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T-16 Skyhopper Review

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(01.02.09) This is my first review. It features:

Product: 4477 T-16 Skyhopper

Theme: Star Wars

No of pieces: 96

Release Date: 2003

RRP: USD $14.99

Featured in: AOTC, ANH & ROTJ

Lego "Shop at Home" Catalog Description

Fly the high-speed T-16 Skyhopper!

The T-16 Skyhopper is every young pilot's dream! Built for speed and easy maneuvering, the T-16 was Luke Skywalker's first ship on Tatooine. Build and race with your friends just like Luke! Includes pilot. Ages 7-12. 96 pieces.


The vehicle. TLG included extra guns on the wings that aren't seen in the movies. Also, it has many blue and black bricks showing that shouldn't be there but gives the model variety from just grey.


The unique and detailed pilot looks very good, even though he isn't seen in the movies. He has goggles printed on his head like the Imperial Scout Trooper.


There are a few nice printed pieces included, back before there were no stickers!


The cockpit and the cargo hold just behind. The 'dorsal fin' is rotated back to open it up (you can see the black bricks that do this). It is a bit inaccessible, the vehicle has to be turned upside down to get things out.


The pilot in his cockpit waving at you. You can see his little computer screen in front of him.


The back of the vehicle showing the engine and the 8x1 white brick holding the wings in position.


The main gun can be found underneath the vehicle.

I think it is a very good set for the time it was released. I picked it up on holiday in Spain for 10 Euros (£6 GBP at the time) which was worth it. I think it's a shame LEGO no longer makes small sets with 1 fig like this anymore, apart from battlepacks.

It is, like the description suggests, a set that can be bought multiple times as it is cheap and contains only one generic fig.

Design: 8/10 - Very close to the correct design but has a few odd bricks and not as smooth as it would be if it was made today.

Minifigs: 7/10 - Although he is a very well-designed fig, he is the only one included. (Maybe a bit generous.)

Playability: 5/10 - Not much to do with the set apart from swooshing or 'racing with friends'.

Swooshability: 9/10 - Small, strong and easy to move around.

Overall: 7.25/10 - An accurate calculated score.

See the gallery here.

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KimT, you can add it to the index if you like. I made it to fill the gap. Also, you may add a vote to it and give any more suggestions.

Nice review. Keep it up!

Thank you. I'll do another soon.

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Indexed and poll added.

This is a neat little set.

I've always liked it, eventhough it's one of those sets that makes you wonder why they made it.

It's not that much of a classic and isn't even that much in the Original Trilogy.

Thanks for reviewing it and filling up the gap.


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Thanks for the review, and nice photography!

I remember considering this set a few years ago but then deciding in favor of the Jabba's Palace and Jabba's Message. The parts/price ratio was not all that great for the Skyhopper, but you're right: today, the printed pieces included are quite rare, and the pilot has never reappeared. I checked BL: the T-16 still only fetches $15 used, which is quite reasonable for a discontinued SW set. Nice!

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Nice review,

takes me back to young Luke swooshing his around at uncle Owens.

Keep em coming.

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