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REVIEW: 7245 Prisoner Transport

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The 2008 NWOLPS (New Wave Of Lego Police Sets) featuring blue stickers for both English and German writings brought some "renewed" 2005 sets, though the only change being the sticker sheet.

Set data:

7245: Prisoner transport

Year: 2005

Theme: City

Subtheme: Police

Pieces: 98 (including extras)

Price: 13 USD / 13 EUR / 8 UKP (sources: Peeron, German S@H Catalogue)

Building time: 20/30 minutes

MISB on review: Yes

More info: Brickset - Peeron

Box front: European "plain" version; no set name or piece count; just the van and the minifigs


Box back: we no longer have the 2005 alternate German version (see pic); here are some action scenes.


Box content: two bags, the big car base, sticker sheet and instructions (featuring old black stickers)


Loose pieces: see those 1x4 blue plates? they use to be blue in the older version too; and you can't see them once building is complete!


Random instructions page: Now, that's something! Try putting that loudhailer in balance on its handle.


The big one: Building on a solid base? I seriously doubt it.


Building start: Those 6x1 slope bricks were first used in 2005, so did the mudguards.


Building on: See the driver's seat and two of those plates I told you about.


Building on: No car doors, two 1x12 bricks on the sides and a SNOT front.


Building on: Fences on the sides, steel doors on the rear, a glass piece to keep an eye on the prisoner(s).


Building on: You don't want the prisoners to get injured while getting out of the van, do you?


Building on: Adding cupboards to the sides; and one will stay empty. That's a minus! Plates on rear top will help to easily remove the roof for faster prisoner placing.


Building complete: Here's what the van looks like without stickers.


Flaws: Why are there all those empty spaces? Would it have costed too much to add a couple of pieces to the back? It's hard to believe that doors wouldn't have opened.


Stickers time: Here's the 2008 Van. Blue stickers look great with trans blue light on a white base.


Minifigs and extrapieces: Nothing special, figs are OK and we have one spare of each 1x1 piece.


Spacing: The van can host three prisoners, whether sitting (anywhere) or standing up (in the "recessed center" of the car base)


Complete set: It's time to serve your time!


Review: Back then, this set looked average to me; blue stickers made quite a difference. The van is ok, except for the flaws I pointed out. It can be easily modded to become a civillian vehicle too. It looks obviuosly big compared to old 4-wide trucks, but it's regular in a 6-wide world. But, if the policeman should find himself with his hands full, that's surely won't be because of accessories. One loudhailer and nothing else? That's a big downpoint. Please note that this set is more expensive than 7091 and no cheaper than (Licensed) sets that have lots of special pieces (7624)


Color scheme: 5/5. I only would have rated it 3 with the old sticker sheet. I'm really pleased with this change.

Minifigs and accessories: 3/5. That's an average. 5 for the figs, 1 for the accessories (basically because you only have ONE accessory!). Handcuffs did not exist (in Lego) in 2005, but the designers could have picked something (that fitted in the cupboard) like binoculars or a torch.

Pieces: 3/5. Nothing special, nothing rare, nothing much (to say it all). This set is about the final product, not the pieces.

Playability: 5/5. With easy-to-remove roofs and big rear doors, kids should have a lot of fun; plus, its police vs. thief!

Design: 3/5. I've pointed out some flaws; Add the lack of accessories and here's why I rated it so low (compared to my standards). Still, this is the smallest set amongst those featuring a prisoner (currently available).

Overall rating: 3,5/5.

The final words: A bit pricey, but if you can find it for less than RRP (and you didn't buy it in the 2005-2007 era) this set will look good in your town/collection. I bought it for 10 Euros and I'm happy about it.

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Great review!

I have recently bought the Police HQ and all the prisoners are being transported with the police dog vehicle :tongue: so i definetely need this one!

(Even prisoners need some space.)

I too agree that the blue stickers really work well.

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I bought this set from Amazon as an impulse buy: my first set since coming out of the "dark ages", and the only one I would have even considered.

Basically I agree with the review, regarding the lack of accessories and the build. It's an underwhelming set for the price, but it was fun to build after so long away from sets.

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