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Review: Mini Republic Gunship

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Set#: 4490

Name: Mini Republic Gunship

Theme: Star Wars

Year: 2003

Pieces: 80 or so

Price: I paid 1,300 yen





I love the full-size Republic Gunship. So, I wanted to get the mini. I wasn't disappointed, and in some ways, I like it better than the big guy.

The Pieces


The Build


I really like the details, how they get the wings in place. It took about 20 minutes to build. It's a fairly tight build, nothing flimsy about it.

The Finished Product








Design: 10/10 Mini ships tend to impress me more than a lot of regulars, because they require so much more skill on the part of designers to capture a complicated feel. This ship really gets the feel of its daddy ship. The only critique of it is that the wings are a bit floppy, but that must have been a design choice, to replicate turning or something, since it could have been changed by changing a two block slope to a three block one. Nothing that upsets me though.

Playability: 8/10 The mini ships come in different scales, this being on the big side. If I was 10 years old, I'd have been swooshing it for months on end.

Price: 10/10 I'm sure it was a good price new, and I got it for 1,300 yen, maybe $11 American. For the number of pieces, that's great. It's near in size to some regular scale ships. It's about four times as big as the slave I reviewed .

Average Score: 9/10

I love all my Lego ships, but I was particularly happy getting this one, especially after having built the 2008 Clone Wars version. The ship itself is kind of weird, but grows on you. No regrets, just satisfaction.

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indexed and poll added

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A great mini.

One of the best in my opinion which is why I rated it "outstanding".

The design is close to flawless.

Thanks for reviewing this.

I've added it to the index and added a poll as well.


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I really love how it looks like a Gunship. Nice review. Too bad this came out during my dark ages. :sad:

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