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6243 Brickbeards bounty review - Guss version ^^

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Hello everyone! As someone asked me *stare at Zorro3999* I'm going to post my review of the Brickbeard Bounty here^^

Ref : 6243

Name : Brickbeard's Bounty

Pieces: 592

Price : 99 USD

Gallery: HERE

1/ The Package

I received it 5 day after the payment ( on ebay ) , that's quite fast for a US/Swiss shipment! the seller was very cool ( Atkoy on ebay).



nicely packaged, with plastic bubbles and tape.


at first sight, he bought it at toys R us^^

2/ The box

We can see on it a nice scene, as usual, the box was a little twisted but all the pieces are fine!


back of the box


on one sides, there is the minifigs :


3/ Inside the box

In this box, there is 4 numeroted bags, + 1 bag for the masts +1 bag for the sails +the hull pieces and finally 2 manuals that opens on a different way.


The front of the two manuals are the same than the front of the box :


4/ Building the minifig and bag1

Deleted because of pics limit

5/ Building the bag 2

Deleted because of pics limit

5/ Building the bag 3

Deleted because of pics limit

6/ Building the bag 4

Deleted because of pics limit

7/ Complete set

Here are all the extra of the entire set :


with the 2 sabre^^

here is the complete set, put as it is on the box :


arg it's blurry , sorry ^^

8/ Comparative

here are some pics to compare the new pirate line and the ancient !

ancient/new canons, the brown based is the ancient one



I prefer the colours of the new canons, looks like more "metallic" to me.

ancient/new parrot, the new is at the left.


the new parrot have the advantage to be directly made with 2 colours, not printed like the old one, but I still prefer the old parrot, the new one is just more beautiful from behind :


Brickbeard VS Redbeard



the head of the new captain is cool, more "piratey" , and his back is printed! but the old one is quite nice too , here we easily can see the difference between the old and new jolly roger on their hat, the new one is more "tooney", I prefer the old one

old/new chest :

just the colour is new, quite different from the indy gold chest too.


old/new imperials :



old/new shark :



way bigger, isn't it ?

9/ minifigs and accessories

A little pictures of all the accessories included :


a lot of thing, isn't it ?


Detail of the map, wich is the same than in the indy sets.

the new shark is awesome, excellent, we can attach a minifig to it fin, there is two studs on the top , 4x2 1/studs on the bottoms


as I said earlier an entire minifig fits in it :


can you see the little hat ?



here is the pirate crew :



governor daughter + the soldiers :



the mermaid + the back of the girl without her hairs to see the details of her dress:


we'll see that both the mermaid and the daughter have reversible face^^

the back of the mermaid, wich is very cool :


for the captain, see the comparative pictures up there

new accessory, the "longue vue" that can be user to make a lot of things :


10/ Complete set, with better pics

ladies and gentlemen, here it is :



the front is a little empty, but who cares :


Terre! terre!


nice look isn't it ?


the captain's cabin, with the captain himself counting his treasures :


under the cabin, the rhum and the rat :


and the complete boat :


more pics are available at the beginning of the topic^^

11/ Conclusion

I'm really happy to have got this boat, it's excellent, instead of a note, I'll make a "pro/con" :

pros :thumbup: :

first pirate ship for a loonng time

lot of "golden" pieces

lot of nice details ( cabin, rat, rhum , the front with a little snot, like Sveltes Corps showed, the lanterns, etc etc)

7 minifigs, 1 mermaid !

3 animals, 1 big shark !

cool manual, funny build, little comics

general aspect very nice , a lot of playability for children!

I looove the new sails!

little darkblue boat <3

cons :thumbdown: :

only 3 canons ...

the parts holding the sails made with flexible tubes..

no anchor ??

that's all!

I'll say that every pirate fan must have this set , I really enjoyed building it, and it's still complete since I built it, 2 weeks ago!!! that's something very rare in my case ( I destroyed the SW sandcrawler 1h after I finished it, and it's the set that stayed "entire" the longer^^)

If I'll have to give it a note I'll say 9/10, because of the cons!

and the minifigs are excellent!!^^

see ya all!^^

huh.. sorry , I can't post the entire review ... too many images, is there a way to do it ?

Edited by Guss

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you're welcome,notice that I'm not the first who did it, Svelte Corps did an excellent review of it too : there^^

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It's always good to get another review! I know you've been looking forward to this one too :pir-classic:

The comparison pics are especially interesting between the new figs and parts and old ones.

I never realised you could attach a minifig to the new shark that way. I'm so slow :pir_bawling:

I think once more Pirates fans get their hands on it, their opinions of the set will improve. There's a lot of good stuff here and even the cannons can be easily added by getting the smaller sets.

However I'm amazed the seller didn't pack this in a box, especially for international shipping! I'd be cross.

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Very nice review, Guss, but I guess you already knew that :pir-wink:

Your detailed pictures come in real handy, and now I have a very good idea about the pro's and con's of Brickbeards Bounty, thanks to you and Svelte_Corps!

If you have more reviews of this caliber, please feel free to post them, I think no one will object to that :thumbup: .

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Fantastic review mate! I really enjoyed the comparison shots too. Looks like I need to do some saving... :pir-sceptic:

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You have proven yourself worthly again Guss, and Svelte_Corps too! I saw both reviews and it's interesting to see different aspects and opinions about the ship. I like the comparisons between the 'new' items and 'old' items. You've posted a lot of pictures whitin the review so I can perfectly see what this set contains and how it looks like.

Can't wait to see more reviews. :thumbup:

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Svelte corps : thanks ^^ I'm glad you liked my review!

However I'm amazed the seller didn't pack this in a box, especially for international shipping! I'd be cross.

personally I don't really care, using an extra box is not really necessary, as it s already in a box, and he put a lot of plastic bubbles around, and also wrote "Fragile" everywhere, It's more than enough to me^^

Zorro3999 : thanks again^^ yes I knew that ^^

Captain Zuloo : thanks a lot^^ yes, save some money, you'll need it!

Cap'n Blackmoor thanks a lot :blush: I ve posted a lot of pictures, but if you read carefully , I skipped all the construction part because of the pics limit^^

You have proven yourself worthly again

again ? where did I prove my worth before ? ^^ but thanks a lot anyway ^^

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Alright, Guss, you sold me. Once I have the money I'm going to (for sure!) get the pirate ship, it looks worth it! Thanks for the review! :pir-sweet:

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Very nice review, but still i really don't like this set when i just see at my shelf the Black Seas Barracuda and the Skull's eye Schooner and i compare with the pictures of this new pirate set ... any way still it is a great ship but i prefer the old pirate ships of 1989 and 1993. :pir_laugh2:

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Thanks for the review Guss, now we finally got to see some details of it! :thumbup:

I voted above average because it comes with many nice new figs, nice parts and it doesn't cost too much.

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