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Monkey Madness PTV-small

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 44d

Welcome to my second pirate MOC.

Well, it all started out when Captain Scare was pillaging a village. Suddenly the Imperial Guard came and stopped the pillaging. Captain Scare and all of his crew, except one, got away safely. The one that got captured is the Captain's first mate, Matthew.



Here, you can see that Matthew is in jail.

Taunting Matthew


In this picture, the monkey is having a little fun by teasing Matthew.

Sleeping Guard


I can't believe it! The guard fell asleep and now the monkey has the key.

Side View


This is the side of the jail. I tried to make it look old.

Birds Eye View


That is it for my small PTV entry. I hoped you liked my MOC.

Please leave constructive feedback and tell me what you think of my MOC.


Brickshelf page for PTV small entry

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Nice small entry LegoKing! :pir-classic:

The idea is very funny and reminds me of the new Soldiers' Fort set from the new Pirates line. I really like how you made the soldier recline a bit, and also the nice little tipped hat.

Nicely designed jail cell as well.

Some improvement ideas:

1) I'm not sure if a parrot would be on the jail cell, since it would probably be inside somewhere. Of course if it's an outdoor jail, this suggestion does not apply.

2) It might look nicer if the black parts of the cell were grey or dark grey, as the black makes it slightly hard to see the interior.

3) Maybe add a barrel on the left side of the pathway?

4) I'm not sure about this, but it might look better if the front of the cell included one or two more layers of the bars, because I think it would be nice to see more of the inside of the cell.


Those are just minor points though, and I think you did a very nice job with this.

Good luck in the contest! :monkey:

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that's a nice little entry^^ even if it don't really show the "pirate" cruelty^^ I like how you hidded the guards eyes to makes it looks like he's sleeping^^ nice job!

I wish you the best for the contest! :thumbup:

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My opinion:

Very good entry, LegoKing, well finished and fits right into the PTV theme!

Possible improvements:

1) I would have used a different color if it is an outdoor cell (like brown), but I can't really make out it is inside or not.

2) If inside, a rat would be better, if outside the parrot can stay.

3) Try to make the pirate look into the lens by using a slightly different angle.

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