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Review: 7048 Troll Warship

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Crownies beware! The Troll Warship "The Green Menace" is coming your way! With plenty of room to store their loot and stow away their prisoners which will either be sold on the slave market or will serve as food for them, we have no doubts of what its intentions are...

Set name: Troll Warship

Theme: Castle

Subtheme: Dwarves and Trolls

Set number: 7048

Number of pieces: 493

Minifigs: 9 + Dragon

Released: 2008

Release price: 80 USD / 69.99 Euro (I had a 20% discount though.)






The front of the box, which is a lot larger then my 19" computer screen!


The back of the box shows us many details of this set and some of the mechanisms (like the missile launcher), clearly designed to sell :wink: .



There are two instructions booklets with this set, the first one is for the ship base, the lower cabin and the minifigs.

The second booklet lets you build the rest of the ship: the masts and sails, the command bridge and the upper part of the ship. Also has a few pages telling stuff about LEGO.


And their respective backs: you can see how small the steps of the building proces are, so even a five year old should be able to build this with no problems.



6 Orcs! Wow, talking about building an army! The dwarf and the knight can either be used as enemies or prisoners.


The Giant Troll is one of the best Castle 'mini'figs ever, if I finally want to make that Lord Of The Rings MOC I am dreaming about, I know where to find my Cave Trolls...


I can only think of one word if I see these amazing dragons...NAZGUL! (for the not-knowing: a Nazgul is a dragon straight out of the LOTR books). If only they were a bit more grey... :wub: . Anyway, they are just great to use as opposition for the Troll Warship, trying to burn it with its firebreath.


You can disassemble the wings and tail section of the dragon, making it look more like a dinosaur. You can even take away its claws.



These are IMO the best parts that come with this set, amongst them are 4 shields that sadly are attached to the ship itself, just like the 2 crossbows.

We can also see 4 orc swords, a club for the troll and a whip for the captain (still a bit few weapons to my taste). I like the bronze captain's helmet and the armor is pretty rare too. Last but not least we have the 'dwarf-catching' net, nice to play with I guess.


These are the extra parts that come with the ship: most of the bricks that are used more then once in this set comes with one or two reserves.

Still...why only one extra paddle?, if LEGO added another one we would have had enough paddles to equip one of the rowboats.


Both the sails are exactly the same and are each attached with two arms you can see on some of the other pictures. I added a minifig for comparison.

The Catapult


The fire bolt catapult has a real-working fire mechanism (just pull and release the black firing 'pin') and automatically reloads untill the last bolt has been fired.

The missile range is about a good meter, so keep that in mind when you are having target practise at your family or pets.



This is a frontal-above view of the ship for those that are interested, you can clearly see the bow now.


A zoom-in of the front and middle sections of the Troll Warship, showing us the centre prison, the mast, the Troll drum and the 4 rowing posts.

By the way, that's a rat on the roof (is included with the set as well!)


The back of the ship, with attached boats.


The cabin has some armor racks and a nice and large window. The plates at the top make it modulair, so the command bridge is easily removed from the top of the cabin.


A seperate view of the 2 boats that normally are attached to the Warship (see above).

The blue pins perfectly fit into the grey punching holes on the exterior of the cabin (which you can see in the previous pictures).

Both of the smaller attack boats have a crossbow, but why didn't you guys include any paddles in this beautiful set :cry_sad: ? IMHO one of the (smaller) disadvantages.


A zoom-in of the bow, the bow seems to have some metal pikes to ram other ships.


The crow's nest is just big enough to fit in an orc. NO, that does NOT include the troll :laugh: .

You can also clearly see the light green flag that represents the troll/orc faction.


The jail that can be found in the middle of the ship is modular as well and can be moved. Two grey keys are included with this set.


And this picture shows it all: the entire set! The Troll Warship is under attack by a dragon and its Crownie rider, while the dwarf is thinking about better times in the jail that is situated on the centre of the boat.

More pictures can be found on Brickshelf

The Ratings:

Price: 8/10 (A very fair price if we consider the large ammount of minifigs and the magnitude of the ship.)

Design: 6/10 (This could be a LOT better, the back is nothing more then a normal hull piece with some bricks on, there is no ladder or stairs to the command level and even the "row"boats lack paddles...)

Minifigs and parts: 9/10 (Very nice minifigs and plenty of them! Too few weapons though :look: .)

Playability: 7/10 (Playability is fairly good but the set just lacks weapons so hard I can't give it a higher rating.)

Overall/conclusion: 7.5/10 (The ship itself is a bit empty and lacks weapons for its orcs, but still we have to consider the reasonably low price that makes up for a lot! Also we get a bunch of minifigs, including a troll and a (so far unique) green dragon.

I have no regret at all buying this set, and would probably even do so at the normal release price.

If I had to compare it with the 7036 Dwarves' Mine, I'd choose this one (I also did in the store, when I had to decide which one to buy), the reason for this is one gets so many beautiful minifigs and a dragon, and the hull parts are so great to make MOCs with, even though the 7036 Dwarve's Mine only costs 50 USD, a very fair price IMO.)

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I was vacationing in Tenn. this past week and saw it at a Wal-Mart on clearence for $64

havent checked the stores in my area of SC since I returned.

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I love this set. I picked it up when I visited Legoland Windsor last year.

The Troll faction is one of my favourites I think, and this set is great.

I love the Crownie Dragon Rider though. I want a squadron of them! :D

Great review! :thumbup:

Edited by KurttKrueger

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I was vacationing in Tenn. this past week and saw it at a Wal-Mart on clearence for $64

havent checked the stores in my area of SC since I returned.

Now it's on clearance for $30 USD :thumbup: I bought 4, cuz... that's dirt cheap :-p

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I'm not an expert Castle Lego fan but I must say this set is quite well designed and brings a lot of wonderful elements (and 8 MFs, + troll + dragon!) :thumbup:

Nice review, Zorro! :wink:

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Wow! Thanks for the great review! Though i'm not a castle fan, but this set looks very very good! Nice review for a wonderful set! :thumbup:

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What store was it only $30 at?!!! :oh3::oh::oh3::oh:

anyway, great review, and good pictures, but there is a little bit of shine in some.


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