TUTORIAL: Remove print from decorated elements

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Another good alternative to brasso that will leave the product shiny and clear (if translucent) is Mothers mag and aluminum polish. I just found out last night that it works like a miracle on translucent parts.

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The only method I've tried so far is essential oil (it was eucalyptus or tea tree, can't remember), and I wouldn't advise it as it got rid of the print but also burnt the plastic (totally lost its shine). Besides, the print wasn't there anymore but a "relief" of it was still visible.

I have a magic eraser, never thought of using it for that. Will have to give it a try.

I'd also advise against that "restore clear parts using Future floor polish", as I've ruined half of the parts I tried it on (& it worked "ok" on the others, but nothing magic). But perhaps that's because that product exists under several forms & rebrands, and maybe I got the wrong one.
Mine wasn't clear at all, and the stuff that wouldn't drop off the ruined parts was the same beige as the liquid. So if it's not the clear version, don't use it.

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