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MOC: Microlight

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indexed.gif V-A-1D

This is an microlight I made a couple of years ago. It's a pretty simple design with 33 pieces plus pilot, but I find it works really well. It's not based on any particular aircraft, in fact I don't believe there are any twin engined microlights out there. It's not supposed to be ultra realistic, just the sort of set that TLC might have released in the late 80s.

The intrepid pilot and his trusty aeroplane


Ready for departure


Oops, is it supposed to do that? An 'exploded' view


One last view of the rear of the aircraft


Brickshelf Folder

Unfortunately Lego doesn't produce that propellor piece with the screw of the prop in the opposite direction or I would've done counter rotating props. Due to this foresight on TLC's part these props woul cause far more torque than this rudderless aircraft could deal with and any attempt to take off would be met with a sharp turn and roll to the right and a crash. Lego pilots beware!

Sorry about the background and dirt on the lego. That flash brings out every little particle :blush:

Thanks for looking,


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Thank you very much, Brickster. I'm very glad to be featured on, honoured in fact!



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