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Fat Tony

We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot...

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 46b

...or the non-Disney LEGO version of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.


The idea for this one came from the ride at Disneyland with a few additions of my own.

Check out this post for info on the ride:

Here we see the town with the pirates in action.


The governor is getting dunked in the well until he reveals the location of the treasure.


The governor's wife (top) is finally shot in the head by the marksman below. The Redhead can be seen in the

lower left hand corner doing what she does best with one lucky scalawag, much to the dismay of the Auctioneer.

She was supposed to be his!


This rascal is attempting to "extinguish" the fire.


Up on the balcony a pirate chases a woman. Oh dear, where are his pants? Below, a pirate wench is a little too

excited to see a beast of burden, a scoundrel with nefarious plans for that goat, and a gluttonous knave still in search

of the owner of the slip he holds in his hand (she's in the barrel).


This rogue (center) has pillaged the town of all the soldier's hats, no doubt with plans to resell them at inflated prices!

More pictures available here: MOCPages

PtV small:

PtV medium:;hl=marooned

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Beautiful entry Fat Tony! :pir-classic:

Your idea of taking pictures in semi-darkness is very different, but creates a spectacular effect. I imagine it must have been difficult to get it perfect.

How exactly were you able to get such clear shots in darkness? The glowing effect on the flames is also brilliant, and I wonder again how you did it.

That curved and cobblestoned wall is absolutely fantastic, and is one of my favorite parts of your entry. I also enjoyed seeing all of the little scenes and action, especially the man "putting out the fire". :pir-grin:

The arches have great detailing on them. Did you use regular 1 x 2 bricks? One thing I'm not a big fan of is the mix of fleshie and yellow heads, but with an entry as beautiful as yours, it's almost irrelevant.

My award for most hilarious part of any entry I've seen so far, goes to your "hat re-seller". :pir_laugh2: That's just plain funny.

Is there anywhere I can go to see more close-up pictures?

Anyway, fantastic work with this, and good luck in the contest! :pir-classic:

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that's a superb entry! I love how you used the light to make it looks like it's burning! very nice entry^^ great job man ! :thumbup: and that really looks like the disney thing, but better ! ^^ nice job !

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Excellent work mate!I dont know how they are going to be able to pick a winner in this conest for the large PTV entries !There is some really fantastic ones to choose from and yours is no execption mate!Well done again on a awesome MOC!

the lighting looks fabulous!

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Excellent work Tony, the different styles in the buildings and the lighting makes this a masterpiece! :thumbup:

I had to laugh about the pirate steeling the hats, good joke!

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My opinion:

The Non-Disney version of Pirates of The Carribean :pir-oh3: ... your entry is so cool and wonderfull, Tony! I regret you posted it this late so no more improvements can be made, not that any need to be made know what I mean.

The burning fortress and the use of light is marvelous! And your minifigs are very detailed. A very, very big :thumbup: from me!

Possible improvements:

1) Only thing I would have liked was to see more soldier, but you reanacted a scene I presume so you know best what belongs in it or not...therefore I shall keep my japper shut :pir-grin: !

Non-brick related advise:

NONE, but the fact I want to see more detailed pics too (just for fun, not because I doubt quality or rule-mistakes or something.)

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It's not frequent to get a "moc by night", so you offer an original creation :) The light and fire effects are really well done. The un-straight harbor is also a nice touch. I like when the things are not always straight in LEGO.

You also made a great selection of minifigs. Now what is missing is the music, the cries and laughters, and smell of a strange mix of rum and smoke :pir_laugh2:

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