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(02.02.09) This is my second review. It features:

Product: 7252 Droid Tri-Fighter

Theme: Star Wars

No of pieces: 148

Release Date: 2005

RRP: USD $14.99

Featured Episodes: ROTS

Lego "Shop at Home" Catalog Description

The Droid Tri-Fighter soars into battle!

The droid tri-fighter challenges the might of the Jedi Knights! Can the Jedi's starships escape the devastating saw of the buzz droid hidden inside? Includes Buzz Droid. Ages 7+. 148 pieces.


The droid. TLG added the opening ball function to give the basic set some playability. Although not much, it does mean you can keep the buzz droid with the set so it doesn't get lost. I might also occupy kids for 2 minutes.


The only fig in this set is a buzz droid made from thirteen pieces. Like many people, I thought this droid looked very inaccurate and removed the legs and saw to make it look better. The printed domes are a nice touch that gives it some detail.


TLG included some very nice printed bricks (the 2 parts that make the central ball and the 2x1 dark blue pieces) as well as some stickers (the CIS logos and the black 'join').


The droid with the ball open to take the buzz droid out or put it back in.


The buzz droid safely shut away in its ball.


The back of the droid showing the three detailed engines.


The front of the droid. You can see its main gun in the middle and the three others on the wings.


A picture to compare the LEGO design with the 'real' thing.

I think it is a good set with a good price/parts ratio. It would later be included in the Ultimate Space Battle set and the buzz droid also rereleased in the Ahsoka's Starfighter set this year. It looks good for display too as it has an accurate design and goes well with Confederacy Vulture Droids (also first released in 2005 with a remake this year).

Design: 9/10 - A superb design to create the sleek and curved look. A bit bare but still great.

Minifigs: 6/10 - Only one brick-built minifig that many people don't like. Also, the buzz droid is not unique to this set.

Playability: 6/10 - Not much to do with the set apart from swooshing and taking the buzz droid out of the ball.

Swooshability: 9/10 - Small, strong and easy to move around.

Overall: 7.5/10 - An accurate calculated score.

See the gallery here.

KimT, you can add it to the index if you like. I made it to fill the gap. Also, you may add a vote to it and give any more suggestions.

Edited by KimT

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Wow. What a nice review for such a nice set. I love the printed pieces. I really wish I had picked this up when I had the chance. :sadnew:


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This is your second review by the academy or by yourself?

Academy? Its the second review I have made and posted. My third will be put on soon.

This is a pretty nifty set but it was the price that made me not get it

I picked it up for £10 at my local Toys'r'us. It has more pieces than the battlepacks tend to have and looks pretty accurate so I thought "why not?" (Not really. I was young and wanted all the sets!)

Thank you all for your comments.

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