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REVIEW: 7044 Rescue Chopper

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Rescue Chopper

Set #: 7044

Theme: World City - Police & Rescue

Year Released: 2004

Piece Count: 201

Minifigs: 2

List Price: $20 (USD)

One of my personal favorites sets of the World City theme was this wonderful Rescue Chopper. In fact, I have to say that it's also my favorite Lego helicopter set. It's design is very nice complimented by two figs and a small gurney for some great sea lifting fun.

Starting with the box, the World City boxart is nice with the water and the background city:


No alternate models on the back, but some nice action rescue scenes:


The set includes a small/medium sized sticker sheet, but I think the copter looks fine without them:


I like the orange jump-suits of the figs, some very nice torso designs; and the faces:


The set also includes a rescue gurney that can be attached to a small hook. With the hook hanging from the wench, the gurney can slide toward or away from the copter:


I love the helicopter:


The cockpit fits two figs and has a nice moveable dashboard with controls:


Probably mu only complaint with the helicopter's design is the use of these two engine turbines that covers the windshield. It makes the windshield a little difficult to take off:


Like with other Lego rescue choppers, the middle section is left open for the placement of a gurney:


I like the design of the amphibious landing gear. It looks like it can land on water, but also has wheels underneath (pictured later). Also interesting is a slanted/hinged arm that reinforces the landing gear. This makes the helicopter very sturdy:


The pulley/wench mechanism works well and the arm can be moved in or out for added play:


The back section has a nice blend of yellow and black:


A moveable back section opens to allow placement of gear or the gurney:


Here's ashot of the tail section:


And the end of the tail with rotar/blad and red light:


Turning the chopper over, you can see the set of three wheels. I like having helicopters with wheels:


Here's the top section with blade:


The blades are nice and long adding realism to the design:


Here's an action shot with the gurney sliding down the rescue rope:


And lastly, the complete set:


Final Thoughts

As I mentioned above, this is my favorite Lego helicopter. I love the design, the choice of colors, and the two orange minifigs. Cons include the windshield piece that is difficult to remove for play, and perhaps the lack of additional accessories. A third minifig to rescue would have also added to the overall quality of the set. All things considered, this is a great set, and it sold for $20 (USD). I purchased this set on sale for $16.98 (USD) not long after its release in 2004.

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Great review! I have this set, and itsone of my favorites! One of the better hellocopter designs from TLC. ONe flaw with your review though. You meationed that the rear compatment could house either the buey, or the gurnie. Its not wide enough for the gurnie, only the buey. :classic:

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I own it and I dig it. I only rated it 4/5 brcause of a major flaw: the only way to put pilots in the cockpit is to unbuild half of the model!

Thanks for the review.

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Thanks for the nice review, Brickster. :thumbup:

This is easily one of the best World City kits, hands down. The detail is outstanding, and the figures are very nice. My only problem is that it looks a bit too futuristic, like almost all the World city kits do.

Also, I personally like the rescue copters from the CITY Emergency and Coast Guard themes a bit better. However, all three of these helicopters are excellent, and there's no reason why you can't buy all of them (the real world has all sorts of different designs, so why not the minifig world?) :wink:

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TLC made a quick choice with this one. If it hadn't been Yellow, it would have been the perfect chopper :cry_sad:

Still a great set. Lots of modding helps. Thanks for the review Brickster :thumbup:

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Nice review and poll, Brickster!

Like almost all posted before this is one of my favourite sets, too. Perfect 5/5!

And it´s definitely THE BEST minifig helicopter set so far, al lot better than the (too) small 7903 tn_7903-1_jpg.jpg set.

I´d liked to have different colours, though. :look: Orange or red and white.

Side note: One of the pilots used to be my avatar on Bricklink for a long time... :classic:

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Excellent review. I bought this heli when it first came out because it resembles my favourite helicopter, the sea king. It's been my favourite heli for a few years until the new 7738 coast guard helicopter was released. I've never had any trouble with placing the pilots on this heli though. I find it's easiest if you swing the engines upwards, then it just lifts off. I have modified mine wuite a bit though, lengthening it and adding doors and a winch.

I'm intrigued by the helicopter transporter rumoured for next year. I wonder if it'll be a smaller version of the old model team whirl and wheel super truck?


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I've got this set and to take off the cockpit all you do is allign the rotors so one goes in between the turbines, lift the turbines up and pull the cockpit, simple!

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Nice review Brickster, looks like one of the better choppers Lego has made, I like how you can sit two pilots up front. Although personally I prefer rescue helicopter 7903 as this one looks just slightly too futuristic for my tastes, maybe its the colour scheme.

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