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The Sword of Ungar Scribbs (Speeder)

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The Sword of Ungar Scribbs:



For several years Ungar Scribbs was the most sought after and highly paid bounty hunter in Tatooine. He was renowned for the messy and inventive ways that he found to kill his targets. He himself came to a messy end, however, when it was discovered that he was not a bounty hunter but a conman. His 'targets' were elaborate inventions of his fevered imagination, designed to cause maximum annoyance to as many wealthy and powerful people as possible [George Lucas, while researching on Tatooine heard about these characters and decided to adapt and use one of them when writing the Phantom Menace]. He became greedy and was eventually taking out several contracts on the same character. His secret was eventually discovered as the kind of people (and aliens) who hired him moved in the same circles (and liked to compare notes on how many people they had had killed last week). He recieved a jackpot of thirty-five contracts for one particular character, one named 'Yar Yar Zincz'. He was given a particular time and place to make the kill 'to make a statement'. Had he been less greedy he may have suspected a trap since the thirty-five contracts all made the same demand. He mounted his trusty custom speeder, that he rather pretensiously called 'The Sword of Ungar Scribbs', and set of for location. As he flew he began to feel a little queasy. Something was wrong. As he flew down a narrow enclosed canyon he found his body was beginning to vibrate at terrific speed. Too late he realised that his 'sword' had been tampered with so that the speeder vibrated at a very precise frequency that, when the effect was amplified by the confines of the canyon, meant that all the molecules of his body simply flew apart. Ungar Scribbs would have appreciated the most unusual and messy explosion that ensued.

No. of Pieces: 84 (If I have counted correctly)

Brickshelf Gallery: ungarscribbs030.jpg_thumb.jpg

Right side:


Left side:









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Agreed, great MOC accompanied by great pictures. :classic:

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Those spiky red shell pieces (exo-force?) look excellent as engine cowling. The colour scheme looks good too. A nice use of The Scarecrows head for your bounty hunter. Great work :thumbup: .

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A very impressive entry! I love the character but I thnik the speeder is too Exo-force-y.

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Great work Righteous Squid.

I wish you the best of luck in the voting.

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