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REVIEW: 7033 Armored Car Action Review

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Armored Car Action

Set #: 7033

Theme: World City - Police & Rescue

Year Released: 2003

Piece Count: 186

Minifigs: 2

List Price: $20 (USD)

One of my favorite sets in the World City collection is this 6-stud wide Armored Car. It includes the large armored car, a trike/three-wheeler, 2 minifigs, and some valuables to stash away. The Armored Car has a nice design, working doors, and is a lot of fun from the playability perspective.

The box has the same boxart as other World City sets with bright blue border and a nice picture of the vehicle on a paved city street:


And the backside includes some alternate models including a pretty neat boat and crane:


A small sheet of stickers is included in the set. These are for the Armored Car and safe:


Here's a shot of one of the alternate models within the instruction books (instructions not included):


The set has two minifigs, a new World City Brickster with gold tooth :laugh: and a police officer with a detachable vest:


The trike included within the set has a working winch with hook for pulling open the Armored Car doors. In addition a few accessories attach to the back of the trike:


Without stickers, here's a side-view of the Armored Car:


It includes some printed pieces, like the slope on the front end:


And the 7033 slop on its top:


The backside has two small train windows:


My favorite part of the Armored Car are the two working door sections that open by turning a grey spicket piece which unlocks each door:


A few technic pieces serve as the locking mechanism:


Inside the Armored Car is a 2x4 plate with four gold bars (1x2 tiles), and two attached safes:


A close-up of the shiny gold bars:


And the other valuables inside the safes:


POINT: I would have liked to see the green Wild West safes with printed design used as opposed to these plain grey safes.

Lastly, the complete set:


Final Thoughts

The best part of this set is the Armored Car that offers a lot of playability. I had a lot of fun with this vehicle as I set it up in my new World City. Combining it with 4512 Cargo Train, I transported gold bars from the Armored Car to the green/grey Freight Wagon. Having the Brickster with other World City crooks plan a robbery made it even more fun. And where might the Brickster attempt to flee with the loot? Perhaps to set 6563's Gator Landing.

I highly recommend this set for anyone who enjoys playing Armored Car heist.

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I have this and think it's a great set too. The locking mechanism is quite clever and it comes with a lot of valuables to keep inside, as your pictures show. Like many of the WC sets, it has doors as well and the construction generally feels like a classical town vehicle.

I think it's worth putting the stickers on here, as they are all the clear paper variety and don't come off easily, as opposed to the white paper kind. The ones on the armor vest look especially nice.

The only downside was that the set was a little expensive for its size when it came out, although that doesn't really matter now.

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Looks like a lovely set. I hope you feel satisfied, TheBrickster, as I'll now have to go buy one thanks to your review. :classic:

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In my opinion, this car is one of the best launched for City/Town series in the history. I love my one very much.

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Brickster, once again thanks for bringing another review which I have never seen before. I do like the armored car concept. It look pretty sturdy and firm. There is much playability in it as well, especially the storage area. I will love to have this vehicle as my arm escort though. However, with this armored car and amount of cash in it. Now, where will this vehicle go? Do they have a bank near by? :tongue:

As for the tri-cycle, it's a regular black bike, with a nasty surprise for the car. This is defintely a nice set. The main fault which I think is the low amount of minifigs. How could one officer maintain law and order. Overall, a nice set with a good review approach. :thumbup:

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A bit expensive at 20 bucks. Good choice of diamonds, cash and gold bars, and the locking system is great!

I'd say, above average.

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Thanks for the nice review, Brickster. :thumbup:

This set looks decent to me, but I've never been a fan of those three wheeled bikes (I've never even seen any bike like that in real life!). On the positive side, the armored car is nice and there's plenty of valuables. I'm most surprised to see that the gold toothed face was available all the way back then - up until now, I thought it was a new release with the Agents sets! :oh:

Honestly, I'll always view World City as nothing more than a necessary step in the right direction, one that eventually lead to the excellent City line. World City may not be Town Jr, but it's far too futuristic and dark for me - the backgrounds on the boxes were way too gloomy looking. :sceptic: However, if TLC made a new version of this for the City line, I'd probably invest in it. Maybe they could release it in conjunction with a new bank? :classic:

Edited by Grevious

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I actually realy like this set! So many little features and stuff which is what I like in a set :thumbup: I wish I bought it when I had the chance :hmpf_bad:

Still, thanks for the review! :classic:

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I love this set too. A solid little build, clever functions, nice parts, and great alternate models. A nice twist on the usual Police sets - who doesn't love a well-executed heist! - and the Batman bad-guy vehicles that sort of followed its lead in 2006 and 2008 don't hold a candle to it.

You can tell just from the weight of it in your hand that it is solidly brick-built and not at all flimsy :classic:

As others have said, a little too expensive though when first released.

A must-have for any City really, as it's nice to see criminals in action rather than lying around their prison cells drinking coffee and taking naps as they do these days! :tongue:

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I think I picked this set up for either $10 or $15 (USD) at my local Target after Christmas one year, which was a pretty good price.

What I really like is the mechanism for locking the rear doors of the armored truck. The doors use hinges Classic Town-style, and the faucet piece turns the lock. It's a pretty clever design that works well.


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