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vulture droid

MOC: Techno Union Interceptor

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As promised earlier, I, Vulture Droid, now unveil my MOC of the Mankvim-814 Techno Union interceptor...


Way back when episode III first came out, I was reading a list of ships to appear in the movie, and I saw this ship listed alongside the V-Wing. I liked it right away, its bland simplicity reminding me of late WWII Japanese aircraft. When I later saw pictures of General Grievous' Bellbulab-22 Fighter, I thought "Hey, that looks almost the same! Except with, you know, engines."

Fast forward several years later...

TLC releases 7656 General Grievous' Starfighter, and I can finally relive my dream of building the Techno Union Interceptor.



I kind of wimped out on the side wings.





I blatantly stole the back of the ship from a real set! can you figure out which set it was from?*

Full View


And, for Comparison



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A very good representation of the relatively-unknown ship. It looks very sleek and accurate.

Some improvements I can think of would be to maybe make it a little wider and it might look better in dark bley.

A very good MOC indeed. Well done. :sweet:

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