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Star Wars Vehicle Contest Entries:

Staff Category:

Imperialshadows' Aratech Prowler: T-42b Swoop Bike

Sinner's Rotta the Huttlet's Jedi Starfighter

LuxorV's CIS Tri-droid, combat simulation facility

Zorro's Jedi Groundfighter Z80

Hinckley's Coruscant Air Taxi

Captain Green Hair's The Jedi Viper

Whitefang's 23rd Lenix Riders, "Lenix 1" model

Sir Dillon's Erbrcks-409

Small Category:

Legoman's RIC-920 w/Rickshaw

Green Dewback's Self-Propelled Dewback Dew Drinks Dispenser

Hiny's Wookie Catch Walker

Darth Yoda's AT-RT Walker

Jifel's Republic BC-31 Speederbike

Millacol's All Terrain Open Walker AT-OW

JimButcher's Z09 Light Cargo Transport

Natman8000's Republic Armored Diplomatic Shuttle

Clone O'Patra's Wookie Gunboat

Bob The Construction Man's IWRC-Imperial Water Response Craft

Earendil's Republic Open Assault Tank (OAT)

Jammiedodger's OneManSpeeder (OMS)

Mrb18's Confederacy of Independent Systems A-LAS

Nich Artri's AT-POD

Hopeso009's Jinrick-Shaw

Clone Killer's Mobile Unit Transport M-U-T

Calebexo01's > AT-PT (All Terrain Personal Transport) Walker

CloneCommanderDelta7's Sandspeeder Clone Wars Style

Rook's Freeco Bike

Amateurnewbie's C.A.A.T (camouflage Anti-Air Tank)

Tim Bit's Tn-X Battle Trike

BossK's Mustafar Panning Droid

Kapten Jei's Rebel Recon Speeder

Future74's Republic Anti Tank Artillery (ATA)

LFN's Republic Prisoner Detainment Speeder

Artizan's Imperial All Terrain-Personal Walker

Matteo Kenobi's Republic Mobile Command Walker (MCW)

Righteous Squid's The Sword of Ungar Scribbs (Speeder)

Skipper 24's AT-ROT Walker

Oky Wan Kenobi's Ground Armored Tank (GAT)

Ole&Godt's Ultimate Mechanized AT-RT Patrol Walker

Medium Category:

Jifel's Rebel Modified AAC-1 Hovertank

Nich Artri's KDC AT-DW

Tinn-Man's Darth Vader's Tie Mauler

CloneCommanderDelta7's UT-AT

Calebexo01's > A5-RX Juggernaut Battle Tank

Tim Bit's Cis Snow Tank

Mrb18's Republic LPAT

Kaitan's Imperial PC-TT

Guss' Mini Crawler

Artizan's T1-B Hovertank

Kapten Jei's Rebel Medium Infiltration Tank

Jansued's Rapid Intervention Vehicle

Trash's A'Thr'Sh's Hovercraft

Commander Rob's MSVt C4 "Wolf"

MadAboutLego's RT-MV

Rook's Coruscant Taxi

Bricks' Proton Cannon

Legopiotre's AV-7 medium cannon

Simafol's Coruscant Luxury Speeder

Ole&Godt's Motorized Hoth Imperial Recon Walker

Large Category:

Txtxtx's T5-Beta Heavy Tank

Tim Bit's Multi Troop Treaded Transport

Kin-Ganon's AT-TT

Natman8000's LT-RT

Jansued's Medium Armored Speeder - Heavy Recon

MadAboutLego's T4-B heavy tank MK2

Rook's CIS Tri-droid

Artizan's T-3B Heavy Attack Tank

Pedro's AV-7 Antivehicle Cannon

Failed to meet the deadline and not in the contest:

Dark Sword Ragnarok's Cayenne Asuncion's Coruscant Speeder

Adam's Hot Rod


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