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Review: Slave I

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Near the end of my review week, I will review a favorite!

Set#: 6209

Name: Slave I

Theme: Star Wars

Year: 2006

Pieces: 537

Minifigs: Boba Fett, Dengar, IG-88, Bespin Guard

Price: I paid $90 U.S.

MSP: $50 U.S.





From Amazon

Fearsome bounty hunter Boba Fett is back, stalking the space ways in his ship, the Slave I. The sophisticated anti-detection gear and stealth hardware make sure that his quarry never sees him coming until is too late. The Slave I can take on any foe with its bombs, blasters and launchers that really fire. Han Solo is trapped in carbonite and locked in the storage hold, but you can save him. Cockpit and wings rotate for flight and landing. It includes Boba Fett, Han Solo in carbonite, Bespin Guard, Dengar and IG-88. Also, it includes 537 Lego pieces.

I had to have this ship! I debated it for a long time, I even started a thread about it. Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars series, so this ship has gotten expensive, and will only get more so. I bought an unopened one with my Christmas money last year. But is it really worth it? Let's find out! :vader:

The Pieces

The ones that really stick out are the large brown slopes (that would be good for making a Tatooine ship someday) and the really beautiful olive green pieces. The cockpit window is nice too. There's no stickers, and only one little printed piece for a control panel.


The mini-figures are fantastic. I was really happy to get a Dengar mini! He was a lame character, so who could've expected they'd make him a mini-fig. There is a familiar IG-88. Strangely, neither Dengar nor IG-88 ever had anything to do with the Slave I in the movies. The Bespin Guard is alright, and carbonite Han is, well, a black block.



The IG-88 model was redone as Assassin Droids in this year's battlepack. The Slave version is just a bit shinier, and has a brighter orange (IG-88 on the left)


Boba Fett is the same as Jango from 7153, but his head has no paint job.


His helmet is cut open, so the black is actually the head. It looks good, and creates more depth in the model.


The Instructions/ The Build

The instructions are medium-difficulty. I had a little trouble telling the gray from the dark gray from the black. Occasionally, I searched for a piece before realizing I was looking for the wrong color. Also, especially in the early parts, a lot of pieces are added at a time, so it's easy to overlook a piece, but nothing too difficult.


About 12 steps in, the basic sleek shape is set. Space is left on the sides for the moving parts.


Another 10 steps in, and the main weapon has been put in the center. The gray part on the right (left of the gray slope) is the shelf Han will be placed on.


12 steps later, the cockpit has been placed in, and is connected to the wings. When the wings pivot, the cockpit moves too.



No Boba! It's not ready yet! Get out!


Around step 45, the center gun is now locked in place, hideaway missiles have been placed in.


A few steps later, it's

The Finished Product

A thing of beauty :blush:


Head on view.


Back view. We can see Boba at the controls.


As we tilt the wings, he swings backwards.


The set has 3 places to open up, a large spring loaded gun is next to the cockpit, missiles on either side pop out, and two guns are tucked away behind the turrets. Does he have enough firepower :hmpf: The black switch on the side opens the compartment for Han. On the opposite side is a similar switch to release the central gun.


Han is ready for Jabba now.


One last part opens up to drop bombs, though I don't exactly know how you drop bombs in zero g :wacko:


Yes, that's a big gun!


The underside has a nice design too, lot of propulsion going on here. I also like the circular designs.


A father is proud.


The Final Verdict

Design: 10/10 This has all you might look for in a set; lots of details, nice color, and an interesting build. The switches work perfectly, and the cockpit-wing movement works great. Beautiful job.

Build: 9/10 Nothing is boring here, and the only complaint is that the instruction book is sometimes difficult to follow. It took about an hour and a half to build.

Playability: 10/10 It has a hideaway spring loaded gun, lots of mini hideaway guns, plus the wings right themselves through gravity, making it really flyable.

Minifigures: 10/10 Four figures and Carbonite Han. Bounty Hunters are always cool, and this set gives you three of them. Very happy.

Price: 10/10 $50 is a deal for this set. I'm used to Japanese prices (this was probably $80 or more new in Japan, and sells for over $160 here now). I bought it through Bricklink, and was totally fine paying $90 plus shipping for it. It was a great Christmas present for me.

Overall: 10/10 This is a great set, and, unless it gets rereleased (2016?) it's only going to get more expensive. It's one of those things where the stars are in alignment... a fan-favorite character gets a set which is well-worth the hype.


Cheers all.

Edited by def

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Great review def :thumbup:

This is definately the best Slave1 they've ever done.

Now I feel like getting into the attic, find mine and build it again :wub:

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Great review def :wub:! Clear, colorful pictures and a cameo from J Fett :thumbup:!

It IS a great set, the colors are good and nice minifigs. I´m glad I have one.


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Awesome review! Thanks for giving comparisons and showing all features :thumbup:

I'll give this set Outstanding since I have this set already and think it rocks!

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An excellent review, the pictures are crisp and clear. My friend gave me this whole set for free minus the cockpit and figueres and I love it. The parts are excellent and so are the minifig selections so this set is almost perfect. Apart from the giant missile launcher, I think it is flawless. And the best part is no flickfires! Thank you for the great review!

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Great review, I've always wanted this set but it came out during the final stages of my dark ages

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Great review, I've always wanted this set but it came out during the final stages of my dark ages

I just bought it in December '08! It's not too late!

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This was definately a great review! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: And a great set. It is one of my all time favorite Star Wars sets, and is such an improvement over the old one (I just read the review of it). I'm glad I bought it when I did.

I like your pictures, they are very clear.

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Great review! :thumbup: I only have the older version and Jango's Slave I. Saw this in a store a couple of months ago and wanted to buy it but decided to do it some other time. I went back a while later and it was gone. Now I can't find it anywhere and it's too expensive on the internet. Dammit! :hmpf_bad:

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Voted outstanding, I love this set :cry_happy:

Great review def. Just checked my administration; bought it on 21 january 2007.

And this didnt sparkle my lego collecting rage?! ...Bad or what :hmpf_bad:

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IMO, this is the best SW set of all time :thumbup: and im with Darth Yoda in that category

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