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Navy Trooper Fenson

Lok Durds Defoliator AAT

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The Defoliator is the prototype of an incendiary bombs-shooting tank, that kills every lifeform (creatures, plants, trees, etc.) and leaves machinery intact. The tank was first testes by it´s builder, Lok Durd. Durd lead the Defoliator and a little army of seperatist droids on Maridun, where he wanted to test the tank on living creatures, the pacifistic Lurmen. The tank was destroyed by Anakin Skywalker who also captured Lok Durd who now lives in a republic prison.

Pieces: 401 :laugh:

Minifigs: Lok Durd (with modified knight´s armour as hat) and battle droid






And a few more pictures in the BS gallery, when public, .

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Nice moc :sweet: Navy Trooper Fenson. I have been waiting for someone to make that big gun from star wars the clone wars so keep up the good work :thumbup::thumbup:

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