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Matsuoka Nui

Toa Mata Nui 100

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I've recently reached my 1st set of 100 posts...I am going to present my sketches and my MOCs...


Gavla: Gavla as an Av-Matoran

Kirop: Kirop as an Av-Matoran

Vican: Vican as a Le-Matoran

Radiak: Radiak as an Av-Matoran


BRC (There is a Fan-Made Movie on BZPower called Bionicle: ReBirth Chronicles, a Japanese animae style movie that involves's based on the BIONICLE Storyline but with a different style...)

Complete Gallery (to support the story): T.O.A Characters (beware of a spoiler!!!)

Other Bionicle Artwork: Other Junk

Enjoy!! :classic: :classic: :classic:

~Toa Mata Nui~

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Yay, finally! I better go watch it now. :sweet:

It's so exciting...!! I think we should spread the word about his animations here....if that's okay with him/her....

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