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Important Topics

- For all those little things that make you go "Oooh!"

- Discussion of 2017 rumors and sets

- Discussion of 2016 rumors and sets

- Discussion of prices and availability

- Which sets would you like to see?

- Which minifigs would you like to see?

- When will it end? Will it ever end?

- Needs no introduction. Best photography topic around.

- Show off your armies and displays.

- Discussion and index of community builds

- Announcements regarding the blog

- Discussion of Star Wars projects on CUUSOO

- Which minifig is your favorite, and which is your least favorite?

- Which set do you like best, and which do you think is the worst?

- Pictures comparing different versions of sets

- A great source for all of those questions

- Discussion of rare parts


- Index of members' Star Wars MOCs on EB

- Index of all the reviews posted in this forum

Forum Leaders

- Questions? Concerns? Anything you'd like to know











Star Wars Tags

- Do you qualify for one of these?


Death Star II Tag
Awarded for consistent positive contributions to the Star Wars forum


Star Wars Theme Fan Tag
Awarded to members active in the Star Wars forum who have been EB members for over a year and have made more than two hundred posts.


Contest Winners' Tag
Awarded to winners of Star Wars contests on EB


Rebel Blogger Tag
Awarded to members of the blogging team of EB's Star Wars Blog


Retired Blogger Tag
Awarded to former members of the blogging team


Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Episode Tags
Awarded to builders on the winning teams of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka episodes. (Each episode has a unique tag.)


Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Host Tags
Awarded to hosts of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka episodes.


Community Build Tags
Awarded to participants of Star Wars community builds on EB


Open Circle Fleet Tag
Awarded to participants of EB's first Star Wars community build, the Venator Community Build




Lightsaber Tags
Worn by members of the staff (and former members of the staff) who are Star Wars fans


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2007 Discussions & Topics

Lego Star Wars Spring/Summer 07

picture star wars end 2007

Is this fake? 10180

Speculation on future Star Wars set remakes

New Gunship, RBR, and Hoth Rescue

show us your clone army!, how many do you have?

The Golden One - C-3PO

Have you pre-ordered the new Millennium Falcon yet?

Falcon Raffle, GAME ON!, Rules and payment instructions!

Endor our Hoth set?

Would you like a Dark Trooper minifig?

Future New Magnet set, sorry no pics

Want a new Falcon for $10

Star Wars Magnet Photo Shoot

What is your favoirite star wars year?

Would you like Clone Wars sets?

Set reviews...

Your Star Wars 2008 wantlist

Is Star Wars 2006 better than 2007?

Interesting news from Australian Toy Fair

Star wars forum at last!

Star wars MTT commercial

A matter of logic, where the golden c3po will be

TT's Star Wars Top Ten

New Stormies?, I doubt it...

Founding a Star Wars Collection

Fantastic Lego StarWars T-Shirts

LEGOLAND 2007 Event - The Midnight Build

Grocery Store Wars, A funny Star Wars parody

Droideka New Vs Old

Super Battle Droid Problem

Playability vs Accuracy

Want a 14KGold C3PO? Get it Now!

Gungan Sets, oh more, please no more

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

LEGO at Celebration IV

Celebration 4 Exclusive set

Chrome C-3PO, Let the hunt begin!


The Gold C-3PO incidents

Golden C-3PO Contest

New mini's...or, 'keychains'

Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics), LEGO goes EU!!!

How ill get this?

what IS the tie army?

C-3PO Vig Contest Entries

New colored C3PO in SW-set

Legoland Star Wars Weekend (California)

Cool SW site with printable stickers etc

Star Wars in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies

UMC, Ultimate Minifig Challenge

The Muppets, How does this relate to Star Wars?

Ultimate Star Wars Minifig Challenge, Round One

what old sets do you want remade

Favorite Star wars minifig, (official only)

Clone Wars Poster at Comic Con, Showing a V-19 Torrent

New Star Wars microscale keychains, Y-Wing and Vader's Tie Fighter

UCS Falcon and gold C-3PO

NEW LEGO Star Wars TV Commercial, feat. the naboo fighter and the MTT

Which would you like to see more sets from?, PT,OT,EU

What about the 7666

Star Wars Glossary, It was about freaking time !!

Problems with the Chrome C3PO?

Star Wars Weekend in Legoland Germany, 15 Sept. ( saturday) - 16 Sept. (sunday)

UCS Millennium Falcon Speed Build, See what is inside!

2008 Picture thread

UCS Millennium Falcon Serial Number List, Who has the lowest?

Star Wars Emoticons, For fun

Favorite SW specific piece

What shall we do with the drunken AT-AT?

Hanging the Falcon, Practical or Foolhardy?

Chrome plating your mf, anyone has done it before and knows how?

In the second half of 08', Whaddya Think?

2008 Packaging

Your First Star Wars Set, Ahhh...the Memories

Rumoured sets second half of 2008

The last sets- LSW

SW 2008 Figure Pics, Vader

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2008 Discussions & Topics

Closed topics of 2008, Jup - it's the trash can of the year

Star Wars S@H Mix-up.

2008 UCS

Why hate the TIE Crawler?

Is the 6968 mini wookiee attack an official set?

Buildung the Falcon in Stop Motion

Prices: Who the bloody bell can afford to buy SW Lego?, A Rant on the Absurd

Star Wars 10th Anniversary Set Logistics

Help choose a Lego Star Wars 10th annaversiry set (2009), lets talk...

How long will the UCS Falcon be up for sale?

SW special items

What happened to shiny lightsabers?

The worst problems in your collection, (display)

which Bps are better

Toy Fair 2008 exclusive, Han/Indy transformation chamber

Help choose a Lego Star Wars 10th annaversiry set (2009) Part 2

Ep2 or CW clones ??

Which is your favorite lego star wars creature?

Lego "Twilight", WHAT IS IT???

Did Lego skip Ep. I ??, Why only 3 Ep. I sets?

Color variation in UCS Star Destroyer?

Keep the boxes

Star Wars Chess: Poll

If you had the possibility to choose a new SW creature, to be released by Lego, for which one would you vote?

Chromic Naboo starfighter, Suggestions for chromic Lego parts

If you had the possibility to choose four new SW minifig characters, to be released by Lego, for which one would you vote?

Which is the best lego star wars set

What do you think the SW BrickMaster set will be?, Just speculation, of course...

Lego Star Wars is going down

Not enough sets with buildings (bases)

Quality or Quantity

501st Battle pack, Add your support to this important topic!

Star Wars license discussion, Will it end in 2011? Will it ever end?

How many speederbikes do you have?

One step closer, Will The Force Unleashed cahnge the future of lego?

EU pricing and import from overseas, poor guy wonders about saving some money ;-)

A poll to decide a star wars set for february 2009, It will be a Toysrus Exclusive

How do you display your AT-AP?

A poll to help the poll, Mon Calamari Cruiser as whole or only as a base?url]

New SW minifigs

Glow-In-The-Dark Lightsabers, The most obvious use of the glowing parts of 8150

New Twelk Head!

Indiana's Akator Skeletons...., yes, this is about star wars

TIE Crawler recolor, Okay, do you like it now?

Star Wars Index, A master index with links to all the others

What happened to the TIE army?, i was gone a bit...

UCS MF Luke with his old hair?, anybody has a picture of it?

Vote for a new LEGO Star Wars set!, In Febuary

ENTRIES:Eurobricks Clone Wars Building CONTEST, Post your submissions here!

Lego Death Star 10188 - Pics at last!, pics are back

Show Your Army & Home Display

What 08 sets will you buy? Or not buy? Why so?

Clone speed build

New Tie models Incoming?

My Lego Groomscake

The worst designed set, Star Wars only

The best designed set, Star Wars only

Which Sticker Would You Use On Your Republic Gunship

Battle droids with serial numbers?

Death Star Photos from Star Wars Celebration Japan

Smaller UCS Sets?

Comic-Con 2008 Set

Star Wars sets anyone?, Q's & A's on availability and prices

==> ALL MEMBERS: Please read! <==

Vote for the Lego Star Wars set of the year

Eurobricks Clone Wars Building Contest: VOTING, Vote for your favorite Vignette and Bignette!

Does anyone else..., Like LULS?

Which re-releases of sets do you like the best?

How do you keep your Star Wars collection?

Question about new clone wars sets, What do the faces of clones look like when helmets are removed

Does official clone gear fit on Arealight helmets?

Comic Con Exclusive Raffle, Your chance to win the Star Wars LEGO CC Exclusive!

Vader's Red Helmet, and other rare pieces around the world (Q's & A's)

Comic Con Exclusive, did anyone get this?

Any one ever thought of doing this? Milleniun MOD'ing

Clone Wars Anime Face Print Question

Lack of Original Trilogy Sets this year., Anyone else not like that we got barely any OT sets this year?

Instructions needed, call out for instructions

The free Mini V-19 Torrent raffle, Sign-up has ended!

Q's & A's Index, Tutorials, scans, instructions and much much more

Star Wars Review Index Vote, How would you like it to look? Voting has ended

How About a Bounty Hunter Star wars Subtheme?

How many Clone Wars clones do you have?, The whatever spam topic..Post your army no pic topic too

How did you like the CW movie? And how do you like the Lego CW sets?

Unreleased UCS set?

2009 minifig wishlist!, Star Wars only

Broken Droid Pieces?

Anyone want more Force Unleashed?

Republic Gunship Nose Art

Tantive IV MOC, not mine!, Brickshelf find

Red Darth Vader Helmet Raffle, Read the Rules Carefully Please!

Where is my backup?!, Where are all the clones?

Toys R Us (UK) - win a large scale Commander Cody LEGO fig.

Most popular Clone Wars sets, Vote for your favourite set/s

Clone wars ship instructions, Help please!

Another unreleased Mini: 8029 Mini Snowspeeder

Star Wars Pen 4 Pack

A question about the V-19

" It's a little too Technic"

What do you like best?, You a PT, OT or EU fan?

TLC sets VS MOC's, Would your opinion be different?

Did these lightsabers come with sets?, 1999 sets - and we're talking hilts here not blades!

LEGO Star Wars 2008 dissapointing?

Chrome Darth Vader, The Discussion

My Star Wars LEGO exhibition in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Best new Star Wars Minifigure of 2008, A poll.

Copmikes Punishment, for selling a Chrome Darth at a price I easily would´ve sold mine for

Best Year for SW Sets, 1999 - 2009

2009 Star Wars Magnets Set

Is Boba Fett / Slave ship worth the hype?

Which Jedi, Sith or other do you want the most?

I have a question about the chrome minifigs, C3PO and Darth Vader

New Set Reviews

Most Wanted Star Wars Creature

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2009 Discussions & Topics

Chrome Darth Vader, The Discussion

UCS Discussion Topic

What other Battle Packs would you like to see?

Clone Trooper Annoyance Discussion

Battle Pack Alternatives

What Lightsabre Hilt do you like the most?

Which Set Do You Regret Not Buying?

Chrome Vader or Chrome Threepio?

Multiple sets, Do you buy multiple sets in your LSW collection?

The mess with yellow, flesh and pupils, How do you organize your SW minifigs?

Which Millenium Falcon do you prefer?, 7190, 4504, 7778 or the 10179 UCS version.

Yellowing of stormies, what do you do?

Venator-Class Attack Cruiser vs Imperial Star Destroyer, sets: 8039 vs 6211

Collecting Dilemma, The point?

2009 Minifig lineup poster

Lego Star Wars 10th anniversary exclusive on May 3 and 4

Top 10 Star Wars minifig favourites

Tantive IV minifig scale!

Star Wars Minifigs, What's the big deal?

Anniversary Silver Stormtrooper Magnet

Minifigure Index, The "Overview" and Discussion Topic

The Minifig Index Vote, what size suits your needs

Clarification and discussion of price ranting, Yes I do think it's needed

Lego Poll every year?, Do you think it should be done every year?

Box Dimensions of Star Wars Sets, For Purposes of Shipping & discussion

Anyone know where I can find the prototype for 4504 Millennium Falcon

Misprints, The Minifig Index

Lastest version of clone trooper?

Star Wars Set-photos/builds/compairsons

Can we have our own star wars group?, Just asking!

UCS discussion, formerly "Any new UCS sets planned ?" topic

Star Wars 2009: Great mini figs, weak sets?

Republic Attack Gunship or AT-TE, Which do you think is better and why?

Republic Dropship and Republic Gunship, Which do you like better?

SWL Graphs, Interesting insight into the product we all enjoy...

The Cost Of Your Collection, How much money have you spent on SW Lego yet?

Now its all too confusing!, I'm talking about clear translucent pieces!

I am making a stormtrooper car decal, help me pick one

Clone trooper annoyance, what happened to our beloved white troops?

Chrome Vader or Chrome Threepio?, Yes, another thread about Chrome Vaders...

Which Set Do You Regret Not Buying?

What Lightsabre Hilt do you like the most?

10198, And other "fake" sets

Key chain texts, funny when you read 'em all after eachother

Star Wars Lego Photography

Shadow Trooper Keychain 1 cent with $75 order

Lego Star Wars 10th anniversary exclusive on May 3 and 4, does anybody else know about this?

Star Wars Icons, What do they mean and how do you earn them?

Star Wars LEGOLand Weekend Photos

Door on dropship (10195)

Ackbar and his Pinkes

WIP Snowtrooper Imperial Base

M.O.C attack gunship help

The Rancor is Free!, Clay haters, go away!

Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

LEGO Games & custom Star Wars characters

LEGO Star Wars 10th Anniversary Poster Number List

Some of my Photos and Comics

Minifig/real one., Back from an exhibition

Chrome gold C-3PO minifig Pen?

What is the cheapest set with asoka?

Favorite Star Wars Sets, What set is your favorite

What Sets Have You Gotten For The Actual Set/Vehicle

New TFU sets?, I have issues.

LEGO Star Wars sets, Have they improved over the past decade?

Rewatching the Clone Wars, A summertime blog to get you excited!

Printed stormy leg's and green scouts, which sets?, Where to get printed stormy legs and green scouts

Midi Minifig Tie Fighter Idea

Ackabar's head, how does it differ from the Mon Calamari Officer?

Endor Rebel Helmets, Anyone else having this problem?

TIE series Command Pod redesign

Star Wars Lego: Deadliest Warrior

LUL to Minifigure

New Star Wars Regulator?, Stash2Sixx

Clone Wars Millennium Falcon?

Padme Idea Thread

Problem with battle droids?

New set with Jango Fett soon?, a theory i have

A cumbersome thing about 7749 Echo Base I am hearing about?

The Visual Dictionary

2009 Rumor and picture discussion topic

Do You Keep Your Sets Sealed?

Problem with 8036 Parts

Question: EP3 Clone Trooper helmets?

MOC HAVw A6 Juggernaut Flickr find

The Commander's Modding Post

Daily Mirror Star Wars giveaways

Help with 6210 - Where do the blocks go?

Compairing 7778 and 4488 Millenium Falcon

Official LEGO Star Wars TV Commercials & Ads

Best 2009 SW set?

Shock Stormtrooper in LEGO ad!

Most Hated!, Which set is a FAIL?

8039 Problems

Lego Star Wars Species Guide

Lego star wars website updated

The most "wanted" lego star wars villain

Queen Amidala Mini Fig

If you could revive one production year's sets...

Can anyone help me identify this trooper type?

Complete Gallery with Every Star Wars Minifig?

Best SW set in the 10 years of Lego Star Wars

Goofs in the Catalog

Star Wars the Quest fo R2D2 full game now online

Battle Packs, different ideas I had for the contest!

Lego minifig vs. Attakus statue - just for fun

Kid sized Boba Fett Custom ;-)

R21-D52, Astromech Overlord, What can you create out of several R2 units?

Lego Star Wars art

The three SW sets you'd like TLG to release

Motorized Walking AT-TE?, Is this video true or is it stop motion?

TIE Fighters, A little help from the more knowledgable?

Massive Destroyer

W.I.P., w.i.p. sw creation...

WiP UCS jedi starfighter

Various MOCs (highlights), Collection of my more popular MOCs

AT-AT Imperial Walker, By Rocko

Howitzer Cannons, Combat Drones and UAVs plus a Republic 'Tiger

Yavin IV 'sketch', As pictured in the new DK book

LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary Event Overview

SWCG Movie/Series Update Thread

Printed legs

EB Community Star Wars Build

EB Community Star Wars Build, Entry Thread

New Star Wars Nintendo DS Case, Mmmmm, Printed Tiles!

UCS Millenium Falcon is being discontinued!

2010 Chrome Fig, List your ideas for a possible chrome minifig in 2010

Removal of C3PO's head?

Millenium Falcon..., Why can't we have a normal one?

Podrace upgrades., Sebulba and Gasgano pod upgrades.

Old sets after the introduction of new sets, Humour my stupid question!

Battle Of Aargau (clone wars) WIP, My first uploaded to eurobricks MOC

CloneCommanderDelta7's new Clone Weapons

Worn out capes, Do you guys do this or did your capes come like this?

LSW Minifig Mashup, by DK Publishing

Reproducing a SW MOC - my experience (part 1)

Greg Hyland's Star Wars comics, I can't find them

R2D2 minifig with a litlle light, lighted R2D2

Lego 8087 TIE Defender Video found

Lego Echo Base mistake

UCS sets

New Eyes!

Some lego SW disapointments...

Operation Long Falcon, My new diorma

LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary Event Overview

SWCG Movie/Series Update Thread

Printed legs

EB Community Star Wars Build

EB Community Star Wars Build, Entry Thread

New Star Wars Nintendo DS Case, Mmmmm, Printed Tiles!

UCS Millenium Falcon is being discontinued!

2010 Chrome Fig, List your ideas for a possible chrome minifig in 2010

Removal of C3PO's head?

Millenium Falcon..., Why can't we have a normal one?

Podrace upgrades., Sebulba and Gasgano pod upgrades.

Old sets after the introduction of new sets, Humour my stupid question!

Battle Of Aargau (clone wars) WIP, My first uploaded to eurobricks MOC

CloneCommanderDelta7's new Clone Weapons

Worn out capes, Do you guys do this or did your capes come like this?

LSW Minifig Mashup, by DK Publishing

Reproducing a SW MOC - my experience (part 1)

Greg Hyland's Star Wars comics, I can't find them

R2D2 minifig with a litlle light, lighted R2D2

Lego 8087 TIE Defender Video found

Lego Echo Base mistake

UCS sets

New Eyes!

Some lego SW disapointments...

Operation Long Falcon, My new diorma

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2010 Discussions & Topics

Star Wars Theme Fan Tag, want one of these?

Eurobricks Star Wars Forum on flickr

LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors Discussion Topic

Star Wars Instructions Index

Star Wars Module Standard: Voting

Moonbase/The Soldiers' Fort Standard, Star Wars-ed?

Have you seen this cool photography method

Mando battle pack in 2011?

Brasso on Chrome?

When is a MOC a Star Wars MOC?, Because I just don't know....

Clone Wars or ROTS?, discuss it here!

Some weird set ideas?, an AT-OT?

Problem with Lego 8091 Republic Swamp Speeder, Who Would Steal a Toy?

Princess Leia minifigure (smooth hair)

Luke Skywalker Dagobah torso - printing on back?, Odd torso printing

Question about Darth Vader's TIE Advanced?

Extra Minifigures, Has this happened to you?

Favorite Star Wars Set, What's your favorite

UCS Stickers

Strange set found

Rounded or Straight, Which torso do you prefer on your SW figs?

Silver Stormy?, Discusion!

LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animated Comics, just like the other ones, but animated!

Best Mechanics in a SW set

Assault on Endor (AT-ST MOD)

Pimp My ARC-170

10178 AT-AT mods, 2 seater Cockpit/ Body interior

The Tanneth Incident

Minifig Numbers, Used for identification on Brickset & Bricklink

UCS TIEs, From TRU clearance UCS TIE Interceptors 7181

New minifig - White Mandalorian, - a.k.a white Boba Fett

Weird extra piece in AT-TE 7675

UCS Scale Nebulon B-2, Unfortunately not in real brick...Yet

Found MOC : Outrider out of midi-falcon, by NanNan.Z

Favourite UCS Set

New Mega-Bloxy Minifgs!

It's a trap!, I wish I'd thought of this.

[MOC] - The last mission of Gold Flight WIP.

UCS questions

Goodbye Attack Frigate, Old MOCs never die, they just get recycled

Story continues, CIS hangar next step

Stands for the Star Wars sets?

Favourite 2010 Minifig?, which one is truly the best?

The "Midi-scale"

Lego Star Wars Clone Building Event, Where Can I Find It?

Endor Sneak Pics, WIPs of Endor dioramas

Millenium Falcon, [WIP]

Lego Star Wars Tusken Raiders, A Quick Question

[sW Concept] File 013 My SW minifigs collection

Buzz Droid MOC?

VIDEO of final phase of const. of CIS Hangar Diorama

LEGO Star Wars Expanded Universe Subtheme Thread

WIP MOC: Hangar

Non-PDF instructions for 7256? Anakin's Episode III fighter


Stormtrooper Helmet a Digital Designer WIP

4500 Snowspeeder - Hoth Rebel

Some of my own MOCs

Home One Add On?

Would you get the Venator.. only for the minifigs?

Minifigs? Can you recognize LEGO Star Wars mini figure in your mouth

Help - Barriss & Bib Fortuna cloning

Foosball Table A non-lego site MOC find

Jabba's Palace?

Venator 1 - Modules EBCSWB modules in progress

Help - 4489 Mini Building Set AT-AT and other mini's

The Force is strong in my cupboard

Methods of displaying mini/micro models.

Ackbar's Chair

AT AT MOD now with a winch

MOD 7675 AT-TE holes begone

TIE/In and Lambda Shuttle Some old MOCs

MOD: 10198 Tantive IV

Small leg suggestions

Malevolence thread

Toys R Us France Gift Catalog

Photos of the Venerator's hangar?

Sneak Previews

TIE Defender - Modifications

Help with ghost illusion

Is it wrong if its so right?

Keeping SBD minifigs in good condition

May the Fourth Be With You 2010

4483 AT-AT rebuilt

A question about LEGO X-wings...

Tie advance + Ambush diorama

Lego 3D art

AT-AT in new clothes

I just received the new 2010 sets from

Lego Star Wars minifig Keychains question

Themed LEGO Comic and Movies News and Discussion

Cheapskate A-Wing and Snow Speeder


8095 griveous fighter

Favorite Falcon Choose your favorite Millennium Falcon

Just for Laughs PoP vs SWU

Fun with Wampa and cave

Extra parts of 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Q:Boba Fett green helmet

SDCC 2010 Star Wars sets?

SW MOC Builder Poll

Table for Millenium Falcon

Star Wars Classic Episodes Collection....

Quick question for any UCS Millenium Falcon owner

10186 General Grievous vs Tonberry Quasi-Review

How the new 8097 Slave I should have looked

Little Arms Shop Review

Complete Star Wars Minifigure Collection

Where Is This Minifigure From? Battle Damaged Darth Vader

7680 Twilight Stand Question

Missing Star Wars minifigs

List of custom STARWARS minifig stores.

Modern SW vs. Traditional SW

Stormtrooper Torso Prints

TIE what?

to buy or not to buy magnets

Assisstance needed

mini set database

Custom Models Using 6211?

10030 UCS Production years

Search for a certain deathstar diorama Ive been searching for years

Lego Star Wars Playsets Will we get a baseplate?

A Question Regarding 8098 Turbo Tank

Coruscant in LDD WIP

Sentinel class landing craft/shuttle

Manchester science museum 10th 11th July 2010

A micro ISD for my Executor UCS

10215 Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter Unveiling New LEGO Exclusive

Clone Wars Battlescene

Death Star II #10143

Cloak shape fighter CABGO2 entry

UCS Millennium Falcon Interior? A question about the UCS Millennium Falcon

Jedi Starfighter Complete with wedge... take that LEGO

Best 2010 SW set? Which is your favourite SW set of 2010?

National Lego Comp entry (Australia)

Boba Fett Vs Boba Fett Fett minifig popularity

Simple mods to a classic set

display stands anyone tried these??

Jabbas palace instructions the alternative set for 6210

Battle Pack Minifig Alternatives How to make non-generic minifigs useful

MOC: Cubedude Boba Fett The most feared bounty in the galaxy gone a little more cuboid!

Blaster Rifles DC-15a

Good sets to start with for kid?

MOC: Mandalorian Cude Dudes using Celebration designs and LDD!

Epic Force Unleashed scene Found at Celebration V

keychain question stormtrooper wiht print on the back

Munificent class star frigate

Same vehicle different versions

Death Star set scale mini ships?

MOC General Veers just a small modification

Accurate mini fig weapons?

Bag Charms

Why is the Cloud City set so expensive?

Value retired sealed vs. opened stare wars set

Capt welcomes you to an MOC in progress Let the curious seekers in

Star Wars: The Old Republic Lego

How are ATATs deployed?

A disturbance in the horse...

LDD SW Cube Dude Girlpower . . .

10188 Death Star stand? Need building help

Z-6 Rotary Gun Handle

The Brothers Grim

MOD: Plo Koon's Starfighter

Leia with smooth hair 6212?

The "Uglys" Discussion

Clone Wars Minifigures by The Clone Factory

Skafte's complete collection of Star Wars Minifigs


The Mythical Price to Parts Ratio

Lego Force Attack cards (UK)

レゴ スターウォーズ LSW Japanised!

The Chess Set LEGO needs to make

Blockade Runner 10019 vs Tantive 10198


Most likely OT sets to be remade

Is it worth it to get 6209 at a high price today?

WIP CubeDude Vignette Contest Entry

Will there ever be a new Minifigure Falcon?

Which set changed your mind over the movie version?

New TIE Fighter: Does anybody else want this?

Who Is Deadliest? Boba Fett vs. Cad Bane

Designing Cloud City

How you got into lego star wars

12th Republic Attack Fleet

Star Wars and LDD 4

If you were in charge..

LDD MOC: Munificent-class Star Frigate

New Helmets: Arealight's new products

1:1 Lego Captain Rex

Minifigure and Set Guide

New lightsabers? Discussion

LEGO Star Wars 2010 Voting Topic

Bombad Bounty: a YouTube find

Seeking Advise: Jedi Council Room

Which is your favorite 2011 set with pictures?

OT sets still left to make

10144 motorized video

Sir von Lego's Star wars Collection

LDD MOC: Yavin base - unreleased set

This Lego Star Wars set is not so bad afterall

Clone Wars Troopers by The Clone Factory

Fanworld Cologne - Sir von Lego's Star Wars Layout

Cheapest sets to buy to get minifigs for core characters

BrickArms Star Wars blasters

Best year for LSW Voting Topic

LDD MOC: One Christmas BBY

Feedback on BrickArms Advanced Sterling Design Requested

New SigFig vs Boba

Remembering Irvin Kershner

Which is your favorite upcoming Lego Star Wars minifigure in 2011?

KielDaMan's Star Wars Creations in LDD

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2011 Discussions & Topics

Star Wars Miniland to come in LEGOLand California

Star Wars Miniland in LEGOLand Billund - Episode I: Naboo Set-up

Star Wars Miniland in LEGOLand Billund - Episode II: Geonosis Set-up

Star Wars Miniland in LEGOLand Billund - Episode III: Kashyyyk/Mustafar Set-up

Star Wars Miniland in LEGOLand Billund - Episode IV: Tatooine Set-up

Star Wars Miniland in LEGOLand Billund - Episode V: Hoth Set-up

Star Wars Miniland in LEGOLand Billund - Episode IV: Endor Set-up

Star Wars Miniland in LEGOLand Billund - The Clone Wars: Christophsis Set-up

Star Wars Exhibition Room at the LEGO Idea House

[ARTICLE] Star Wars Miniland

Glued magnets issue solved

What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

2012 Box Design Revealed

Smaller Packaging for Star Wars sets

Eurobricks Star Wars Community Build

Eurobricks Community Build: Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

Eurobricks Community Build: Star Wars Episode V - Empire Strikes Back

Eurobricks Community Build: Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

EB SW X-mas Raffle 2011

Star Wars Forum Blog Announcements

Showcased MOCs Index

UCS Nu-class Republic Attack Shuttle WIP

UCS Sandcrawler MOC WIP - marshall banana

UCS Sandcrawler MOC WIP - cavegod

MOD: Bounty Hunter Gunship (7930)

MOD: General "Luminous Qymaen"Grievous

The Queen's Catacombs

Lego's lightsaber choices - Voting Topic and Discussion

Clone Scout Walker (7250) - Overview and Photography

MOD: 7929 Battle of Naboo

WIP: Endor Moon Diorama by Morten (and KimT)

3D Theater Release: The Lego Effect

Best sets for build techniques and parts

Has anyone had bubbles-less lightsaber? - Poll and Discussion Topic

NY 2011 Toyfair: LEGO and Licensed products

ACPin's First Year of SW MOCs in Eurobricks

[ARTICLE] Hoth Diorama at LW 2011 at CPH

[ARTICLE] Star Wars Theme Zone at LegoWorld 2011

Exclusive set for Toy Fair 2011

Display Stands Discussion Topic

Star Wars Cube Dudes - Parts List

ARF Trooper Mis-Print

Invisible Hand: Seeking CAD

If you could pick one Star Wars set to own?

The Fastest and Funniest Star Wars Story Ever Told Part 2

Eurobricks Star wars Forum Blog Banners - Voting Topic

The Best Battlepack? - Poll and Discussion Topic

How much accuracy do you demand in a SW MOC?

May The Forth Be With You 2011

Anio's UCS Slave I Instructions in MLCad

aryogono's Imperial Death Squadron Spaceships

8039 Venator Underwhelming

Transforming Destroyer Droid

Blast from the Past: '05 SDCC Venator

MOD: TLG USB Minifig Senate Commando and Jango Fett

Ashley Eckstein' Ahsoka Tano in the flesh in NY

EPIII Clone Helmet in Sterling Silver

What did you get the exclusive fig? (may the 4th be With You)

MOCs at Star Wars Event 2011 at LEGOLand Germany

10179 Falcon Pricing: Unaffordable?

How do the quality of Star Wars sets compare to other licensed themes?

UCS Sets: "Times-a-changing"? - Discussion

How do you feel about fanon creations? Relevance to SW Discussion

2012 News Topic

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2012 Discussions & Topics

LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

Rebel Ranking & Regiments


LEGO Star Wars Minifigures as Art

Battle of Endor getting harder to find?

Buying to resell

Pictures from Star Wars Miniland in Billund, Denmark

Star Wars logos can now be built in LEGO!

Need help building an MOC from scratch

Brickvention - SW Representing

From Death Star II to minifig - a Journey through Scale

Scale Issues

Rising Prices

EB SW Forum Blog Interviews

Wall of LEGO Star Wars Prototypes?

EB News Reviews: 6205 V-wing Fighter

Imperial Shuttle Dimensions and Display Cases

Star Wars: Battle of Hoth not to get US release?!

Make your own Planet Sets

2013 Packaging

From LDD to Reality

What is your Favorite LEGO Star Wars Year?

Photos of Anything Star Wars-related you Built Before 1999

Build your own LEGO Death Star 1:1!

How many and what kinds of 'figs do you use to enhance your Death Star?

LEGOLAND Windsor - Star Wars Miniland Experience Mini-Raffle

Blog Interview: M<0><0<DSWIM

EB Star Wars Forum Blog Interview: smokebelch

What UCS do you suggest for starting?

The LEGO Group to partner with Sideshow Collectibles

LEGO Star Wars 10198 Time-lapse

May the Fourth and now Revenge of the Fifth?

What would be the most epic MOC?

Farewell: Resigning from EB Staff

Visit to Star Wars Miniland

Redesigning old UCS sets

List of all Mini Star Wars sets?

EB Star Wars Forum Blog Interview: Clone O'Patra

New York Toy Fair Coverage, Part Eight - Star Wars

Reference material for MOCs

Community Build: SW Episode I - The Phantom Menace

My hangup with the prequel sets

What's Your Favorite Star Wars The Clone Wars Set?

Minifigure ID

Star Wars sets (Summer 2012) - are there any new elements included?

Do you prefer Battle Packs to have 1 or 2 factions?

Hanging Sets from the Ceiling

How much is my X-wing 7191 worth?

10225 UCS R2-D2 Press Release

Bricklinking a UCS Millennium Falcon

EB Star Wars Forum Blog Interview: mutley777

Did anyone else get into Star Wars through LEGO, rather than vice versa?

Star Wars Day - Toronto

Community Build: SW Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Star Wars LEGO Collection Question

Regulators: Always two more there are

TC-14 LEGO Promo

10179 Millennium Falcon Parts List

SW CW Hologram Display

Why No LEGO Star Wars Chess?

Is LEGO Star Wars the Most Successful Star Wars Toy Line ever?

How much is your SW collection worth?

What is the best Jedi that LEGO has made?

Blog Interview: ACPin

Modding X-wing 9493

Lighting Kits

Teeny Tiny Models, anyone?

10143 UCS Death Star II

Jabba's Palace Building Challenge

EBSWF Blog Interview: Brickdoctor

Minifigure Display Cases

Interesting Find

Building Question conc. UCS 7191 X-wing

UCS Falcon replica

A LEGO Star Wars Survey

My first LDD Lego Star Wars

7965 Millennium Falcon: Overall built dimensions?

What set could be described as 'worst. set. ever.'?

Discrepancy between Commander Fox torso prints

Set Duplicates: Are two sets better than one?

[ACPin's] Basement Table Workspace

Display Stands for Star Wars Ships

Empire revolutionary research in transportation

'Stolen' LDD MOCs in the Star Wars Creations Page

Celebration VI Slave I Instructions

Crazy eBay Finds

Community Build: SW Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

An easy way of monitoring my collection?!

Statistical Distribution of LEGO Star Wars Sets throughout the Years

EBSWF Blog Interview: Rufus

Does someone plan to develop an MOC of the Mon Calamari Cruisers?

Disney buys out Lucasfilm

Back in the LEGO world after a long hiatus

Help finishing off my minifig collection!

How to piece together sets through Bricklink?

X-wing to Viper MKII

Republic Striker-class Starfighter musings

Sold Gold C-3PO question

EBSWF Blog Interview: Erdbeereis

TIE/in MOC Help needed

2012 Advent Calendar Codes

Scratched Parts

Should I sell my Sandcrawler now or later?

9500 TIE Advanced: The story of my first MOC

EB SW X-mas Raffle 2012

The poor bricker's guide

2012 MOCs [by ACPin]

MOCS by DanSto: 2012 Retrospective

Brickdoctor's 2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar

Mos Eisley Cantina and Star Wars Universe Packs (CUUSOO)

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2013 Discussions & Topics

Star Wars Sub Set Parts?

Mid-size R2-D2 Instructions

1999 ReReleases in 2002

Assistance Mounting a LEGO Planet

Lego Star Wars Build [tips?]

So is the Planet Line going to end after Series 4?

10179 [mounted on a wall]

EBSWF Blog Interview: Bane

The current state of battlepacks

Questions about some UCS sets

Turning the 7965 into the UCS

4483 AT-AT fragility

Lego Star Wars in Legoland

Best 2012 Star Wars Set

Save money for the UCS X-wing or buy the UCS R2-D2?

Weird Darth Vader Helmet

Modding 9493 X-wing to get rid of the rubber bands

Question for an SSD 10221 owner (base length)

Dash Rendar's Outrider?

Poor Man's 10179 Printed Instructions

10175 - eBay or Bricklink?

lego yoda poster and lightsaber tube (new promo item?)

Bricklinking the UCS MF - Alternative to the mast rigging

New vs. Old Gunship

10240 Red Five's X-wing Starfighter

MF Project Need Advice

Question about 8129 AT-AT Walker

May the Fourth be with you!

Have you ever seen this minifigure?

10227 - Longer stick to better secure rear cockpit?

New style Scene Minifigure Magnets

Are Star Wars MOC Builders becoming a dying breed?

Bricklinking (another) 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon

10240 - height on stand?

10227 B-wing is going to be discontinued - now!

Death Star - is it worth it?

Does this minifig exist?

10240 Cockpit Stickers applied using water?

Problem with 8097

UCS set discounts: Is 50% too much?

Which one? [set to buy]

Light Bluish Grey lever for 10179 Millennium Falcon

Collecting UCS vs regular sets

Wait for new ships or buy used ones?

What are the odds of a new Falcon UCS?

New Keychain LED light minifig: Boba Fett

Best way to buy stormtroopers?

Need help IDing sets

Millennium Falcon System scale MOCs

World's largest LEGO model live stream

About clone wars 2003

10026 Sticker Sheet Scan

10240 Red Five X-wing Time Lapse Build Video

Does anyone know this ship?

Community Build: SW The Clone Wars

Best non-UCS AT-AT produced by LEGO?

Thoughts re the future of the planets line

'Best' Darth Vader minifig

Star Wars Magnets

May 4th Offers

Color Change on a Republic Gunship?

The Yoda Chronicles Times Square Edition Press Kit

Lego needs to not focus on the minifigures!

Han Solo :: The Demotivater

10236 Ewok Village

[flickr Find] Lambda-class Shuttle

[flickr Find] The Desktop Busts of Omar Ovalle

[MOCpages Find] Naboo Battle Scene, by KW Vauban

[flickr Find] Speeder Bikes by James zhan

Random minifigures?

Star Wars Days LEGOLAND Billund

[ReBrick Find] 'Chibo' Figures by Darth Ky

[MOCpages Find] Venator Reloaded by Pierrick Puchois

75000's Base/Vehicle

The Rebel Bloggers are recruiting!

Yet another 10179 self purchase/build

Promotion of Brickdoctor to Star Wars Moderator

give some tips for beginner collector

[flickr Find] Untitled...but awesome...Clone Wars Diorama

Jedi leg printing

Does watching a Star Wars film inspire you to buy LEGO?

Where is this minifig seen?

Pricing the minifigures of 10236 Ewok Village

Count Dooku's Droid Army needs some repairs...

Set 9509 - all white R2-D2?

Where do individual minifigs come from?

LAAT/s (short): Gunship project

["Does anyone remember this?" discussion] 7672 Rogue Shadow

Bricklinking 10129 Rebel Snowspeeder

LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

UCS AT-AT on eBay

Technic Thrown Out

About explosions?

SoNE WIP Need some help with my MOCs.

Help to find which minifig this torso is

We Want More Rebel Bloggers!

Question about modding the AT-ST from set 8038

Bricklinking More UCS Sets?

The Comparison Topic

Question about Imperial Shuttle UCS set 10212

The Old Republic (SWTOR): Views on current and future sets

Deconstructing 9495

Heavy Machine Gun Tutorials

Bricklinking a UCS MF 10179? Possible cheap source of boat mast

LEGO 10125 - anyone ever seen a stand mod?

Any ideas to build an army of clones/droids cheap?

Stumbled on these photos by Avanaut

Happy 2nd Anniversary Star Wars: The Old Republic and Happy X-mas

Who's next to be Santa in the Star Wars Advent Calendar?

Lego autographs

Darth Maul LXF Help

The new Blaster...

Bricklinking a 10179

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2014 Discussions & Topics

Unbalanced Army

This is how you showcase a Super Star Destroyer

Imperial Military Forces

LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary Minifigure (2014)

Falcon Microfighter - just built mine

Bricklinking a 10030 ISD

Would it hurt you if the Star Wars franchise would stop right now?

UCS Sticker sheet archive?

Lego Death Star II 3D Stop Motion Assembly

My First AT-RT 75002

Sound Bricks for Star Wars Idea

No more EU from LEGO?

Cornwaile TIE Defender render

Jawa Base ideas

Custom Cantina Bartender?

Help with identifying SW...ship?

Micro figs for my Microfighters Millennium Falcon

Ever bought a set just for a minifig only to throw it into a box?

Silver Lightsaber Handles?

What will happen when you run out of space?

LED renderings of Star Wars sets

Does anyone else live in fear... (of new sets missing pieces)

Darth Revan minifig as the May the 4th promotion

What are your Lego Star Wars collecting habits?

Anyone Else got this Problem?

Some Advice needed...Cloud City Moral Dilemma.

75059 Sandcrawler

Building the inside of the Star Destroyer for brickfilms

10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle - any good mods?

#Sharetheforce — Star Wars Microfighters Italian press kit

Sheldon meets LEGO Star Wars

Theed Hangar Battle in the new DK LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary

Watto medium blue replacement hands

Voting for Licensed IDEAS projects are not a lost cause :-)

Death Star and Carbon Chamber in DK's LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary

Star Wars Travel Guide

How to fix the Republic Gunship (75021) ball turrets

Rebuilding Theed Hangar Battle

Star Wars LEGO Windows Icons...

Anyone else a little disappointed with 75050?

Technic T-47 Rebel Snowspeeder MOC, instructions now available

The Death Star (Look at the size of that thing!)

Motorized 10225 R2-D2

Which models are really UCS?

LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

Retired Set Value?

Alternate Color Sets

LEGO Star Wars VS China


Star Wars LEGO Workstations

Experience Buying LEGO from Toy-a-rama?

What is this walker?

How to build a hangar?

75053 "The Ghost" Kanan Jarrus hair color variant

SDCC 2014 Star Wars Ghost

X-wing 7140 original is the best

Too Much Detail on Minifigures?

What Star Wars set would you never sell?

The Dream Team

Making a LEGO Death Star out of an IKEA lamp

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