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MOD - Technic 8292 Cherry Picker model B

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I'm presenting my MOD to LEGO Technic Cherry Picker, B model. This was my first Technic set post dark-age, and since I put my eyes on this set I thought to do something like I'm showing you now.

I built 2 versions of the MOD, an A version all made from LEGO technic parts, and a B version were I used a tipper bed (peeron ref. 52045) from the LEGO City Dump Truck 7344 set.

I used 3 Power Function motors, 2 IR receivers, and one remote. One M PF motor controls steering, another raises the tipper bed, an one PF XL motor for traction.

The IR receivers were partially hidden below the battery box.

Version A



Version B




Steering was an head breaker since I didn't want to plug a motor directly to the gear rack, because it causes sudden turns instead of smooth and controlled ones.



Video on youtube:

It's not perfect, but it's good enough for me, for now, so I hope you like it.

Merry Christmas to everybody


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Great to see you C├ęsar, presenting your work here too!

Nice MOD you made! But prefer the version where you used the Tipper Bucket from 7344, despite the small scale mismatch.

Somehow, it is not showing up, at your post (at least for the moment at my laptop)...


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