Construction: 5/5

Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks for reading my review !

Hope you'll like it, and let me know if you don't!

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Great review and pics!

I really love those renegades, those little bandits :tongue:

To bad TLC didn't build more sets..........

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I love this set! Its small, but you get so many weapons and build of cart is ingenious!, I rebuild my using black and grey bricks, and it looks great with rest of new castle!

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Nice Review of great set!. I also had this set when I was young, and I love the way it combined a good looking set, with great playability. I was/am a sucker for hidden features and the treasure compartment is one of the better "secret" features in Lego castle history.

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This was actually one of my first - if not the first - SYSTEM sets I ever got. Granted, I've lost some of the blue pieces now, but I remember having fun with this set combined with the Wolfpack castle I got.

The set itself is nothing special, in my opinion. It's not very realistic, and there are plenty of other - and better - wagons in the Castle theme. The minifigs are quite rare, though, since the Wolfpack-line was so shortlived.

Nice nostalgic review, though! :thumbup:

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Thanks for the review! I found the wagon from this set half assembled in a box of pieces from my childhood a few weeks ago. I only wish I knew where the flag was. I had a lot of fun playing with this set, and it was the only one a got from the Wolfpack line.

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This is a great set! I never got it in my childhood, but with Bricklink that might change in the nearby future.

Although I do not own this set I played with it at my friends house many years ago and that way I know how it is made and what the functions are. Which leads me to something I noticed in your fine review: you used the large brown castle wheels instead of the smaller ones originally included with this set. When you replace those the steering will improve as the wheels of the cart will then touch the side of the cart a whole lot less.

Also the horse will have the opportunity to touch the ground with the rear hooves... :wink:

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The only bad point of this set is this weird color scheme. I know at this time, brown bricks were not very spread, but why blue?

I'm pretty glad it isn't brown, I like this colouring a lot more, else it would be way too dark. So blue is one of the better colours they could pick.

This is a great set, unfortunately it is 1 of only 3 wolfpack sets :cry_sad:, too bad they didn't go on with the theme.

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Nice review!

This one was my second System set and I think, even 17 years after, that it's still a great set! :cry_happy: I know nowadays it doesn't look so cool but in 1992 it was my favourite one from the catalogue... OMG, I'm getting older! :tongue:

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I bought this set a couple of months ago (2nd hand).

I realy like it. Lots of weapons, 2 nice figs and a nice flag.

It looks great, and the hidden space inside it is something great for the size of this set.

One of the better sets Lego created.


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Great review! Don't worry about different face! I'm increasing my wolfpack army with some of classic pirates faces and the result is so good! You shown the great playability of this classic set! ;)

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