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Review: 4486 AT-ST & Snowspeeder

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Set#: 4486

Name: AT-ST & Snowspeeder

Theme: Star Wars

Year: 2003

Pieces: 76

Price: I paid 1000 yen

MSP: $4 US





Part four of four in my mini review series! The AT-ST and Snowspeeder debuted in The Empire Strikes Back and were favorites of mine growing up. I've liked the LEGO models of them in the past, but not been entirely thrilled. This set is about the same, nice but not mind-blowing.

The Package


The Pieces

The pieces here are a little bit Technic style, since both vehicles need some pieces to fit at right or odd angles.


There are three printed pieces, but there was a spare of the Snowspeeder's printed piece.


The Promotion

The set has 1/4 of a tie bomber, shown here.


The Ships

The Snowspeeder

The build on this is really really simple, and it's the smallest mini ship I've seen. It's about two fingers by two fingers big.


The tube connects the wings to the ship, and they pretty naturally rest at that angle.


I think the tubes would be a little better if shortened.


The vents are a nice touch though.



This was definitely one of my favorite toys as a kid. Though the set looks nice, it doesn't work so great.

It's built in two parts that snap into each other.


When built, it appears fairly accurate.


The legs jut out at the back a little more than they should, but the head is attached at the front to compensate.


The back view looks good too.


The set is slightly asymmetrical, with the guns on either side being different.


The build of the head is quite interesting. Pieces are locked in at 90 degrees to create the panels on either side. This is clever design.


My complaint here is that the legs are sort of unstable. Those joint pieces are not all even, and some are tight and posable and others are loose. I've seen the same in other sets before, and those pieces aren't great to use as stands for even a small set. Also the head is really loose, and if the legs aren't perfectly balanced, it swings around, because it wasn't centered. These pics took twice as long as all the other mini ships because I had to reposition it a lot. Even now, on my shelf, it's facing backwards <leaves and comes back> Fixed!

Together, they make a good pair, though I wonder if the proportion difference is accurate. Certainly the big LEGO versions are at a different scale.


The Tie Piece

The bomber part of the TIE is here, as well as the main support


But, as this is the fourth of four, I can now finish the TIE Bomber :pir-laugh:

TIE Bomber

The Bomber (or double TIE as I called it as a kid) has a section for the pilot, and one for the bombs, I guess. It uses two printed pieces.


The pilot section on the left looks fine, but the clip at the front of the right side seems a little random to me. It is movie accurate.


The twin engines on the back look nice.


The extra parts... Lots, including a little printed one. The most of the four sets.


In action!


Final verdict

Design: 6/10 The Snowspeeder is super simple, and the AT-ST isn't entirely stable. The points here are for the construction of the AT-ST head, which is quite smart.

Playability: 7/10 It recreates a scene from Empire, but actually the AT-ST only appears for two seconds or so. Pairing it up with an AT-AT would have been much much more fun.

Price: 10/10 No complaints there.

Build: 8/10 The Snowspeeder is a bit boring, but the AT-ST has some interesting techniques I'd like to master.

Overall: 7/10 Maybe I'm mini'd out, but this is the weakest of the 4 sets. Possibly TLG felt the same way, and that's why it has some extra pieces, as well as the most important piece of the TIE Bomber.

Edited by KimT

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i have this set and i love it :thumbup: the ATST IMO is the better of these two, its just that the panels kept falling off. the snowspeeder is so fragile and both of my orange clips broke. its nice to have that dark bley-ish r2d2 body

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Thanks, def! I've really enjoyed this series of reviews, since it gave me a detailed look at a bunch of sets I hadn't seen before. You also inspired me to pick up a few of those TIE bomber pieces so I could make a new astromech design.

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Great review! I'm glad someone reviewed all these minis and I never got to see the tie bomber before. I dont like this set, It is kind of wacky in a way with all the disproportions.

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I really like how the AT ST is constructed in this set. I like the legs especially on it there awesome and the snowspeeder is really cool is well :sweet:

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