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GI Joe Snake-eyes Custom

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Heh, well, I watch my fair share of saterday morning cartoons and GI Joe: Sigma 6 is one of my favorite shows, despite the fact that it just started. :P

Anyhoo, for those who aren't knowledgeable in the GI Joe stuff, Snake-Eyes is a ninja. A really cool ninja. So cool that all his fight scenes defy all known laws of physics. Anyways, I did a custom a while back and I completely blew the fan-base away. Considering I am a kid and that Lego MOCs for something like GI Joe has never been done before, this was considered truly original. I'm known as "-X-" on the other board, hence the water mark. Since I'm a faithful member of these boards, I hope you enjoy this MOC!

Here's a little excerpt to put this into context.

As for the MOC (My Own Creation) itself, I liked the Sigma-6 toy version of Snake-eyes, so I took that design and worked with it. The Transparent green piece does not prove he is a robot. I thought it looked cool and that it was like one of those handy light pads. But mostly because it looked cool.  :-D  As for weapons, I could only go so far. There was only room for him to be totting 2 swords, and that was it. I tried to stick in a sub-machine gun in there, but that didn't work. As for the glowing thing on his chest, that's supposed to be the Sigma-6 badge. I feel turned out better then I thought, as it looked uncannily like the S-6 badge, but that's up to you to decide.









NOTE: This was edited because there was some phone number on the ruler.


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Great figure there! I've no idea if it is accurate to what you based it on, but you've really built some interesting articulation into it.

I love this pic..


It really shows the posable arms and hands, do the legs move as well?

Great work anyway! Do you plan to build more guys like this?! ;)


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