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Captain Grim's Galley

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 68b

This is my small "Captain's Cabin Contest" entry. It is obviously a ship's kitchen. The crew has never done much cleaning. The chef is fighting back a monster sticking it's tentacle out of the sink. His peg legged assistant is slipping on a spilled puddle of left over soup, as the oven is bursting with fire from the over cooked pizzas. For more pictures of this model see my Flickr at

Edit: I changed the wall color from gray to tan. I also added a clam to the top of the cupboard.



Edited by SlyOwl

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Another kitchen has arrived! A real last minute entry. :pir_laugh2:

What I like:

All the details in the kitchen!

The fallen cauldron leaving a mess on the floor.

The hamburgers (!) and other piracy fastfood. :pir-tongue:

The tentacle and the dishes.

The story

What could be improved:

I see it is a kitchen, but I don't really see it's a ship's kitchen. Perhaps adding more brown and some ship details.

The pizzas are a nice addition but I should replace them for fishies or something else to make it more realistic. The bread rolls are great though.

Great entry and good luck in the contest!

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Really cool entry!

Great work making it look messy. The spilled soup is superb, and your idea for falling and crooked plates is simple, yet brilliant.

The whole entry has a perect piraty feel to it.

Improvement Ideas:

1) In some ways your entry feels a bit too modern. Mainly the walls and floor in their grey color. Perhaps they would look better in tan or brown which look more like wood.

2) The pizza and hamburgers look slightly out of place, but that is not a big deal.


You did a fantastic job with your entry. It has some fun humor, and the cabinets and other items are excellent.

Good work, and best of luck to you! :kahuka:

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What an awesome MOC, with 1600's Pizza and Burgers too! Great job with the detail, and a hilarious disaster scene!

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Man, kitchens seem to be a popular entry these days.


1. I love the big stacks of plates. They look very real

2. The soup on the floor looks nice.

3. I really like the oven, but it doesn't look like an oven for cooking pizza's to me, but it looks nice.

4. The counters and barrels and such, they look very realistic.

5. The Burgers :pir-oh: . I love Burger King :pir-wub:

6. The rat eating the chicken, I did something similar in my entry.


1. The chefs assistants clothes don't really fit the part, but that is up to you.

2. The burgers and the pizza don't really fit the time period, but it is understandable do to the fact that Lego doesn't have a big menu :pir-classic:

3. Maybe you could tile the top of the shelves for added realism.

4. That big red stripe sticks out to much, I would remove it if I were you.

5. Having gray walls reminds me of a ship out of the WW2 era to much, I would make it brown.

Overall this is an awesome entry, good luck :thumbup:

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what a great entry ^^ I like the different furnitures, the wet floor and of course the guy falling with all the plates!

you did a great job, but I think the hamburger are quite out of place^^ anyway, nice entry!

Edited by Guss

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The nearer we get to the end of the contest, the more entries a day are posted it seems :pir-classic:

Possible improvement points:

1. Did pirates have pizza and hamburgers? :pir-tongue: As has been said, it looks a bit "modern" overall.

Good points:

1. Good amount of action going on.

2. Pleasant colour use.

3. Nice detailing, the cape used as a towel, lots of "kitcheny" stuff lying around etc.

4. Nicely built oven/fireplace, good size for this moc.

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Great updates! I think the biggest improvement are the walls. It looks more like the inside of a ship using this colour.

The floor looks like it is a stone floor, but I shouldn't change it for brown because I'm afraid it will blend in too much with the rest of your MOC.

Keep it up! :pir-blush:

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I didn't saw the first version, but I can see a nice entry now.

I really like the bones in the casserole.

By the way, did the guy with the dishes have two peg leg? Poor guy...

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That looks much better now! The tan walls are a huge improvement.

I totally agree, the tan walls look way better than the old battleship gray walls.

Good Job and Good Luck

Edited by Broadside

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