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Jifel led his small patrol of ARC troopers while the rest of the team went back to base to warn them about the incoming droids.

Pickup and Twister went one way, while Jifel and Skinner snuck around the other way. A burst from the Comlink told Jifel they were all in position. Pick up, stronger than most clones, jumped in first. Landing behind a B1, he hoisted it up with one arm while he fired his rifle under the droids armpit. The claners responded quickly, sending a hail offire into the luckless B1.

Twister and Jifel both sprang forward at the same time. Jifels Vibroblade shortcircuited a super droid, while Twister fell and kicked the legs out from under the tactical droid. At this point only a handful of B1s and a lone SPD wer left, grouping ito a ball with lasers flying in all directions. Finally Skinner jumped up from a hill and threw an EMP grenade at the knot of clankers. As the sparking peices fell, the Tactical droid managed to get up, only to find itself surrounded. Pickup grabbed it by the shoulders and threw it to the ground. Jifel kicked its baster away and held his vibroblade against its Chestpalte until it powered down.

"well, we get the droid, lets get it back to base. Skinner, try to get that Comm working again."


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Battledroids were pouring into the ship by the dozen's every minute. Things didn't look good for Bob and his remaining clones. Meanwhile, in an area close to the bridge, Bob and a group of about 2 troopers finished off a small squad of B-1's. The elevator beeped, signaling someone was about to get out. Bob and the two raised their weapons, incase it was more droids. The elevator opened, Bob's Captain got out.

"Sir! The droids have taken control of the hanger bay and are converging on the engine room!" He said.

"Recall the troopers from the engine room and order them to an escape pod." Bob said.

"Yes Sir, We should go get our pods ready to." The Ship's Admiral said.

"I have another strategy, order the troopers to get into their pods and tell them to get to Point 34.5 on the planet." Bob said.

"What about us?" An engineer said.

"We are going to launch ourselves at that ship, press the self destruct button. By that time we will be on that planet surface when it goes off."

"But sir, I don't think our escape pods can handle fire at that close a range." Another Engineer said.

"We will just have to try. We ne-" Bob was cut off.

A huge explosion coming from the other Accalmator told those on the bridge that they were completely alone. The escape pods fell to the ground, and then Bob knew it was time to test his plan.

"Move it a little closer...There perfect!" Bob said a few minutes later.

"Okay, now press self-destruct, set it for two minutes, and lets get to the pods." Bob said.

"Sir!" A Gunner said, "The droids are making their way up here!"

"We need to go now!" The admiral said.

The bridge staff all got into the remaining pods, they jettisoned, leaving behind the crippled ship. The Venator exploded, only destroying the remaining Banking Clan Ship. The Droid Control Ship remained in orbit. One pod was hit by a stray laser, and exploded, but the others managed to crash down on the planet, hard. They met up with the remaining clones, and started to go through the desert. Night approached.

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JD and Oky left the armoury with their new suits.

"Gah! This thing is too tight!" complained JD, "Don't they have sizes?"


"Well yours looks bigger than mine."

"That is because I have extra equipment!"

"Oh. Listen! *stretch* When ever I walk too quickly it squishes my --"

"I really don't want to know." said Oky laughing

"What is so funny?" JD said. Then he dropped his blaster pistol. "Aww great. I better pick this up." JD bent over and *rip*. "Dayum!"

"Oh dear god no! What the?! Pink pants?!"


They turned the corner and bumped into the Admiral.

"Sorry Sirs. Let me introduce Captain Cardy."

A clone with a kama walked up to Oky and saluted. "I read the report. Amazing work on Trexxon General Kenobi."

"Thank you Cardy." said Oky

"He is an expert in the scouting area and will be very useful to you both on the planet surface," informed the Admiral. "Speaking of which, your transport is ready. A standard LAAT with an escort. Cardy's troops will be waiting for you."

"Thank you admiral."

The admiral walked them to the hanger bay and then continued to the bridge. Oky, JD and Cardy got aboard the Gunship. Oky gave the go ahead.

"So...Commander JD, are you really a time traveller?" asked Cardy enthusiastically.

"Yes I am."

The troops all looked at each other whispering.

"My troopers were looking forward to meeting you both. When we first heard about your victory on Utapau in Xela's mines, we were very impressed. Most of us thought it was a rumour."

"You never did tell me about that mission Oky." said JD

"I know. Maybe later."

"We were also excited about meeting a time traveller, though we were gien strict orders not to ask questions. Something about making a time paradox."

"Yes we have to be careful." said Oky.

"Anyway, Cardy, show us where we are going to land." ordered JD

"Yes sir."

The gunship entered the atmosphere.

"Hold on," said the pilot, "there is tonnes of debris floating around. Mainly engines from larger ships."

The clones held on the the straps which lovered from the ceiling. Soon they reached the surface and landed in a clearing.

"Lets move." said Cardy.


"Secure the area. I want a look out post up on that ledge overlooking this sector. Set up camp around the gunship. Do not remove your helmets. The air is poisonous. You two! Scout ahead to find a safe route down to that crashed cruiser four clicks away. Return by 1600 hours."

"Yes General Kenobi."




"Meanwhile, the rest of you ready your weapons and equipment. I want you guys prepped in ten minutes. We will explore the area. There is a cliff face a few clicks away, so take your grappling hooks." added JD.



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Bob and his remaining forces entered a large valley, near by the mountains. Since it was dusk, they decided that the first suitable sized cave is where their night would be spent. The group split up into teams of one hundreds. There were 4 teams. Bob and his men took the middle cave on the top level, while the others took the other caves around them. One of the medics started a fire, and then went off the tend to the wounded. Bob was eating his pre-packaged supplies when the Ships Admiral came up to him.

"Yes Admiral?" Bob asked.

"We've counted up our loses. Of the 700 on our main cruiser, only about 400 remain, if you add the troops onboard the two Accalmators, that about 800. All together we have lost roughly 1,100 troopers. We managed to launch with us an AT-TE and that comes standard with two AT-RT's, however we aren't doing very well vehicle wise." The Admiral who's name is Dek said.

"What about supplies?" Well, each escape pod comes standard with 5 days worth of supplies for 4 troopers, and the AT-TE had an abundance of supplies. All together, we are doing good." Dek said.

"Very Good Admiral, where are we hiding our tanks?" Asked Bob.

"On the first level, there was a massive cave. We managed to fit that and the tanks support groups inside there." Dek said.

"Did we get any response on the radio?" Bob asked.

"No sir. We even tried the long range transmitter. We did pick up a music station, so that has some of the troops occupied." an engineer said.

"Lets all get some sleep. We are going to need the rest for the travel tommorow. After all, the only city is about 10 miles away from our current position." Bob announced.

Everyone agreed, and lights and radios we're turned off, and the clones found time to sleep. They would certainly need it.

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''Sir, I see a abandoned base on the planet! Should we land there?'' The clone pilot asked.

''Yep!'' Wouwie responded. After that, he turned on the radio:

''Alpha, when we land, secure the area! Bravo, scout the area. Charlie, set up a defense. Copy that?!''

''Alpha-1, copy that.''

''Bravo-1, copy that''

''Charlie-1, 10-4''

A few minutes later the LAAT/I's landed at the abandoned base.

''Sir, this looked like it was a CIS base..'' A clone captain said.

''Hmm...Strange. It seems like the needed to leave in a hurry; their computers are still on.'' Another clone said.

''Wait...Ssshh..I think I hear clankers.'' Wouwie said.


As they walked through the corridor, a clone spotted some clankers.

''Contact!'' Wouwie shouted. ''Find some cover! Wouwie to Bravo, Wouwie to Bravo! Come in!''

''I hear you. What's the problem?''

''The base wasn't abandoned! Get your men down here and make contact to the back-up, send them down!''

''Copy that, we're on our way. Out.''

''AS54, throw some sticky 'nades on them! We'll cover you!'' Wouwie ordered a clone.

''Copy that!''


AS54 throwed some sticky's to the droids and quickly everybody ducked away.


''Okay, they're scrap. Let's move on.'' Wouwie ordered.

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Dooku activaed a Hololink as Lord Sidious appeared.

"We must strike quickly, my apprentice."

"Of course, master."

"The Republic is wiping our troops out, and we shall soon loose our claim in the sector. We must strike now, while their fleet is spread out, and we can Destroy them one by one. Is our new weapon fully operational?"

"Yes, my lord. We have tested and refined it to near the point of perfection. The Clones won't stand a chance, and even the Jedi will be powerless before it."

"Good... Soon, the Holocron will be ours, and we shall have the knowledge to eradicte the Jedi... forever..."


TeeBee's group of Clones arrived at the main base doing double time. Slightly winded, TeeBee went to inform the entire team of the encounter.

Jifel's team of ARC troopers marched through the city when they saw the Twi'leek tht had first told them of the droid presence.

"Mhm, hello again..." The Twi'leeks smile revealed carefully sharpened teeth.

Jifel wasted no time. "We need to talk. In private."

"But of course...My dwelling is right over here... Follow me..."

As they entered, Jifel moved so as to shield Twister from the Twi'leeks view as he snuck into the building. Skinner remained outside while Pickup accompanies the ARC commander.

While Jifel enacted a pointless interrogation, Twister swiftly located the Vid-link and searched the history.

Jifel made his voice as boring as possible. "Now, how did you know that the clankers..."

Suddenly two squelches from Twister in the Comm reached Jifel's helmet.

Jifel nodded to Pickup who slammed the alien into the hard compated sand walls. A broken nose marred the twi'leeks already homely features as he slumped to the floor.

"You were talking to the Seppies... And I dont like that one bit..."

Jifel grabbed one of the Lekku and used it to yank the tan-skinned backstabber to his feet.

"Mer-mercy...Please! It was just a job..."

WHAM! the Twi'leek hit the low roof as Jifel slammed an uppercut into his chin.

"Killing me and my men was 'just a job', huh? I dont think so. You're coming with us."

Skinner walked in right on cue, catching the Twi'leek as he collapsed.

"Alright, move out double time!"


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Whoops, double post! please ignore.


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"All ready? Good. Lets move." Oky said and turned away

"Who will stay behind and make repairs to the gunship? Anyone?" JD asked

"Urm. The pilots could stay. They know more about these ships than we do. Three other troops can stay behind with them."

"Who are you?" asked JD

"He is my right hand man," said Cardy "His name is Tukker."

"Okay. Do you want to stay with the others?"

"If it is okay sir, I would like to go with you. It is a once in a lifetime chance after all."

"I think you would be good as our troops. Would you like to join us on the Fortitude when all this is over?"

"The Fortitude! Wow, erm yes ofcourse sir. It would be an honour." replied Cardy.

"Come on guys! This way!" called Oky


The six left the clearing at ventured into the metal surroundings.

"Caw! This place stinks!" remarked a trooper

"Yeh, even witrh our helmets on."

"Well get used to it. We will be here fo a while."

"Can we eat something General Kenobi?"

"No. It will get contaminated when you remove it from your backpack. We can only eat where the air is clean."

"Right. That means we have to be back at the gunship by evening. There is an air purifier in the storage cupboard. We just need to shut the doors so no gas seeps in--"

Cardy almost fell off the cliff face. Oky grabbed him and pulled him back.

"So much for scout expert Cardy."

"Sorry Commander JD. All the talk about food distracted me. We have not had a decent meal for a long time now. We had just returned from a mission when we were introduced to you."

"You will eat when we get back, don't worry. Lets get down this cliff."

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Jifel led his team back to the Republic camp, where they were greeted by a sentry.

Jifel walked into the command tent and threw the Twi'leek to the floor.

"Who is this?" One of the admirals asked.

"I believe he was working for the Clankers, and I want to know all about it. He told us where some droids were, and then we were ambushed and a large battlegroup landed. I think he squealled. Let's get a jedi in here and make him talk."

Jifel cracked his knuckles. "Or maybe I will..."


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Oky, JD and the clones reached the base of the cliff.


"General. Two lifeforms are detected ahead."

"The scouts?"

"They must be. Who else would live on this hell hole?" said a clone

"You would be suprised."


"Come in Beta 3. This is Cardy."

"*tssk* Sir!*tssk*We have reached the cruiser. Follow the path up ahead. It leads to us.*tssk*"


"Wait a sec," JD said, "Who built the path?"

The group fell silent.

"Beta 3?"


"Be on your guard. We are not alone."


The group were being watched.

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Bob and his remaining troops exited the canyon. What they saw on the outside wasn't a good sight. Seperatist Landers were landing outside of the capital city, and MTT's and ATT's were converging on the large city.

"That's an invasion army!" A clone exclaimed.

"Yes, we currently stand no chance against them, so we will have to use our minds. Something those droids don't have." Bob said.

"Agreed, but how?" Bob's Captain said.

"Here is what we'll do..." Bob started to say.

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Jim stepped out of The Fortitude, pseudo-holocron safely locked in his belt. He looked over the landscape. It was a junk planet, with little population, minus a few Jawa scavengers and robots. No need bringing innocent races into the war. He was actually quite surprised that they hadn't already been attacked. Surely, the holocron must be Dooku's top priority.

"Commander", Jim's comm link beeped.

"Yes, Sergent?".

"All ships have landed, and scouts are already on their way, including Commanders JD and Kenobi".

"Excellent, prepare all artillery and keep a lookout for incoming Seperatist cruisers. They should be hot on our tail".

"Yes, sir."

Jim disconnected the link, and stepped over to The Fortitude. He headed to the landing bay, and hopped in his personal fighter, The Hornet.


It was time to prepare the squad of V-19 Torrent pilots that he would be commanding the air assault on the attacking Seps. He flew over to a cluster of landed Venators and set his fighter down in one's docking bay. Jim then took a speed-shuttle to the main bridge.

"Order all troops and pilots to return to their ships, and prepare to take off. I assume all ships have been refueled?" he said to the officer in charge.

"Yes, sir, of course sir" said the captain.

"Good. We don't have much time before the Seps arrive".

All troops report to their ships. All troops to their ships said the PAs of all the Venators in the area.

Once all of the clones and personnel were in, the Venators and Acclamators lifted from the surface, ready for battle.

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1 hour later, Jifel decided he would interogate the Twi'leek personally.

The prisoner was waiting in a pirch black cell, featureless except for a vent in the ceiling that recycled the air with a loud humming.

The door opened and the Twi'leek gasped as he was blinded by sudden light. Jifel made a show of pulling on a steel gauntlet, and held his fist in the air. suddenly his comlink chimed.

"Commander. All units are being recalled to the venator. I think we are leaving this dustball."

Jifel smiled at the news.

"very well. I guess we will finish this in orbit, shall we, backstabber?"

The Twi'leek groaned in response.


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Bob smiled under his helmet at what he had done. It had taken a few hours to do it, but everything was now going according to plan. The AT TE had to go all the way back to the beginning of the canyon to get to a rock ramp that took it to the top of the plateau, and one or two troopers cables snapped, but it had been successful so far. Now he ran across the desert on the outskirts of the city. With him were about 4 troops, his Captain had stayed behind to supervise. The droid landers had since then taken off, which was a scare to the troops, as they wondered if the droids would see them, however they did not. Bob and the clones stopped behind a small rock formation.

"How many tanks do you think those droids have?" a clone asked

"Based off of our recon reports, they have 5 MTT's, and 10 AAT's along with about 2000 Droids." Bob said.

"So, what is our plan again?" another clone asked.

"We are going to infiltrate the city, plant charges, and then when they go off, our clones on the plateau will open fire on the remaining droids. Our AT-RT's and one AT-TE will take out any remaining tanks or cannons." Bob replied.

"So, how are we going to get into the city?" the clone asked.

"Here's how we're going to do it..." Bob started to say.

"What? You just said, "This is how we're going to do it" and then stopped." A third clone said.

"I was pausing for dramatic effect; we're going to enter through the sewage systems." Bob said while pointing at a small waste treatment center about a quarter mile out of town. "We're going in through that."

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Once the landing party was back onboard the Venator's, Jifel quickly met with the fleet admiral.

"Why was our force pulled back?"

"We are going to relocate you to the other side of the city, and drop you in."

"Why couldn't we just have gone over the city and to the other side? It would have been faster."

"True, but we can't risk the enemy seeing you or shooting you down."

Jifel sighed. "Allright, fine. What do you need me to do?"

The Admiral drew up plans of the city. "You will lead your ARC troopers and inflintrate the sewer systems of the city, placing high explosives in several crucial area's."

Several spots on the hologram turned scarlet red. The admiral continued. "As soon as you are done, alert us and get out f there. In 10 minutes the charges will go off and collapse most of the city. You too, if you aren't careful.

Jifel nodded slowly. "Allright. Can we expect any resistance?"

"Droid patrols are probably entering the city as we speak, and the Clankers main assault force will be closing when we drop you off. You will have about an hour to set the charges, then 10 minutes to make a break for it. Good luck."


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Oky, JD, Cardy, and the clones walked toward the spot where the lifeforms were, according to the scanner. They approached a pile of junk. Suddenly, the junk moved. Cardy quickly raised his blaster and shouted: "Hey! Come out and show yourselves, cowards!" The junk moved aside and out of it came... two scared jawas with their hands raised and saying: "Utinni!" Everyone gasped in relief. "At ease, Captain, it's just Jawas," said Oky Wan. "I'm guessing they were the ones who created this path to easily transport found parts to the landing platforms." "Yeah. Anyway, let's get to the ship," said JD. But in that moment, Oky Wan's comlink beeped. He answered, and heard Jim say: "Oky! A whole armada of Separatist ships just jumped out of hyperspace! The attack has begun!" "Already? Well, where are you?" "I'm in my starfighter and am on my way to... wait... I think I just saw General Grievous' starfighter leave one the capital ships... He is heading toward the Planet! I'll follow him and send you coordinates as soon as I know where he's going. Get to the Fortitude and get ready!" "Understood, Jim" Oky told him and turned to the others: "Come on, men! The battle has started! we need to get to the Fortitude now!" And so, they sprinted off. As they ran, Oky told Cardy: "Captain! Call the Fortitude and tell them to get ready to take off! And tell them to contact Wouwie, Jifel, Tee Bee, and Bob! I don't care where they are or what they are doing; we need them here, so tell 'em to get here as fast as they can and to bring as many reinforcements as possible!" "Yes, Sir!" replied Cardy and did as he was told. Soon, Garviel answered his call and received the message.

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JD continued inside the crashed cruiser, looking for the scouts. He saw a familiar symbol. "Oh poodoo! Oky come in! I found something, and it ain't good!" He stepped forward. There was a bone crack, and the two scouts fell from the ceiling, attached by ropes. JD gasped and fell backwards. The clones had multiple stab wounds, from vibroswords.

"We meet again, JD." said a robotic voice from the darkness

"Drag'Dul! I should have known. This is your home after all."

"Yes," he said stepping out of the shadows, "And I have something. A great power, greater than you could possibly imag--no actually. You have seen it many times before."

"Please say. I would love to know."

"It is an amazing thing. It costed me thousands of credits to build, yet--*SMACK!*

Drag Dul fell to the ground and JD ran to catch up with Oky who had just regrouped with Garviel.

"Are you alright JD? You looked roughed up."

"I just met an old friend. Hi Garviel."

"Hi JD. Jim should be here any minute now."

"Grievous is coming, and he seems annoyed."

"Well, lets do better than we did last time."

"Hehe. Yes, I am sure we will. Bob and the others will be here soon with reinforcements."

"Sirs!" Cardy saluted, "My men are ready. Heavy weapons and DC-15 Rifles."

"Good. Set up a snipe post on that ridge. Your best men Cardy, including yourself. Tell us when you see the enemy."

"Yes sir."

"Look after yourself."

"I will. See you on the Fortitude later General."

"JD. Garviel. Lets go."

Then ran into the Fortitude to get their weapons.

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Bob crawled through the sewage system. The workers at the plant were more than happy to let them go by without an argument and here he was, crawling, sludge and waste products all over the tunnel. Finally, they saw light at the end of the tunnel, and exited near by the MTT Parking area. Two large control towers for the spaceport, refitted to house a Separatist command post were right over the MTT's looming. The AAT's weren't far away.

"All in range for the blast." Bob said. "Fan out and go plant the charges. Do not get caught, or else the entire mission will be lost. In the event that you do get caught, detonate immediately."

"Yes sir Commander." another clone said.

The team split up, sneaking under MTT's and near by buildings placing the bombs. Bob set out for a different objective. He went to go look for the King. Running through the roads, barely avoiding the droid patrols, he made it to the palace, partially taken over by the CIS. He assumed the king would be clone by, either in a camp or inside a building in the palace. He entered through an air duct, and crawled until he made it to the palace's rooms. He noted the door guarded by two battle droids, and went over there.

"Halt." a battle droid said.

"I have an important message for the King." Bob said.

"You..can not go in there, it is not allowed" the other said.

"Roger, roger." the first stated.

"Very well then." Bob said.

He started to turn around, before revealing a silenced blaster pistol. He shot both droids, opened the door, and carried the droid parts inside. He instantly met the king, who was delighted to see him.

"Thank the god's that you are here! Are you here to liberate our people?" he asked Bob.

"Yes your highness, we are going to blow up the part of the spaceport where the droid tanks are. I am just warning you now." Bob said.

"It is okay. Those buildings were scheduled for removal anyway." the King said.

"I will have to go now, I will see you very soon." Bob said.

Bob exited the palace and returned to the sewage area fast. His troops were inside the tunnel ready to go. He followed them all the way back to the plant, then back to the plateau, where he now held the detonation device. He checked to see if all the gunners were in position, the ground troopers were ready to storm the city, and to see if the tank's guns were working. Once all that was done, he pressed "Detonate". All of the tanks were instantly destroyed, and the AT-RT's and ground troopers stormed the capital. Within a two hours, the battle was won. He met the King in the city square, where Bob was given a medal. Then, four Republic Assault Ships left lightspeed. His troops were loaded on board, and they took off. Bob went up to the bridge.

"Thanks for the rescue Captain." He said to the ships captain.

"No problem, sir." he replied.

"Where are we headed now?"

Bob's Captain walked on the bridge.

"Raxus Prime" he said. "Jim and Oky want us there now. General Grevious was spotted there."

"Well, lets go then, engage lightspeed." Bob said.

"Yes Commander, right away." the captain said.

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Jifel waded through a stink of garbage, excretements and other waste's that he wouldn't care to identify. Jifel checked the mission breifings inside of his helmet. One of the objectives was dead ahead. A thick support pillar loomed out of the muck, and Jifel signalled Pickup to set the charges. The red light blinked fitfully.

"All right. Next target."

Objective 2 was one level above, underneath a large generator. When it collapsed, it would exploid and wipe out clankers within a half-kilometer, and all power within 4 kilometers. The ensuing darkness would ensure that the clones could sneak out unobserved when the main fireworks went off.

Soon the 2nd, third, and fourth objectives were set. Only two key supports were left.

The fifth was set easily. Except for a few alien vermin, there was no sign of life.

One left.


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''Oky, come in!'' Wouwie said ''This is Wouwie!''

''Wouwie, get here asap!'' Oky responded.

''I'll try to be there when I'm done here! We have company here, I guess 2 regiments of clankers! But I've ordered some air support to get rid of the AAT's, so I should be there soon...''

''Understood. Good luck. Out.''

''Captain, light the IR beacon! We should be prepared when the air support comes!''

''Aye, sir''

When Wouwie looked through his binoculars, he saw that the CIS also had some fighters.

''Shit! Gold Leader come in!''

''Gold Leader here, what's the situation down there?''

''Enemy fighters spotted, they're your primary target, we can hold out some longer.''

''Copy that. Gold Leader out.

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Once the ships were breaking the atmosphere, the top middle section of the lead Venator slid open, allowing fighters and bombers to fly towards the mass of Seperatist ships, already in battle formation. With Butcher in The Hornet at the tip of the V-shaped flock of V-19s, the Republic prepared to defend. Vulture droids and Hyena bombers were making their way to the squad. Just before the battle was about to commence, Butcher spotted a small, gray fighter flanked by several droid gunships zoom away from a capital ship.


Jim relayed the message to Oky Wan, and then prepared his pilots.

"Hang on boys!" he yelled through the comm link.

"We've got you're back, red leader" said the second-in-command, Stars. "Green squad will be on our tail".

The masses of droid and Republic fighters seemed to collide. Jim weaved in between Vulture droids, shooting down anything in range. Already two of his squad and one of the bomber squad had been annihilated. Red and blue cannon fire flew overhead from the opposing cruisers. Finally, after what had seemed like hours, Butcher and his squad punched through the droid fleet, allowing the bomber squad to follow and wreck havoc on the capital ships.

"Alright, objective completed, return to the ships and protect them at all costs. Full speed." said Jim.

The remnants of his fleet turned around, and followed the Vulture droids, firing at their backs.

"Sir, we have gunships on our tail!" said Stars.

Sure enough, a dozen droid gunships were catching up, and started to fire missiles.

"Watch out!"

"Spin your fighter!"

Most of the squad had out-maneuvered the missles, but Stars wasn't so lucky. A missle connected with his wing, sending him spinning toward a cluster of Vulture droids. The ships connected, and the whole cluster blew up.

"Stars!" Butcher called. But it was too late, and there was no time for sympathy.

Then, a blue hologram flickered on the Hornets holopad. It was the admiral.

"Sir, we must retreat! There are too many, and reinforcements are arriving!"

Sure enough, a new band of CIS cruisers appeared from hyperspace. Jim paused. They couldn't allow the CIS forces to land. But what could be done? Already, ships carrying MTTs were leaving the enemy cruisers.

"Alright, call the retreat. Return to the planet surface, and gather as many forces as you can".

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Bob and the clones onboard the Venator's traveled through lightspeed. Jifel and Tee-Bee we're in another ship, and the four ships we're maintaining radio silence so they could possibly surprise the CIS.

"No chance though, they probably know we're coming." Bob said to himself

"Leaving lightspeed now sir!" an engineer said.

The ship jerked out of lightspeed, and ran straight into a large battle. A Venator was begining it's decent onto Raxus Prime, while the droid forces were zooming around. Luckily, the droids did not know they we're coming.

"Launch all fighters! Ready the guns, and raise the shields once those ships get out" Bob said.

"Yes sir!" the ships captain said.

An alarm sounded, sending all fighters to their stations. They knocked out one CIS Frigate, but the others were holding strong.

"Captain! Move the ships closer to the planet to provide cover for our gunships and walker dropships."

"Yes sir!" the captain who's name was Pulis said.

Bob and his captain got into a shuttle, they took off with the other 20 or 30 gunships from their Venator, and regrouped with the others. A few walker dropships followed behind.

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24 hours ago...

Jifel set the last charge himself and turned around when a laser caught him in the shoulder and spun him to the ground. Jifel hit rolling, back on his feet with two pistols drawn and spitting down the passage. A foursome of Superbattle droids marched down the passage way, arms extended. One had a rocket arm and Jifel realised that if that fired the entire passage would explode. Jifel fired bothe pistols at the rocketeer and directed his troops to the same. Skinner set up the blastgun, sending lasers spitting down the gutter. One of the SBD's stumbled and fell, another knocked back. Twister leaped forward as the droids advanced, scything through a second droid. The rocketeer aimed it's laser arm and Twister leaped through the air. The third SBD caught him by the helmet, and slammed him into the wall. Pickup screamed in rage and set his rifle on full auto, scarring the SBD and sending it stumbling back. Skinner turned his atytention and the droid fell with a clang, Twister clutched in a death grip. The last SBD aimed it's rocket arm and fired. Pickup leapt and slammed into it's torso, pitching it backwards. The explosive hit the ceiling and a storm of rubble collapsed on the struggling pair.

Jifel looked around in despair. Half his team wounded, and they only had ten minutes to get out. Twister was just bruised, but Pickup could barely walk.

Jifel and his ARC troopers limped to the surface and Jifel slowly pushed a manhole over his head. He insrted a thin periscope and found himself between a pair of B1 battle droids by an AAT.

Jifel quickly dropped down.

"I think we have a ride home."

Jifel and Skinner pushed up the manhole and carved through the droids sentries.


Jifel leapt up and grabbed the main tank barrel, swinging up on top of the manhole. A startled B1 commander looked at Death, and death looked back.


Jifel tossed the droid head away and jumped off the back.


Skinner hauled A B1 pilot out of the rear hatch and Jifel took the controls.


They quickly desposed of the droid bodies.


Twister and Pickup limped out of cover and into the tank. The hatch closed and Jifel resumed progress.



Jifel led a small wave of shuttles as another group launched from the fellow Venator. Jifel looked out a window and caught a glimpse of a nimble grey fighter.



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Jim was glad to see that the CIS cruisers that he had observed coming out of hyperspace were followed by some Venators. Shortly thereafter, someone called him on his comlink: "Come in, Commander Butcher! This is Jifel, fully trained and ready for action! Tee Bee is with me. How can we help?" "Jifel, you're just on time" said Jim. "I can use a little back up." "No problem!" said Jifel. "By the way, I just saw a Belbullab-22 starfighter leave one of the Seps' ships. You think it's..." "General Grievous? Yes, I'm quite sure." said Jim. "Do you have a tracking device you can launch at it?" "Yes" replied Jifel. "Then launch it and join my squadron." "Roger that, Jim" said Jifel and did as he was told. The device hit the starfighter perfectly, and Jifel, Tee Bee, and their squad of attack shuttles sided with Jim's Torrents. In that moment, another familiar voice spoke up on Jim's comlink: "I'm here too! Sorry it took so long." It was Wouwie. "Great to see you, Wouwie," said Jim, "Just follow us to the planet surface." And so, they all fought their way toward Raxus Prime...

A few moments later, on the Fortitude, Oky's comlink beeped once again. He answered it and Jim told him: "Oky, Grievous has landed on the planet, and so have we." "Who is we?" asked Oky. "Jifel, Tee Bee, Wouwie, and me. We were able track Grievous' ship to a location a mile from where we are. I am sending you the coordinates now." Oky recieced them and said: "We are not far from you. We will be there in a minute!" "Good," said Jim, "Is Bob with you?" "Yes," replied Oky. "Great! Well, see you soon. Butcher over and out."

And so, Oky gathered everyone and they took off in the Fortitude. A few minutes later, they landed next to Jim and the others' ships. They were all reunited again at last!

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"Grievous is heading for the planet surface. We will be in for a fight."

"We know some of his attacks, and always aim for the chest. That is were his organs are. *Comlink beeps* Cardy?"

"Sir. We have spotted a scout transport carrying some supers. They are heading toward the downed cruiser."

"What is it with that cruiser? Don't attack Cardy. Just watch them and see what they are up to. If they see you, destroy them."

"Roger. Cardy out."

"Who is Cardy?" asked Jim

"A clone commander. He has been assigned to us." said JD

"Several troops from the 212th will accompany us along with the other troops. They are said to be second to the 501st." said Adam

"Good. That should even the playing field a bit."

"Unless they bring in those new Commando Droids."

"We need to be ready for worse than Commando Droids. Grievous will be guarded be Magna Guards and Droidekas."

"He likes to cheat doesn't he?" remarked Garviel

"Whatever comes our way, we must do this as a team. Who is with me?" asked Jim

The team all shouted in unison "I!"

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