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This review will be on the 8272 Lego Snowmobile. Here in Hawaii, the island of Oahu has no snow. So having this set here in Hawaii is a bit strange. I bought it for the pieces and how detailed it looks. I purchased this from a local store in Hawaii that was closing out on all the Lego. I think this was regular price of $39.95. I got it for $20. I wish I knew about the sale a week earlier. I would’ve bought two.

Set Name: 8272 Lego Snowmobile

Theme: Technic

Released: 2007

Pieces: 337

Price: $29.95

Wanna see some pictures? Let's start with the normal box arts and manuals!

8272 Box art front/back


For a box cover, it's well done. Makes me want to buy it. Good closeup shot to show you all the details!

8272 Box art back


Back of the box shows the alternate picture, a Bulldozer. Looks smaller than the snowmobile. Less track segments.

8272 Instruction books


Two whole books! Not bad considering 337 pieces. Since the books are small, they are thick. Makes it feel like you got alot ahead of you.

8272 Part list page


I was almost tempted to just scan the page. At least it would've looked better.

Extra parts


It amazes me how much people love to see whats left after a build. For me, its a "hmm" what did I forget to put on now?

Build and Features

As far as the build goes, for a set with “only” 331 pieces and a lot of it is the treads pieces, it’s one solid little unit. The treads move and the track system moves up and down. The handlebar turns the front skies, which has working shocks and springs.

The alternate set is a mini bulldozer, which I did not build.

And here is some picture of the build process.

Front end


Starts off by having you build the front end first. I love the suspension. Very tightly fit, yet you can turn and the shocks do a good job. They are firm.

Thread build


You can see how the black cog locks between the tracks.

Treads attached to frame


Next you attach it to the rear. The track system can rock up/down. The pivot point is the red bar to the frame. Almost done.

Front and rear joined


Back to work on joining the front and back. In this shot, the top of the front is flipped up still.

Just about done


Just the skids, handlebar and some minor cosmetic parts is left to do. Looks good,no?

And now for some finished shots.

Side profile


You can see where the rear track can pivot by the red and black bar connecting it to the frame of the snowmobile.



Very sleek. Nice angles.



Twin tail pipes. And very modern looking brake lights.



Just enough room for one person. Here you can even see the silver gas cap just below the handlebars.



Just one long track for cutting into the snow. Lets ride!


No big issues for this build. Everything snapped together without any problems. Some Technic builds are a bit hard to join due to how some parts need to have a tighter fit. I didn’t come across anything that would be too hard for the average 9 year old to adult to push together. There is a tubing that you need to cut to size. And while not a issue per say, the springs on the shocks is really hard, so don't expect allot of "bounce".

Final thoughts

I bought it for parts, but after playing with it, I almost don’t want to take it apart. It really looks like a snowmobile! But I wanted the shocks/springs and the treads. Not many sets had treads in it. Sorry, I don't know where the sticker sheet went. :cry_sad:

To see the full size pictures, please goto my flicker site: Snowmobile Pictures

My rating:

Playability: 4 out of 5. It’s swooshable, although theres no figure for it.

Design: 5 out of 5. Solid unit. And it really looks like a snowmobile.

Build experience: 2 out of 5. On a Technic scale, this was easy. And nothing falls off when I push it around on the floor.

Overall: 4 out of 5. It’s not expensive when the set was released and I like the parts that came with it.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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Another great review! Thanks! I have this set and wheni had mine toeghter, i replaced the rear trailing arm that connect the treads to the frame with spprings. This made it fun to jump and gave it alittle more function as well!

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I thought that it was kid of silly that you had to cut the Ribbed tubing in half with scissors. They could not just give you 2 pieces? :pir-skull:

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I think this set is really nice. Considering the rather small size it has really realistic functions. Add to that the lovely threads, which was introduced with this set.

I've no idea why I haven't picked up this set yet, as I've looked at it several times in store at a bargain price. After this review I will surely not miss another chance to buy it, should I see it again on sale.

Your pictures of the different subassemblies are really nice, and as you note, show some of the rather neat and compact builds. And look at the last two pictures of the bike from the top and bottom. Really a smooth design.

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