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Office Vigs 4!

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Hey everyone, I have 2 more vigs based on my favorite show, The Office.

This one is from "The Carpet". Michael walks into his office one morning to see that someone left a poo by his desk. He automatically assumes it is a hate crime, and is ashamed of everyone in the office for doing this to him, until he finds out his buddy, Todd Packer, did it. He then thinks its the funniest thing in the world.


Michael: Wow! What happened in there?

Pam: I don't know.

Michael: There is stink in there, my God! What is... what is that?

Pam: [looking at pile on Michel's carpet] Oh... I don't know.

Michael: Is it a bird?

Pam: No, I don't think it's a bird.

Michael: Oh, God! How could that happen? How could... right in the middle of the carpet.


Note the golden Dundie on the desk :wink:

This one is from the season 4 episode, "Branch Wars". Pam, Toby and Oscar have an exclusive group called 'The Finer Things Club' where they dress up nice, talk about art and literature, and enjoy fine food. Andy wants to join the club, but is denied. (This is my first Office Vig to use fleshies)


Oscar: Can you imagine a life where all you have to do is summer in the Italian countryside?

Toby: I know right? I just want to go, and look at art, and swim in the Adriatic.

Pam: And spend time with George Emerson. That's what I would do. I mean it's the best male protagonist we've read, right?

Andy: [joins them at the table] Totally, I mean, come on, such a free spirit.

Oscar: What are you doing?

Andy: Just came to discuss my favorite E.M. Forester novel. Pam, these finger sandwiches look finger-lickin' delicious Pam.

Pam: Uh, I'm sorry Andy, but this is a closed club.


Andy: Fine. I'll just sit here, in the common area, and read my book. Which just happens to be the very same book you're reading.

Toby: Alright, just know that you're not in the Finer Things Club.

Andy: Why can't I be in the club?


Left to right- Andy, Pam, Toby, Oscar. (I stole Tin-mann's Toby, I hope you don't mind :blush: )

Thanks for looking :classic: !

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