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Beware...The Scurvybird!

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Feeling pity for the new redcoats who have no boat I felt it best to give them a little help. With two new Brickbeard Bounty's in hand, this is what came out:


Swiveling deck guns on the bow, full rotating cannon amidship.


Behold the filthy old black plates brought out from my archives for the poop deck!



In the sights of a deck gun!


The Scurvybird arrives in port with her cargo....An Army! (note that en route the Mermaid was ditched for a Monkey with rum, kind of a mascot for me).


Sorry about the background clutter...


Arrival in the fort to be met by the Governor's Honor Guard.


Still working on a better photo setup.

FYI - That table was my building table as a child. It's seen quite a bit of brick!

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I love both your ship and fort! :pir-blush:

I only don't like the rotating cannons on board. It makes it less realistic, that shouldn't happen on a magnifiscient ship like this.

The rigging looks great. You have found a good way to make use of those sails. The only thing it needs are some ropes.

The fort looks great but it could use some details and tiling. Well, that's just my opinion. :pir-tongue: Your fort looks great anyway.

I like the idea to put telescopes on the swivel guns.

You have the first telescoped sniper-swivel-gun in the world!

What makes me happy on your ship is the fact you've added a parrot! My MOC's are never complete without a parrot.

Keep up the good work! :thumbup:

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