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Skinny Boy

Enough: Part 13

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Part 13: Radio Ga Ga.

Last time (yesterday :pir-blush: ) team 2 found themselves in a working broadcast booth, of Cedar Bay's E.N.U. FM. The captain could not turn down this chance of getting out of the city. Nick and Carl disagreed and thought he was trying to contact other survivors. They didn't stop him, and realised his point: it was time to leave:

3107488326_01ebd74a7a_o.jpg "Ok, we're on all frequencies."

3107488482_0c90e16a53_o.jpg "Hello, this is Captain Charlie Fay, 1st platoon CBZD. Does anyone read me?"

Charlie (the captain :pir_laugh2: ) repeats his message until he gets a response (lucky megablock head). He has no idea who it is, until they reveal themself:

Voice: "Hello? Did you say you're Captain Fay?"

"Yes, I did. Who is this?"

Voice: "This is Lieutenant Grant, CBZAC, BM 11."

"BM 11? You're in a chopper?! Well, this is Captain Fay requesting pickup."

"Sure we'll pick you up. Whats your location?"

"We're in some radio station. A coffe mug says 'ENU FM'."

"Wow, you're too close to the Hospital for pickup. You guys mobile?"

"We lost our transport, but yeah we could all use a good walk."

"Lets see... our nearest CLZ is... the docks. Dock 13 to be precise. You know where it is?"

"Hang on."

3106655245_a68be0580b_o.jpg "Carl! Go to the roof, and locate the docks."

"Ok hang on a minute."

One minute later:

3107487616_fb5a67a4f7_o.jpg"They're to the South. I saw a clear path through the alleyways."

3107488162_3397ede1cc_o.jpg "Lieuteneant, we've located the docks. We're on our way."

"Ok. Our E.T.A.'s about 15 minutes, so get movin."

"Roger. Captain Fay, out."

3107487806_20dd1f0ca1_o.jpg Sang (reading): "Cedar Bay's final move." Captain: "What?"

3107488766_99da261e03_o.jpg Sang: "Just some news article." Captain: "Well what't say?"

3107489446_8543210c1a_o.jpg Sang: "They're gonna nuke the city."

3107489104_858f8c906f_o.jpg Captain: "What! When!?"

3106656299_991ceb733f_o.jpg Sang: "Today." Captain: "Oh Jesus. Don't tell the others."

3106656629_be8c0e3f09_o.jpg Captain: "C'mon!"

3106655977_cc0746007c_o.jpg"The docks are this way."

Exciting eh?


1. Part 14... Not till after Christmas, unfortunately. Although, it will sort of be in two parts. I might make a poll asking if people would like to see it split, so they can see the 1st half next week.

2. I know that was short, but y'all wouldn't have liked it if I had a pic for each line of dialogue, now would ya? :pir-classic:

3. The abbreviations used, are sort of obvious. CBZD, is Cedar Bay Zombie Defense. CBZAC is CBZ Aerial Control. CLZ is Cleared Landing Zone (most would already know Landing Zone).

Thanks for looking.

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I just saw this comic today, sorry.... :blush: This comic was short.....but it was surprising.....good job on another comic. :thumbup:

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Sorry, thought I commented on this. Good job, looks like the siries is winding down (or the ARC at least...) Why are they not telling the others?

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Thanks guys. You probably didn't see it with all the Power miners and Creator reviews.

Why are they not telling the others?

Well, despite being soldiers, the CBZD were not given any form of communicating equipment. Simply as leaders thought they would be going off at the wrong time, alerting Zombies and causing mass deaths.

Don't worry, the next part/s will be very surprising(once its considered a drama...of sorts :classic: )

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