Skipper 24

Take Me to Cuba by Crimson Wolf

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 60c

Yar! I be needin' ya to row me ta Cuba ya limey fool. Those might have been the words that the pirate yelled at soldier to get him to start rowing him to Cuba, or perhaps it was just that he had a canon shoved up his nose. Either way this MOC by Crimson Wolf is truly stunning and imaginative. What makes the MOC even more funny are the small details which you will have to look out for like the grinning soldier which is complimented by some excellent photoshopping to create an atmospheric scene.


Click here to go to Crimon Wolf's Flickr stream to view more images of this fun MOC.

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Very funny little scene! The background and the whole picture's colours are really great!

Btw, judging from the soldier's smile, i could say that Cuba was in his wish-list destinations. :pir-tongue:

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