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Imperial frigate "Syren"

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thindexedgif.gif 79d

Ladies and gentlemen, please let me introduce the Imperial three-masted frigate Syren:



The figurehead:







The snipers.



The bridge.




The rudder.


Thank you. :pir-classic:

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As first I like the name 'Syren', it reminds me on the movie Master and Commander. I have even considered to use the name for my own ships as well. You beat me to it. :pir_laugh2:

I really like the ship. I see you've removed the childish skull sails since it is an imperial vessel.

I also like the detailed bow, it turned out pretty good, a bit busy with the large cannons at it but I like it.

The stern hasn't changed that much but I like the rudder overhaul. :pir-blush:

I'm a big fan of the swivel guns but I should remove the large cannons from the stern, it is too crowded with cannons now.

It would be nice if you add a flag or an extra lantern on the top of the stern, replacing the cannons. The swivel guns there look fine to me.

Could you replace the golden flag, on the first mast, for a red one?

A great ship and with these improvements even better!

Keep it up! :thumbup:

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that's a nice "upgraded" version of the bb! what impress me is that it is heavily armed ! there is so many canons it just looks like a ursin! XD

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Good upgrade of Brickbeard's Bounty, with loads of guns and men this is sure a ship worthy of being feared by the Pirates.

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Gosh, that's a really nice MOD. I love the size of it, and the detail too. I could never fit that many cannons onto one ship, nor would I ever have the dedication to buy all of those extra sails for one MOD. Unless, you bought two Brickbeard's Bounties.

Good job!

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