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Video Of Bionicle On Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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I'm sure the publicity isn't bad for LEGO and that LEGO doesn't mind, but are the TV Producers actually allowed to randomly use copyrighted material like that?

It is neat though. :thumbup:

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Flippin' sweet.

Edit: Sig'd.

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I just REALLY want to know how much Lego paid for the product placement.

They had John's girlfriend give him a nightmarish mess of a brick "robot" in an early episode.

In S02E06, they had more child-like creation going on, as well as hiring mocer CAJUN to build a giant building the liquid chick was giving to her abducted kid.







Then, well, what this topic's about, S02E14.

(Edited for hilarity):



So yeah... what's the price tag on all this? Favors? Cold, hard cash? I want to know dollar amounts here. 3 episodes (to say nothing of actually citing the character bios lol) CAN'T be cheap.

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