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Ship MOC: White Oceans Renegade

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Heres my 2 gun White seas renegade. Made for the 2009 red coats. I made it for the red coats because not that much other people

do. It has no mid sections and its using the smaller hulls. And has a great poop deck!

Over view:


Main deck(has two cannons :pir-wub: ):


Lower side view:


Shot of the great poop deck:


The front of the ship, OOPS! For got a figure head! :pir_wacko: :


Birds eye view:


The great looking stern:


Angled shot:


Main deck front:


Main deck back:


Another over view shot:


Beside The CC for comparison:


Side comparison:


Viewing from ship to ship:


About to engage combat:


Well there you have it! The red coat ship ( definatly not there flagship :pir-grin: ) In all its glory! Comments, Critisism and suggestions appreciated! :pir_laugh2:

The BB wont get in our way this time :pir-skull:

Check it out on Brickshelf (When Moderated)

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Nice to see that the new red coats finally have a something else in their navy besides the row boats :pir-wink: . I think that the top of the forecastle is my favorite part as well the rigging looks great. I hope in the future TLG decides to make a few small ships like this one instead of $120 dollar ships, since they would be a great way to get some general ship building pieces.

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I like it! I also see a lot of influences from the Imperial Flagship.

Now we all just have to wait for the new Bluecoats. :pir-blush:

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