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The Imperial Swordfish

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The Imperial Swordfish

Cutting through the giant ocean of space is the Imperial Swordfish.

She is intended for use against the nasty space pirates that plunder a future earth:


The Imperial Swordfish is intended to be a scout vessel, but her agility and high top speeds make her a great dogfighter.

This has proved invaluable to commanders and led to many a pirate's death:



The canopy is made out of super-strength glass which allows the Swordfish to go from space to underwater worlds:


The reinforced sword can be used as a battering ram or in a slashing movement to inflict lots of damage on enemy craft:


The tail is used like a rudder and controls the direction of the ship:


The Pilot:


Thank you for viewing




Comments appreciated

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I like the concept but think some of the implementation could be improved.

For example, the swiveling engines are cool, but they are connected by a single stud and the technic connector is exposed. This would be better if you could hide it and perhaps put an intake or something on the front of the engine.

Similarly, the small guns on each side are showing the bottom of that plate; not that plates are bad, but its rather plain looking in this case. Try beefing up those guns.

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That´s a very original shaped fighter indeed! The color scheme works nicely and especially that tail section and the distinct sword looks nifty! :classic:

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