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Witch Hunt Mafia - The Sets

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I thought you may be interested in seeing the MOCs I created for the Witch Hunt Mafia game. You're not? Ah well, here it is anyway...

I'll start with those two buildings that were in the background of practically every photo...

Generic Peasant House


I couldn't find one more red slope to finish the roof, so decided to leave a hole in it to make it look a little weathered. :blush:


The back. It seems the owners like their house aerated. As you can see I've cut a few corners. Don't worry though, it gets much worse as we go on...



This one is simply the main building from 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up, only with a red roof with a dome and market flags. I quite like the dome though. :blush:




Spanish Windmill

This one only appeared in the background of the introduction thread and the morning of day one, as after then I had to break it up for pieces. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it alone, but here's a picture I could find of it. Note the use of the dome technique again.


Witch-Burning Stake and Platform

The platform saw a few changes as the game progressed, starting off as entirely wood. It was changed to be made of stone when it was pointed out that it wasn't the wisest of ideas to play with fire while on a wooden platform, and later on some sticks were added at the base of the stake.


Mustafa's Stall

There was much mystery surrounding this pleasant little stall, but it turns out that nothing was amiss here. (Trivia: It is a little-known fact that Mustafa was the first man to master the use of skylights. :grin:)


Charles' Manor

This featured when Azufre's resident perv Philip tried to take a peek at Joan's whatsits, and the subsequent awkward Charles-Joan-Sergio-Alexander meet-up. This one was quite a rushed job. The final photos featured very little of the wall itself, and the parts that were in the photos were too dark to see.


The bedroom. Yes, there is a mix of grey and bley here, but I figured it would be too dark to notice in the photos.


The exterior and interior combined:


Hernan and Gustav's Farm

This farm was the scene where Hernan lashed out at his Miguel with his large selection of blades, and managed to wound the unsuspecting vigilante. The farm was originally going to be on the windmill, but when that was broken, this became their new farm. And what farm isn't complete without a scarecrow? :tongue:


The River Fuego

The site of the arrival of Roberto and the escape of Fernando. On one side of the bank is a farm that bears striking resemblance to Hernan's.



Charles' Ugly Grave

This one was a last minute addition to Fernando's escape when I realised that the word "Lady" was underneath my avatar. :hmpf_bad:


Fernando's house

As seen when the soldiers searched the inquisitor's house. On his shelf are the items he purchased from the market, his spare staff, and Martinus' delicious croissant. :grin: This room was a quick alteration of my Guy Fawkes MOC. Even the SNOTless plates where the barrels should be are still there! :grin:


Alexander's Church

One of the few MOCs in the game that wasn't a half-hearted effort. Here it is altogether. I never made a roof for it though a none of the photos required it.




Needless to say, the church was never intended to be seen from the back.


The two pieces seperated:


The front:




Top. Here we can see the bell and the much controversial key-cross.


Doors to the church:


The inside of the church:


The church altar, with candles and the key-cross:


At the top of the church lies a large cross and a stained-glass window (inspired by Dragonator's from his Dragon's Keep MOC):


Side walls of church, with lattice windows, arch and back-door:


And finally...

The Rest of the Mess Seen in Long Shots of Azufre

There they are! Buildings straight from 7785 Arkham Asylum, as well as a red roof version of 8779 The Grand Tournament (how I still had that intact after 4 years is beyond me...) and wall section from the church. Not my finest pieces of work, but they served to make the town look bigger, and you can barely see them anyway.


... And that's it! Thanks for looking, comments are much appreciated. :sweet:

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They served thier porpose very well! I've hosted a total of one Mafia game, and my MOCs didn't even come clost to yours. I still love the church! Maybe you should feature it as a real MOC!

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Just as I had suspected, I was living in a movie! :oh3:

Nice sets TinyPiesRUs, they did the job well. :thumbup:

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Very interesting sets, I'm amazed at how much you were able to accomplish with so little, very inspirational :classic:

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I liked all of your creations, and they looked even better in the pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to do as great of a job as you did if I ever host a Mafia game.

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