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7110 landspeeder

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Here is my first review so do not hesitate to give me tips so I can make better reviews next.

The landspeeder is a 10 year old set, and the first one I get in the Star Wars collection.

Here are the figures :

landspeeder's set's reference : 7110

year of release : 1999

price : 50 FFr (This set is older than euro :wink: , if I translate to euro, it is about 7,50 €).

parts : 47

minifigs : 2 ObiWan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.

And no stickers, it was the good old time when LEGO did not include a DSS in every set.

the instructions

first and last page are the same as the front and the back of the box :

first page :


last page : like for the other sets of this period, the minifigs building together the set and an alternative construction idea


A random page


note the small pictures of the movie in the top of the page

I though it was great to have these because we could see the reference of the action and the building is more pleasant. (even if building LEGO is synonym of fun :laugh: )

the set itself :

Nearly nothing to say about it. It is one of the smallest LEGO StarWars but it comes with two great minifigs and a chromed light saber.

Here are the minifigs


the landspeeder is rather small with a low design. There are not rare pieces in this set except the sand reactors.

Without minifigs


With the two heroes :



Note the place to put the lightsaber just beside the seats.

There is no function in this set but the speeder is enough smooth to have a good playability.

Just to compare with the landspeeder of Mos Eisley Cantina set :


The oldest one is less accurate in size and colour but is still a good set.

I don't like to give a mark to a set because this one would not get a good mark if I was objective.

The pros are : a cheap set with two good minifigs

a small and with a medium-good playability set (apart making the two guys going out, there is not many things to do with it)

Cons : the lack of accuracy

no special pieces, it can be easily built without buying the set.

Nevertheless, I really like this set because it is my first StarWars one and made me collect this theme until today (and I don't think I will stop soon :tongue: )

For the last picture, a small action with it (I only put two other sets with) :

"Are these the droid we are looking for ?"


I hope you enjoyed !

Edited by KimT

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This is a very good review, and I cant find any major flaws. I also like the comparison new vs old.

Great little set, too.


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Good first review. Perhaps you can join the academy. It would be a good idea to fix some of the mispellings you've made, but other than that, good job. :thumbup:

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Thanks for the review :thumbup:

I like your comparison between the two sets. What a difference in size!

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Indexed and poll added.

If you want to get better at reviewing, then join the Reviewers Academy.

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