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Index: Carts & Carriages

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:jollyroger: Carts & Carriages Index :jollyroger:

What is this index for?

The Carts & Carriages Index is for all the completed carts and carriages in the Pirates MOCs forum. This index covers all the terrestrial vehicular units of centuries sixteen to nineteen; aspects of pirate LEGO build not included in the land based or accessory index.

How is this indexed?

The Carts & Carriages Index is sorted by ship type. You can view your options directly below this introduction.

Most pictures are linked to the Eurobricks discussion topic, but some of the earlier ones aren't. To find the discussion topics for these, please follow these simple instructions:

- Click on a thumbnail to go to the Brickshelf gallery.

- Copy the numbers at the end of the URL of the Brickshelf gallery.

- Click here to go to the search engine of Eurobricks for the Pirates MOC forum.

- Paste the numbers in the "Search by Keywords"-field and click on "Perform the search".

Anyway you can help?

You can help by giving suggestions and informing us about items that have not been indexed. You can ask questions, give suggestions, and inform us about items that have not been indexed in this very thread.

To what extent is this updated?

This index is updated on a regular basis. All of the LEGO ships in the Pirates MOCs forum should be in here, save for very new ones which are waiting for the staff to index them.

The Index

I. Military, Nobility, & Royalty

A. Closed Carriages

1. 051020_pj_bosman_berliner_01.jpg_thumb.jpg 02.jpg_thumb.jpg 051019_pj_bosman_goudenkoets_01.jpg_thumb.jpg coach_01.jpg_thumb.jpg

2. carriage1.jpg_thumb.jpg 00.jpg_thumb.jpg carriage.jpg_thumb.jpg

3. 01-stand-and-deliver.jpg_thumb.jpg royal_coach4.jpg_thumb.jpg govcarriage.jpg_thumb.jpg coach1.jpg_thumb.jpg

4. th_carriage1.jpg th_carriage_1.jpg

B. Open Carriages

1. 20080511_181103_s012053_v0rw.jpg_thumb.jpg

C. Wagons (four wheels)

1. waggon_04.jpg_thumb.jpg voz4.jpg_thumb.jpg formoverfunction.jpg_thumb.jpg

D. Caissons (two - four wheels)

1. caisson_01.jpg_thumb.jpg limber_00.jpg_thumb.jpg howitzer-section-06.jpg_thumb.jpg marine-artillery-05.jpg_thumb.jpg

2. marine-artillery-06.jpg_thumb.jpg

E. Hand Carts (two wheels)

1. p1000905.jpg_thumb.jpg servierwagen.jpg_thumb.jpg

II. Civilian

A. Closed Carriages

1. stagecoach.jpg_thumb.jpg kutsche5-web.jpg_thumb.jpg

B. Open Cariages

1. dsc01152.jpg_thumb.jpg dscf0146.jpg_thumb.jpg

C. Wagons (four wheels)

1. 01.jpg_thumb.jpg ccc_010.jpg_thumb.jpg a.jpg_thumb.jpg gemuesebauer.jpg_thumb.jpg

2. tc1.jpg_thumb.jpg 4.jpg_thumb.jpg westernmedicinecart07.jpg_thumb.jpg cart_01.jpg_thumb.jpg

D. Hand Carts (two wheels)

1. gong_02.jpg_thumb.jpg bakerystand011.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc01146.jpg_thumb.jpg basketmaker01.jpg_thumb.jpg

2. aknifecart.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc01005.jpg_thumb.jpg

E. Horse Carts (two wheels)

1. phto0271.jpg_thumb.jpg kesselflicker03.jpg_thumb.jpg wagon.jpg_thumb.jpg herbalst_cart01.jpg_thumb.jpg

F. Wheelbarrows (one wheel)

1. wheelbarrow.jpg_thumb.jpg wheelbarrow02.jpg_thumb.jpg

G. Hearses (notable variety of the wagon)

1. westernfuneralcart01.jpg_thumb.jpgdeathshearse01.jpg_thumb.jpg

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Great collection and very helpful to build scenes or variations of it ...


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Great work indexing them, they can come in usefull for those that want to build one theirselves.

Again, good work!

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This is very useful! I still want to build some 'traffic' in my port and now I know how to build some nice carts.

Thank you! Very nice job putting this creations together! :thumbup:

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