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Crowley Mansion Final Thoughts

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As far as parting thoughts of this mystery goes:

The mystery had a lot of plot and sub-plot.

- A mysterious haunted mansion

- The rutheless Paradisia corporation and a few characters that worked/had involvement with them

- A smuggling operation

- An old sea tale and a few clues to a hidden treasure

- And very interwoven character who sort of dropped out one-by-one.

The story had a lot of activity and story line for a single mystery. I put it together during the summer while Bloody Jay was building the house brick-by-brick, and it was challenging to tie everything together (much more difficult than the first train mystery). I thought that you would all question one another and you never really did that, except for Athos because of the letter. I wanted images of each of your characters to make clue cards but Bloody Jay did not provide. I think he lost interest in the mansion sometime after buying the Vladek fortress or the thought of the new Viking sets. In any case, I think he did a great job on the house, just didn't have enough pictures before he broke it apart.

If any of you have any final questions re. clues or other suspicions, just respond to this thread. Aside from that, it's been long but fun. We started this July 4. See you on Paradise Lost by Darkness Falls. I'm looking forward to participating this time. Good job everyone for solving some difficult clues.

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