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Seeteufel's guests

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 68d

EDIT: This is an improved version according to the advices from Cap'n Blackmoor, Erdbeereis, Fluyt, and Broadside. I thank you very much! :pir-wink:


Dear lady and Captain, welcome on board. I'm so glad to meet you on the High Sea.

Please be my guest, visit my cabin, and have some delicious food and drink I prepare for you.

Have a seat, Sir, and you will see... yes, the table is "sinking"!

Until now you learn that you be Seeteufel's guests!


Sergeant Shark: "Lads, ready to receive the fifth captain captured by our Seeteufel!"

Corporal Ogre: "Aye, the dinner table dives!"

Private Orc: "Aye aye, Sir."


Aye, this ship is Seeteufel's commerce raider. :pir-vader:

More pictures please visit my BS gallery:

Current version (improved) (when public)

Preliminary version

Thank you! :pir-wink:

Edited by SlyOwl

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huhuh nice^^ I love the idea of the table ! but... isn't the guy holding a torch on the lower lvl an islander ?

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I like it, it's colourful and overall it looks nice.

What I like:

The cabin details and decorations, always nice to see.

The story. What is a MOC without a story?

The hat of the guest flying off the head.

What could be improved:

Try (if you have enough) to tile the floors, the upper floor looks a bit odd now while the colours are well chosen.

The lower area doesn't really look like part of a ship. Try to change the floor since it looks a bit 'space-themed'.

The Ogre is a nice addition but I'm not really impressed by the minifigs used at the lower floor. The guys upstairs look really good to me.

With those improvements done your entry looks even better then it already is. :pir-blush:

Good luck on the contest matey! :thumbup:

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Your entry is very nice! It certainly has plenty of action. :pir-grin:

The sinking table idea is very creative, how does it work? I'd love to see a video of it in action. Good work on making your entry "come alive" with minifig positioning. The poses are brilliant especially the hat flying off.

There are plenty of nice details on the upper floor, such as the suit of armor and the lanterns. Overall a good MOC!

Improvement Suggestions:

1) I frankly have no idea what's going on in the lower area. :wacko: It just looks a bit too "out there" for me. It would look fine in a space-type MOC, but for Pirates it just doesn't match too well. Perhaps you could just use more pirate themed minifigs, rather than the troll and fire-suit clad men.

2) The lime-green barrels would be much better in brown I think. The fact that they are bright green pushes it more towards the space theme.

3) On the lower level, the floor might look better in a brown or tan type color, as the grey looks a bit too modern for the 1600s.

4) The upper level for the most part is excellent, but I think it would look better if the floor were a bit thinner. Maybe one level of plates and one of tiles?

5) That airline pilot torso seems slightly out of place...


I think your entry has a lot of promise, it just is slightly too mixed up, using so many modern elements. That being said, you might have been going for that effect. Regardless, you did a very good job with this, and I wish you best of luck in the contest. :pir-classic:

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This is a really crazy scene you've built here !

I like the anachronism even if we don't realize very well that it's a ship cabin !

Anyway I like it!

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Nice colourful moc, yet depicting a somewhat grim scene it seems, I like that contrast.

Possible improvement points:

1. As has been said, the lower area is a bit weird, hard to tell excactly what's going on/what's going to happen (allthough that does add to the "mystery" in this moc).

Good points:

1. Nice poses for the minifigs, especially the on throwing his cape off.

2. I personally kinda like the tan/yellow/white colour combo.

3. Original concept.

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You've done a really good job :pir-cry_happy:

I really love the ''modern''/''imperial'' design of the upper cabin!

The ''sinking-idea'' is great, too.

So thanks for sharing!


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Another creative looking MOC.


1.The mythical part of the MOC, mixing humans with orcs and trolls

2.The floor pattern look creative.

3.The lanterns and lights look quite nice.

4.The lion statue above the door.


1.The intire MOC needs to be tiled, but if you don't have enough tile that is understandable.

2.The Pilots torso doesn't match this type of MOC, I would switch it for something more piratey.

3.Perhaps a brown barrel/tub to replace the green one in the lower part of the MOC.

4.The minifigs on the bottom part of theMOC don't fit the part. I would switch them for something else.

5.A better storyline/description would help the viewers get a better perspective of what is going on.

6.That thing on the trolls head looks a bit out of place.

Good Job and Good Luck :thumbup:

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Thank you for your praises and comments, I'm so glad that you like my creation. :pir-blush:

I especially thank Cap'n Blackmoor, Erdbeereis, Fluyt, and Broadside for your improvement suggestions.

In fact, the Seeteufel's torso is from Boat Captain, Suit Double Breasted and Gold Anchor Logo.


It is easily to misidentified as pilot's torso when the resolution of the picture is much lower.

Corporal Ogre wears a helmet (dark pearl gray, yellow, and red combo) and a belt, and the blue parts on his shoulders are epaulettes.

by the way, the islander is still in the cabin.Where is he? :pir-wink:

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Ah, that looks so much better! :pir-classic:

The tiles improved it much more than I thought even. Much smoother. Good luck!

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As Erdbeereis mentioned, the improvements are really nice. I think your entry looks much better now.

Especially the lower area has been improved excellent, it feels more like the interior of a ship now with all the brown and extra ship details. I don't really like the red steering wheel though, I think the previous thing was better.

The cabin itself looks so much better with the tiled floor. Great job on that.

I've found your islander!!!!

He's hiding in the knight's armour!

I think this kind of 'small contests' is quite smart, people will look closer at your entry and discover more things like small details and smart techniques. It was funny to do. :pir-blush:

You've done a great job on those improvements! Good luck further! :pir-blush:

Edited by Cap'n Blackmoor

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Wow this is amazing!


The amount of detail.

The table idea is great.

All of the different characters.


The studs at the bottom, plus some of them were different colors.

The way the top deck drops off before the end of the MOC. It seems people are going to fall off.


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This looks 100x better. The tiled floor looks good as does the brown floor on the bottom deck, but I still don't get what that funny looking thing is on the trolls head :pir-sceptic:

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