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Review: 6020 Magic Shop

Do you like this old 'Impulse' Set?  

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The Wizards are the backbone of the Dragon Knights Clan, not only do they control the mighty dragons, they also supply their armies with special weapons, enchantments, potions and other magical stuff...

Set name: Magic Shop

Theme: Castle

Subtheme: Dragon Masters

Set number: 6020

Number of pieces: 45

Minifigs: 1

Released: 1994 (discontinued)

Release price: 4,50 USD (I paid mine 100BEF (2,5 Euro) but it was on sale...)

Current price: 5-10 USD on ebay and Bricklink; 15 USD for MINT




The box


The front, a Brickset find, with thanks to WhiteFang .


The back of the box shows us some really good alternatives! And yes, the magical wand glows in the dark, just as the LEGO ghosts do! With thanks to brickshelf.

The instructions


Page one.


Page two, so just two pages in total with very easy steps!

The Wizard


One of the first minifigs wearing a beard!


And his back...just plain blue covered with a black cape.



No unique parts in this set, but still some usable parts like a sword, a wand, a scroll with spells, some colored bricks that represent herbs, a bird and a cup.



A hollow tree filled with some supplies every wizard or decent army needs!

His grey owl/bird stands on watch to discover possible enemies.


One of the sides, the other side is just the same but without the branch.


And this is a picture taken from behind, his magic shop is invisible if seen from here! Just another safety issue...

Price: 8/10 (Fair price considering you have to pay for the packaging as well, but if you can you are better of buying larger sets.)

Design: 8/10 (Yes, I truly like what they have done with such few pieces! Only thing missing is another 'magical' weapon.)

Minifigs and parts: 9/10 (Well, it is some kind of impulse set, so you know it only contains one minifig.)

Playability: 7/10 (You just need at least one other set to have some real 'action', but in regard to the low cost, most of us can easily buy another one)

Overall: 8/10 (Although I am no real Castle fan, I did enjoy adding this set to my collection. Impulse sets like this one are just great for armybuilders too!)

Conclusion: Since I like nearly all Impulse Packs, I like this one as well. (especcialy since Castle and Pirates are my favourite LEGO themes!) They are very cheap and allow someone to own the most important minifigs without spending very much money or effort. Even the S&H is nearly free and mostly they include some popular items and/or weapons.

This one has the magical wand and the tree includes some good bricks as well. And I didn't have a Wizard before, so I was truly happy to receive this set for free (read intro), together with the 6043-1: Dragon Defender, which I will be reviewing shortly! Thanks, nephew!

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Great review Zorro!

I think this is a pretty good small set, the exterior isn't the most beautiful, but you get a nice minifig and a well stocked interior.

The scroll piece is lovely! :wub:

Thanks for the nice review. :thumbup:

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I gave it an average.

The wizard is useless to me (I never fancied men with fairy sticks)

But the brown corner wall panels are awesome.

Some good bricks and without the hat and beard the minifig can be used as a regular civilian.

Thanks for reviewing this - I've added it to the index.

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Zorro, nice Dragon Masters review. I like this small little set which has some nifty useful parts such as the magic scroll and grey parrot. I think I do own this set in the past or somewhere, but I can't seem to find mine. It brings back lots of nice memories. Good job! By the way, I have done a little minor editing at the top of your review, by changing the hyperlink(url) description, to Brickshelf, Peeron and Bricklink. Hope you don't mind. :tongue:

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Nice review, although I disagree with calling this an "impulse set". Sure, it's small, but it's not as small as the other impulse sets, and it isn't grouped with them either. The wizard comes in an even smaller set as well (with a cart), and that's what I call a true impulse set.

Anyway, I own this set, and in my childhood I had loads of fun with it. Unlike you, KimT, I actually prefer men with "fairy sticks". :tongue:

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Nice review.

I like this set very much. I bought 3 of it secondhand. Not only the minifig and the special pieces are nice, but the leavespieces and the 2 brown countered castle walls make it a great tree impulse. :classic:

Actually I would like a tree impulse set but then with brown half bows instead of black. :wub:

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I had this set as a child, I loved it so much!

I remember the warm comfy feeling of putting him inside the tree trunk

or having him take a drink and practice his magic spells.

I also remember shaking those little jewels inside the barrel.

Because of your review I decided to purchase a MISB of this set once again

because my brother gave away all of my Lego sets : (.

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