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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 65c

Captain's Diary

" It's a good day for sailing"

" What a beautiful weather"

" We're on the road to the mysterious island. "

" I' saved my chest and treasure map"

" i' will take my revenge against the captain Burk !"

" My crew is very tiny and my boat ..."

" Well I'll take a drink ... God save the Queen !!"




Building note :

I hope my Moc is fun and you'll enjoy it.

I don't have lots of pirates part and my chalenge was to do something only with my collection. I don't want to buy more for this contest.

And a night i have idea of this moc. A phlegmatic british captain with rest of his boat.

Well don't be rude with my english, i'm French ! : ))

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Bravo and welcome !

All I have to said is a ruined cap'tain cabin is a great idea, and I especially like the two others pirates chained like sled dogs !

Maybe add some others floating objects like wreckage.

Well done ! :thumbup:

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Wow this is a great MOC,

I really like the multi colored deck with the holes and how the chest is just on the edge.

It would be really cool if you could have the raft and the crates partially sunk into the SNOT water.

\By the way where did the chair come from?


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That's certainly a great way to start off your Eurobricks career. :pir-grin:

You've made a really lovely entry here Toutouille. The pictures are clean and crisp, and the MOC itself is very well put together.

The idea is quite hilarious and the way you built the raft is beautiful. It looks jagged and rough as you would expect from a shipwrecked thing, yet it still has lovely details inside. The deck looks superb with the tan and brown tiles.

Some improvement ideas:

1) That shark looks a bit odd resting on top of the water like that. Perhaps you could place a dark grey slope on the water to give the effect of the shark's top fin sticking out of the water.

2) Maybe have the woman looking at the shark with a scared face, because he has her paddle. :pir-laugh:

3) I think having some debris floating around like barrels, or some brown plates or tiles scattered around, would add a lot to the slightly bare water.


Even without any changes, your entry is excellent. A humorous idea, and beautiful design make your entry great.

Good luck in the contest! :shark:

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Nice idea, the captain being pulled forward by his underlings, still ruling them, even without his ship.

Possible improvement points:

1. The water looks a bit clean, maybe some wreckage or some ripples in the water would make it look a bit better.

2. I think the interaction between the wench and the shark could be a bit better, now it seems to me as if she doesn't even notice the shark and just continues to row.

Good points:

1. Torso for the left guy, great torso for pirates (I use it myself too).

2. Colour scheme, like the black chest looks better than if it would have been a brown one for example, good choice.

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Ce magnifique! Your creation is very nice and creative, here is what I like and what I dislike:


1) It's very creative

2) The torso printing is excellent

3) I think all the different aspects of it come together nicely, to form the MOC as a whole.

4) The photography is very clean and crisp


1) I think if you add 1-2 1x1 round bricks beside the window frame, it'll add something nice.

2) If you have just the head of the shark biting the wood, and make a brickbuilt fin coming out of the water, I think it would make it look that much better.

3) If it's possible, I'd try and get the tiles to overhang the barrels a little.

Overall, this is wonderful, keep up the good work!

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I think its a nice MOC but there are a few things that could be improved :wink:


1. Ill start at the back of the raft and move forward, cocerning the area were the window and parrot are maybe you could add some SNOT tiles to the top of it, the studs just tend to stand out.

2. I'm not trying to be sarcastic but lets just think about this, Isnt it natural that when a ship goes down there is going to be debrie, and in this case there was a battle so there will be more debrie then usual, so if I were you I would add some barrels,snot tiles floating around, stuff like that.

3. The lady being attacked by the shark, she should proablly be facing the shark, and the guy in the box should proablly be facing the shark too.

4. Maybe you could add some white tiles around the shark, raft and the boxes to make it look like they are moving and cutting through the water.

5. The shark does look a little funny lying on the water, so I would suggest removing the tiles underneath of the shark and place some white and blue tiles around the edges of his body.


1. The raft is great, simple but well done.

2. The pirate in the left box, His torso is awesome.

3. You have done a good job on the SNOT tiles.

Overall this is a great MOC, add a few of the suggestions above and you will have a possible winner. Good job :thumbup: Good Luck

Edited by Broadside

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Looks good, toutouille, congrats with your work and I wish you a lot of luck.

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Whoua !!! Thank you for comments !

Well it's not so bad :pir-tongue:

No it's realy cool.

Well, seriously i'm agree with improvements idea.

Only one which is a recurrant comment that i should have debries !

Well in my head the boat sinking is far and the captain and his 'boat' make travel ahead...

for the shark on the surface ... i know.. i'll try to do something.

I like to make craft more integrated in the snot water either.

and ok the girl don't look afraid by shark ... :pir-sweet:... maybe a real blonde ? :pir-laugh:

by the way realy thank you. it give me real pleasure reading you're comments..

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I feel sad I didn't replied earlier to this nice entry... :pir-look:


The things I like:

The custom made torso on the captain, it looks really nice! My compliments for that.

The idea is great too!

The MOC is very well made but it may need some improvements.

Possible improvements:

Adding waves to the water, I like the SNOT water but it is plain blue. Add some light blue or white stripes in it to create waves.

The shark, but that has been mentioned before. Along with the expression on the minifig's heads.

I see you don't want to buy new bricks, I had the same.

I haven't bought any new bricks for my entry but I demolished a large part of Port Augustine for it. :pir_bawling:

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Funny entry^^ I like it, I like the way the guy on the "raft" look so relaxed, drinking peacefully while the poor two paddles.. ^^

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Looks good, toutouille, nice job. But like others mentioned before: the shark along with the expression on the minifig's heads. I hope you find a solution and I wish you good luck !

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