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This library provides links to all the great decal Templates that have been posted in the Minifig Customization Workshop.

Some others have been found elsewhere (BrickShelf, Flickr, ...) and put into this library.

Just post your decal Templates in the Minifig Customization Workshop, and we'll make sure it gets added to this library.

If you want to try making a decal yourself, have a look at our Tutorials section of the Minifig Customization Index and Guidelines.

Enough talking, let’s start with the decals:

Female torso by tin7

Armour by legofreak

Fabuland – front and back by LuxorV

Cape by unknown

Cloak by unknown

Flame Flag by unknown

Head by LuxorV

Hockey Vest by LuxorV

Horse Tunic by unknown

Jedi by unknown

Clone Wars Jedi by snake1992

5x1x6 Pannel by LuxorV

3x3 Round Shield by LuxorV

Torso and Legs by LuxorV

Torso by LuxorV

Triangular Shield by LuxorV

LEGO Games Microfigure by Bricksandparts

Complete Minifig (head, torso front and back, hips and legs) by LuxorV

Thanks for sharing your designs!

Again, if you need help in using these decals, visit the Minifig Customization Index.

All discussions about the library can be done in this thread.

NOTE: This thread will be used for library purposes only. It will be updated regularly, based on the decals normally posted in the MCW threads.

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