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MSVt C4 "Wolf"

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The Medium Scout Vehicle/tracked C4 "Wolf", known as "Greyhound" during certain prototype phases where it showed a shocking lack of hull strength, was employed by the Grand Army of the Republic in some battles of the Clone Wars, especially during the first year of the war.

Although classified as a scout, the `Wolf` was often used as a troop transport or even as a light assault vehicle when equipped with additional weapons like missile launchers or repeating blasters.

The basic scout version shown here has a light repeater mounted forward of the to hatch as its only armament and was used in the Battle of Praesitlyn and on the flanks of the Republic army on Jabiim.

Play features: working suspension, two opening hatches (top and back) and moving gun.

Front, with bumper


Back, note the clearance


Left side, top hatch closed, showing the low profile of a scout vehicle


Right side, hatch opened and gunner in position


Top view, hatch closed again



*Suspension heavily based on this.

*298 pieces plus two minifigs.

*Link to GALLERY (click subfolder "Details" for some additional pics)

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Soooooooo! The newest moc here, I think it has a good track system but I don't really like the flatness of the tank itself. The turret is a bit small too.

Only a few days to go! I hope this helps! :thumbup:

edit: The top view has just loaded; the top view looks spectacular!

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Nice entry Commander Rob.

Only thing you might want to change is the front view picture.

I'll pass the one you've already posted, but in order for other members to judge and vote for this, I suggest you do a new picture.

Good work :classic:

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