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Anakin's Podracer Review

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(07.02.09) This is my fifth review. It features:

Product: 7131 Anakin’s Podracer

Theme: Star Wars

No of pieces: 134

Release Date: 1999

RRP: USD $14.99

Featured Episodes: TPM

Lego "Shop at Home" Catalog Description

Help Anakin rebuild his podracer!

He's the only human to take on the dangerous challenge of Podracing. And now, Anakin needs your help to build a podracer that can win the most important race of his life! Includes Padme Naberrie, a pit droid, and Anakin Skywalker. Ages 7+. 134 pieces.


The set is a basic one that only includes the podracer, flag and three figs.


Three minifigs are included in the set: Anakin, Padmé and a pit droid. Anakin is a bit tall for a boy.


Anakin can sit in the cockpit and pilot his vehicle. Notice the printing on the front and side to give it detail.


A side-view of the podracer showing the frame underneath to hold it together.


The engine flaps can be opened for playability (not much). You can see the 'power couplings' hold the engines to the frame.


A small stand with a flag is included too. There should be a yellow and a blue flag but I lost the blue one.


Padmé watches Anakin pass during the race. The pit droid can be folded up as seen in this picture.

If you were wanting to recreate the podrace by buying this set and the 7171 Mos Espa Podrace, my advice would be don't. Everything you can see in this set can be found in the Podrace set, plus more. TLG made this set as a way to get an essential vehicle and characters without paying $90 dollars for 7171. I will review 7171 soon so keep an eye out for more details on that set. I recieved this set when I was younger and less-organised, disassembled it and lost most of the pieces! I later bought the 7171 set on Ebay.

Design: 7/10 - An accurate representation but it does, like all old sets, include odd-coloured pieces and a frame underneath.

Minifigs: 5/10 - Only three figs included that are rare but can be bought in 7171.

Playability: 6/10 - The main factor for this set is swooshing the vehicle but you could also 'service' the vehicle with the droid.

Swooshability: 9/10 - The podracer is sturdy and easy to swoosh thanks to the frame.

Overall: 6.75/10 - An accurate calculated score.

See the gallery here.

KimT, you can add it to the index if you like. I made it to fill the gap. Also, you may add a vote to it and give any more suggestions.

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Thanks for the nice review, ADHO15. :classic:

A neat set with nice MFs and even a nicely printed (!) part, although it would be so much more cool with trans clear parts instead these tan ones... :cry_happy:

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Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to reading the one on 7171. If I ever get this set, I'll definitely need to look into changing the tan to trans clear. I bet it would look a lot better.

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Nice review :thumbup:

Not a set that I would have gotten, knowing that there's another set (7171) with about the same content plus extras. Looking forward to that review, keep it up ADHO15!

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Thanks for reviewing this and once again diminishing the number of sets we still need reviewed :thumbup:

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Good review. I would buy this hands down, no questions asked. Then rip it apart and use it for MOC parts :pir-laugh:

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This is your fifth review? Well than I suggest you join the reviewers academy than :classic:

I did yesterday thank you. :classic:

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