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REVIEW: 6546 Slick Racer

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This set was released in 1996, it was the first 'formula 1'-racecar you could get in a little box. Before this one was released, you only got these racers in big sets. It has about 34 pieces and one minifigure.



The minifigure is exactly how it had to be, simple but awesome. He is wearing a red racing suit, what a fine torso! His head was much used in the Classic Town sets.


On to the racecar itself. It is very simple, but it really doesn't have to be more. It looks very realistic, as far LEGO can be realistic, and it isn't as bulky and big as today's sets. The pieces are printed, three Octan tiles and three slope pieces with the number '4' on it.




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I always liked this car design. This is the scale Lego cars should be at IMO, 4 studs wide but larger and more detailed than the old go-kart like design.

They had an interesting numbering scheme for the Town race sets that year. This car was number 4, the 6335 Indy Transport included 2, 3 and 6, and the 6337 Fast Track Finish had 1 and 5, so you could get a complete set of cars by buying all of them.

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Matn, thanks for sharing this lovely town set. I have never seen this set before. This is a nice looking set, with great printed parts in it as well. I still love these small little race cars. :wub: I have added this review to the index.

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