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Review: Indiana Jones Classic - 7683 Fight on the Flying Wing

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Contributor's Note:

Technically, I am a avid Star Wars theme collector and often focus on the theme alone with my kids on City based.

With this been the first and only Indiana Jones set I owned and my first attempt on a review about Lego, therefore

should there be any mistake or things that I missed out, do correct me. Any comments are appreciated.

Thank you and hope all of you enjoy this article as much as I enjoy building and writing about this set.

Greetings from The Lion City!


Theme: Indiana Jones Classic

Set: Fight on the Flying Wing

Item #: 7683

Pieces: 376 (10 extra)

Minifigures: 4

Year: 2009 (official)

Price: USD $49.90 (SGD $75.90)

Lego Shop




Fight on the Flying Wing is a play set based on Indiana Jones' Raiders of the Lost Ark where there was a scene

in which Indy and Marion attempted to hijack a German Flying Wing in Egypt. This particular scene had left a big

impression for fans since 1981.

Generally the movie focused on Indy's search for the Ark of Covenant from the Old Testament.

Google around for more information about Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark if one is interested.


Box Art

The box art works well in presenting the Indiana Jones theme and with the box size

measuring at around 19” x 11”. However, Lego often pack their bricks in a uninspiring size ratio of 1:3 with most

space been wasted. The back of the box (not shown) feature the set's play mechanics or gimmicks as part of the

product description.



In the box there are 3 large bags of bricks with numbers labeled on them, a single piece large wing, a hose, a large

sticker sheet and a building instruction. The minifigures and the fuel truck will be from bag 1 whereas bags 2 and 3 will

focus on the Flying Wing itself. This numbering and sorting system help a lot in the building process, creating a more

fun building experience.


Building Instruction

The building instruction contains 64 pages of step by step building with a journal-like impression.


Building Instruction (random)

The last few pages of the building instruction showcase the type of bricks used for this set and act as an inventory checklist.

This is to ensure a good intuitive building experience for the builder.



Starting off with the minifigures. There are four minifigures featured in this set and they are Indiana Jones,Marion Ravenwood (duo head print),

Pilot and the Airplane Mechanic. The first three minifigures are commonly found in other Indiana Jones sets while the Airplane Mechanic

is a new addition to the line. Though the one shown here had a packaging error in which supposed to have brown eyebrows and moustache.


Fuel Truck (i)

Building process for the fuel truck is fairly straight forward and simple. And it takes about 10 – 15 minutes.


Fuel Truck (ii)

The fuel truck somehow lacks in detail though generally acceptable as a play vehicle.

No opening doors here, so for the minifigures to fit in the vehicle, the roof top must be removed. The fuel truck has a maximum

seating capacity of two minifigures.


Fuel Truck (iii)

The highlight of the fuel truck is the fuel hose, and sadly there isn't any receiving end from the Flying Wing to plug it in.


Fuel Truck (iv)

Rear view of the fuel truck reveals some details in a form of a meter gauge and a lever. The purpose of the two modified 1 x 1

vertical clip at the vehicle's rear remains unknown.



Lego portrayed this as the Ark of Covenant, though it looks more like a container filled with three jewels of trans-red, trans-green

and trans-clear instead of the two special tablets. Lego must have reasons for that.


Flying Wing (i)

The main attraction of the set is the Flying Wing. But it's neither a Heinkel nor a Junkers from the Luftwaffe. Flying wing is generally

known as a tailless aircraft. Lego attempted to follow as closely as possible to the original prop featured in the movie though several

areas still require more design improvements. The swastika logos on the Flying Wing were removed for specific reasons which many

will understand. Overall the Flying Wing features an aerodynamic feel.

The building process of the Flying Wing takes about 30 - 40 minutes (minus the sticker application part).


Flying Wing (ii)

The rear of the Flying Wing feature two engines with propellers and a tail gun pod. The tail gun can be swivel in an arc with up/down

direction. There are three landing gears in the plane, but the rear landing gears can be further improved. Upon lifting up the plane,

the gears will drop downwards in a disorderly manner.


Flying Wing (iii)

All compartments revealed. The front cockpit with the center area as the chest storage compartment, and follow by the rear tail gun section.


Flying Wing (iv)

Front view of the Flying Wing with the sleek minimalist feel, and equipped with two forward guns. The front landing gear can be swivel

around at any direction.


Flying Wing (v)

Measuring at around 23” from wing tip to tip and 10” from front to rear, the Flying Wing is considered fairly large for it's size. While the actual

Flying Wing do not have camouflage scheme, printing on the wing itself might have been a better option instead of unusually large stickers.

Some Thoughts

Been the third plane featured in Indiana Jones theme, the Flying Wing is not that close to the original prop, though the feel is almost there.

The designs are quite interesting on their own though Lego may want to improve the detailing aspect for the vehicles. For the building process,

little amount of technics parts were used but generally most bricks are of system based. Non-repetitive yet enjoyable. The Flying Wing is fairly

light with a good swoosh feel, but the annoying rear landing gears will have to go. Overall the set is decently featured with a moderate good playability.


Winner gets to own the Flying Wing. Round 1, FIGHT!

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So you don't get the brown mustached head? Or was the one in your set a mistake?

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So you don't get the brown mustached head? Or was the one in your set a mistake?

It's a common problem. Mine was grey-mustached as well. Even on Lego's replacement parts page it shows up as grey :sceptic:

Great review, iotacode. I found the stickers some of the worst yet in a Lego set. The isometric angle means its almost impossible to judge where they go without guessing and the box-art doesn't help.

I liked the fuel truck; I watched the movie again recently and the preliminary version that everyone seems to prefer seems too big.

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Thanks for a great review. I am not primarily IJ collector, but I already bought some sets as a great WW II MOC part source. I built very funny 7626 until now and my hands are shaking for 7625, 7628 (had already at home few months ago, but sold away as MISB).

When I saw this set, I was looking forward for a review to see, if there is a reason to buy. I was bit afraid of those big wings. Now, I am definitely going to buy and build it, price/money ratio seems to be OK.

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iotacode, thanks for sharing this very fine review of the Flying Wing. Your pictures and the review flow are very nice. :sweet: I can't wait to build my Flying Wing too. Upon looking at your pictures, I must admit that I begin to love this set even more. :wub:

By the way, this review has been indexed. :wink:

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Thanks fellows for the comments. As svelte_corps mentioned, it's a common error for the grey moustache packed in. Though it gives me a feel he's like a gramps :laugh:

The sticker sheet itself is major flaw for those who often sticker their sets, as there's no specific area of marking for precise pasting. I've to gauge roughly.

But again, the camo scheme seems to work quite well on the Flying Wing.

As for the wing, it may seems fragile but it should be able to take even the most roughest play. Lastly, thanks WhiteFang for the indexing :sweet:

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Hey Mech, nice review!

Hope you can do similar reviews for SW and Pirates. :tongue:

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I would like this one, but it still seems a little over-priced to me...

Thanks for the review!

God Bless,


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I noticed under your set information. You have include the price of SGD, which is the current promo price selling here and you have also mentioned that you are from Lion City too. If I am not mistaken, you are from the same country as I do and I am very proud of you to take your precious time to deliver this review with quality images and content. As a fellow reviewer myself, I am looking forward to more of your reviews. If you are ever interested in making reviews a profession, sign up the Reviewers Academy to expand your skills. :wink:

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iotacode, just so you know, that is the wrong head on the German mechanic--not that he would be from any other country. :tongue:

If you didn't know this already, you can go to the customer service part of the lego website and get the right colored head.

The hair should be brown, not gray, by the way.

And I bought this set not too long ago. I am very satisfied with it.

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@WhiteFang, yes brudder for all the questions :D I'll give it shot for the review course, thanks for the warm invitation :)

@booger540, well I've already requested for the correct head from Lego though it will take about 3 weeks. It's great to see that you like this set too.

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Great review. I haven't read it all, yet, but I will asap!!

But I really just want to comment on the fantastic pictures. You really get of Depth of Field in there, and the colors are very appropriate to the theme and set.

What camera do you use? :sweet:

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Thanks for this nice review :thumbup:

This set seen to be great, but I think, like most of you, that it is little overprised?!

But all in all this set gives some extra action, with e.g. the new ''Body-Builder''-Torso.

So great to see what's always inside the box... :laugh:

Greetings 'Bricks'

Edited by Bricks

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Hi im new..

Just recieved an email from lego after i sent an email to get the right head for my grey moustached german mechanic and thought id let evryone who is in the same position as me know the score...

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

Unfortunately this item has been replaced permanently so we do not have the

replacements with the brown moustache. In the future all the sets no. 7683 will

have the right picture of the minifigures printed on the box and in the building

instruction. We are really sorry about the inconvenience.

Please get in touch again if you need anything else (you'll need to remind me of

the reference number on this letter).

Happy building!

G. W.

LEGO Direct

GRRRRR!!! :angry:

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So we'll never get the brown mustache? DAMNIT! :angry:

I was so looking forward to using that for a young Gordon, damnit.

Batbrick Away! :devil:

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I've been meaning to comment about this nice review for some time. This is a great review. I really love your pictures. They are so clear and really add to my appreciation for this set. I purchased this set right after Christmas, and was actually not too interested in building it (but I'm a bit of a completest and I own all the other Indy sets). On New Years day, I turned on Raiders of the Lost Ark, and got busy.

Although the set has a few cons, I was pleasantly delighted with the end product. I'm not a fan of stickers and the sheet I received was severely wrinkled. I haven't got around to writing Lego SAH yet. Aside from that and the large single wing piece, the set is very nice. The fuel truck could have been a bit taller, but it's still nice.

I really like the cockpit piece and the fact that there's a hidden storage compartment separate from the cockpit. I love the dark green and dark grey color combination making the plane very unique and more military-like.

After building the Flying Wing, it inspired me to build my Desert Adventure. It's a great addition to the Indiana Jones theme. Thanks for sharing a superb review! :thumbup:

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I am a little surprised that nobody has talked about the rear landing gear. When the plane is picked up, the rear gear just dangles, and hangs low. It really cuts down on the playability IMO. I know the plane never takes off in the movie, but I did make mine take off.

That said, I really like the look of the plane, and it is very well built. It is a strong design that does not feel as though it will break when it is picked up. It has seating for two, and even has a storage place for a box of goodies. Could you ask for more? I have not tried yet, but I am wondering if it could hold the treasure chest from Race for the Stolen Treasure 7622 as it supposed the be the Lost Ark.

Thanks for the review Lotacode. The pics are great.

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Good review. I like that your figures are set up as scenes in you pictures.

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Thanks a lot for the review and the super sharp pictures - what I say now is not against your review, don't get me wrong please!

I know that sets cannot have an endless amount of pieces, there is marketing saying it has to end up in a certain price to be part of a collection, to get the exact customers buying it blablabla. (I studied marketing so I have a vague clue what is going on in marketing departments...)

It would have helped so much to just forget about the fuel truck and just admit that fighting under, on and in a plane is fun enough. There is also a lot more in the scene: a troop transport truck, a watchtower etc etc - what is missing in this set. They could have used the 130+ parts of the fuel transport to give the Flying Wing brick built wings in a right angle and make it look a but more builky. The wing piece is too slim, too horizontal and too wide/ big. (and I really think it is freaking expensive to produce!)

So in the end this is the only Indy set I didnt get so far and I am still thinking about getting it. It seems to be a hopeless case to make it look like something from the movie. Sorry, but that is really my opinion. And I am already sure to get the 2 planes from Crusade, cause the fighter looks mod-able to me!

Zzz out!

PS the underside of the Wing in the movie... is it white, light tan or light grey?

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