Mercenary soldiers and woodcamo sniper.

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Almost done wiht my series of Mercenarys, here they are and also I made this, just for fun.


It's Life of a sniper... short version.

And no, the sniper didn't die, his alive and ready for next misson.


And yes the face is custom.

And here's our mad guy.


Wiht painted RPG.

stealth Mercenary


Only new thing here is the hat, like it, he feels like a cowboy.

And the bad guy of all bad guys, the norwegian Mercenary.


I don't remeber his name, but I didn't come up whit the night vison thing, whats his name again.

Hope you like them.

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pr0visorak said:
The first picture looks awesome! That is really great work and as usual I love the custom guns. :thumbup:

Glad you liked them.

Edited by exxtrooper

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@exxtrooper They look like a couple of gangsters, with the one in the coat a more scholary sort from having made archaeological missions a success.

Your mercenary looks to me more like a counter-terrorist special operative.

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Hello Viper Knight, and welcome to the Minifig Customisation Workshop.

It may be worth noting that the last post in this thread is from 10+ years ago. As such we tend to let older topics stay quiet unless there is a strong comeback in interest and/or a new discussion on that very topic arises. You are indeed entitled to your opinion, but it does not really warrant the resurrection of a very short thread of this age.

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I'm sure you'll find plenty of newer and more active content to contribute to. :wink:

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